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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

i Best Copy Available twi mmammmmmimmmmmmawmmmmm THE KENTUCKY KERNEL TAGE EIGHT the officers was the review which 'was held Monday afternoon nt 4:00 o'clock. Both of the inspectors said that the review was the best they had seen this year arid that they were well pleased by the showing made by the Kentucky cadets. The review attracted quite a large audience. Among those present was General Duncan, retired army officer of Lexington, who also favorably on the unit. National Officers Inspect R. 0. T. C. Lnst Monday nnd Tuesday the local R. O. T. C. unit was Inspected by two national ofllcers, Lieutenant-Colone- ls Wenthcrnl and Harris. The Inspectors have made no definite report but both of the officers commented very favorably upon the regiment ns a whole. The main thing about the entire LAW SCHOOL WOMAN'S CLUB Inspection which seemed to impress HOLDS AFTERNOON SESSION fn The Woman's Club of the Law school, composed of wives of members of the faculty nnd mothers of students, entertained with a reception from 3 to 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, in the lounging room of the Law building. The room was attractively decorated with Ivy and cut flowers and delightful refreshments were served to the sixty students and professors who were present for the affair. Mrs. Forrest Black presided off hostess. 1 men to sell ads on school-boo- k cover during vacation. For full particulars see Dr. S. J. Rose, Hernado building or call at adv. Kentucky Kernel office. WANTED: A NEW LINE We are now carrying dition to our regular ens. A line of in adwool- 100 Students Restaurant 385 South Limestone Thru the Week $25 SUITS GOOD TAILORED TO MEASURE Made by Schaefer Co. Cincinnati, Ohio DINNERS DINNERS SUNDAY Commerce May Day Committee Announces Program Frat Has Banquet and Dance Following Initiation Mortar Hoard Pledging and Awarding of Sport Medals Is Planned Delta Sigma Pi, honorary commerce fraternity, held their initiation Friday afternoon, April 19. A banqilct in honor of the new members was given following the ceremonies. were: Glenn Those Initiated Prince, John Epps, Austin Grcsham, Bob Holt, Wllford Valadc, Eugene Roysc, Ben Staplctbn, S. W. Hcarne, William Schumeyer, Marion Ross, R. J. Edwards, and P. W. Berry. The active members ore R. Adams, Rex Allison, E. H. Bishop, D. C. Carpenter, V. T. Couch, David Cllft, W, P. Crouch, W. C. Chris-ma- n, Ben Davis, F. Dalton, Austin Graves, W. F. Drake, J. E. Gates, R. B. Goad, Lee Howard, Norman Jordan, Preston Tuckett, Russel Laughlin, Ryder McNeal, J. B. Nichols, Wilgus Naughcr, P. W. Ordway, Bob Rhode, F. Seaman, Ed Carey Splccr, John Slaughter, Tompkins, Walter Vest, Ralph Woodall, J. H. Calloway and John Baughmnn. The faculty members are: Dr. E. W. Wiest, Dr. W. W. Jennings, Prof. C. Rouse, Prof. R. D. Haun, and Prof. R. D. Mclntyrc. May pay exercises will start next Friday at 10 o'clock when seniors, arrayed in their caps and gowns, will form in front of the Administration Building and march to the gymnasium. At the gymnasium , President McVey Is to make a short talk followed by the awarding of the Sullivan prize to the senior boy and girl who have contributed the most ' to the University during their four-ye- ar stay. The Sullivan prize is a bronze plaque. Planting of the senior tree by the j entire graduating class will follow immediately. The Mortar Board, senior women's honorary sorority, will hold its annual pledging of out-- I standing senior women. The morning's program will be concluded when Mr. Potter will make the athletic awards. The annual May Day parade will form early in the afternoon and with the floats will Journey thru the streets of Lexington and back to the campus where surrounded by her attendants Miss Reed will MAY ISSUE OF LETTERS be crowned Queen of the 1929 May HAS LITERARY ARRAY .Day. MEN'S STUDENT COUNCIL REVOKES SOCIAL PRIVILEGES 35c whose "A Window in Bow" appears 50c in this Issue of "Letters," is charAt a meeting of the Men's Student acterized by a rare delicacy and Council held yesterday afternoon, play of mind In the treatment of one man was suspended from the material. For one who would get University on a charge of being ina concise, definitive understanding toxicated at a dance held last Satof the Naturalistic Movement, the urday night. Another student was article, "Zola's Theory of Natural-Ism- ," brought before, the council on the Lexington by Prof. W. P. Gallaway of same charge and with his social 192 W. Short, Bring 'em today - get 'em tomorrow the English department of the University, is recommended. SUITS CLEANED The translation, "A Greek Vaudeville Sketch," by Marion Mills Miller, AND PRESSED a New York editor and publisher, Men who want is worthy of commendation. Mr. Alterations a Specialty Miller has done more to make the SUMMER Greek Classics human to the modern reader than any recent trans lator. Joe Lee Davis, In his "Greatness See page 131 in the May In Our Contemporary Literature," Magazine American writes in somewhat the vein of More 116 Soujh Lime Phone 1105-- Y and Browne. He take up an important problem in American literature and offers a solution which Is very interesting. "Aristocrack," by E. C. Litsey. is a picture of a Ken tucky type that is rapidly passing away. Jose Miguel Bejarano, a recent convocation speaker at the University, gives a new view on litCOACHES - TOURINGS erature in his "Mexico and Its OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Poets." The rest of the periodical contains Rate 15 Cents Per Mile editorials, poetry, book reviews and SPECIAL ATTENTION TO COLLEGE STUDENTS the column "Why They Are." Forward-looking strength Is depicted in the editorials, a sound critical U taste in the reviews, and real value MAMMOTH GARAGE PHONE 7070 in the poetry. It has been said by critics that the poetry in "Letters" is better than the average college . literature. All of the mechanical work on the current issue of "Letters" was done by The Kentucky Kernel. This is the first issue under the management of The Kernel composing room. privileges being revoked for the semester, was placed on probation. Two freshmen who had social privileges removed by the council about two weeks ago, attended another dance recently. Both men were suspended from the University for one week, at a meeting of the council last Tuesday, for their latest infringement on the council's rulings. hi AJ WORK BEN LEVY'S Justright Tailoring Company Rent a Studebaker or Erskine SUKY GIVES RACKETS The SuKy Circle recently gave five new tennis rackets to the Uni- versity tennis team. This is only one of the numerous things which SuKy is doing for the good of the University. ROADSTERS The Colony Book Shop MARTHA REED CHOSEN QUEEN OF THE MAY BOOKS! FICTION and (Continued From Page One) NON-FICTIO- N If we it on our shelves, we can get it for you. "The College Book Store" OPPOSITE KENTUCKY THEATER 7 Reasons Why If you are going into business after college, here are "7 Reasons Why" TRAINING you should consider Babson Institute for your business training: E BUSINESS H LEADERSHIP X. With a fundamental knowledge of til phases of business you could determine the vocation for which your abilities and desires are most suited. III I J woiic at Babson Institute requires only nine months but is very thorough and practical. 3. The business methods are of special henpfit In rnntroKt nritYi th college environment which is so different from actual business. I 4. All of the instruction is under the direction of practical business men end conducted in small confer- - tnce groups. . You would be taught the funda- mental laws of Finance, Prcduc- tion, and Distribution and would be shown how to apply them to tctuul business life. . The students come from rotny universities and are treated as not college boys. bueinets mm 7. A graduate of Babson Institute has a prestige and training that is of real value in the business world. Write or talk to your parents about this personal problem. Ask for our booklet to take home. 4 oabson Institute Organuid, not for profit, undtr thi uJucctional laws o) Afastachsutts. Wellcslcy Ave, Babson Park, Mas. THETA SIGMA PHI INITIATES Theta Sigma Phi, women's national honorary Journalistic sorority, held initiation services Wednesday afternoon at the Green Tree tea room. 4fW OtZTlU UT Katherine McWllliams, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, CD and Maude Vanbuskirk, a Junior in MjOORLCl the College of Arts and Sciences, The requirements .Every college man who is am- - were initiated. for Theta Sigma Phi are high bitiova to succeed in business nhouldreadourbooklet," Train- - scholarship and Journalistic ability. '"6 for Businets Leadership." She Adieu. If explains in detail the work He You io? given and the unique features cfthis ccL'rsa in business fun- damentals. It shows how, by following butiness methods, oar etudents ere thoroughly trained for leadership. A copy Be"' frea. tVA J It Mafj ! Seeman PLAYERS in ON THE "nj a?ASrIl?"i,,uie uboa Park, Mm. Send me, without ! "Training (or Uimlnetaobligation,S Leader- FLOOR Prices Lower ON SOUTH LIME, OFF MAIN G. R. Kinney Co. Wayman Thomasson has returned to school after having been called home by the death of his father, Mojor ,M. H. Thomasson, who died last week In the army hospital at Memphis, Tcnn., after an illness of several weeks. Wayman was accompanied home by one of his fraternity brothers, Ross Morgan. Shoes for the Entire Family 145 W. MAIN STREET mninmmnnnMniniimiiininimnnnnnmHimnmimuutiw TODAY Douglas Fairbanks The New Belmont Restaurant Opposite the Phoenix Hotel -I- ns- Regular Meals, All Kinds of Sandwiches "The Iron Mask" Refreshing Fountain Drinks and Confections SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS $1.00 SUNDAY The Greatest Picture Ever Made I Lexington's Newest and Most Ziegfeld's Musical,, Show te Sporting Goods on MOVIETONE ' ! and With Ziegfeld's Stagers Helen Morgan Aunt Jemima Jules Bledsoe and JUnlversal's Stars Laura LaPIante Joseph Schildkraut and others a. Opened in New York Aprll'mb. at $11 a seat Miami at $5.50. The Strand will be the First Theatre in the World to present at popular prices s ... Nights, Sunday Matinees Up-to-Da- Radio Store Stocking a most complete line of REACH, WRIGHT & DITSON ATHLETIC GOODS VULCAN GOLF CLUBS MAGREGOR GOLF CLUBS U. S. ROYAL GOLF BALLS REACH GOLF, BALLS Heddon, South Bend and Flenger FISHING TACKLE CRAFTSMAN DOG HABERDASHERY MAJESTIC RADIOS RCA TUBES and SUPPLIES ' Complete Stock qf Auto Supplies-fo- r Every Motorist Tennis Racquet' Restringing and Golf Club Repairs Special attention given to student trade )) .' 14-- . 60c 50c Children 20c 222 EAST All Talking STATE AH Music MAIN ST. THEATRE BUILDING SCREEN "Honeymoon Flats" The Seeman Players Kaufman Clothing Company ANNOUNCE THE ARRIVAL OF 800 New Hart, Schaffner and Marx SUITS In addition to the stock of fine Suits received two weeks ago we have just received 800 more fine Hart, Schaffner and Marx new SPRING SUITS $2 j 75 $2475 $2975 $33 75 "The Old Sea Dog" 8m New Stylish Smart Merchandise x GRIFFITH RAYMOND New Fabrics New Colors at ,? In "Trent's Last Case" Fire Sale Prices "NOT A SPOT IN A CARLOAD" EMBRY In Our New Location SHORT and LIMESTONE CO. g Z 'hlP" and complete partlcuUra a 5 : about Bacton Institute. j Before having your Permanent Wave, consult with j our Hair Speciaist. Our Waves are $10 and $7.50. a 6oih(t City Kaufman Clothing Co. (Incorporated) Horn J Addnt:. , , In Nell Osborne Beauty Shoppe FOURTH Shoe Artisans With n Reputation WORKMANSHIP UNSURPASSED TIIOMASSON RETURNS All Singing "Whose Baby Is It?" McATEE SHOE SHOP the commencement speaker at the 25th annual convention of the Western Stale Teachers' College at Kalamazoo, Mich., on June 1. His subject has not been announced. WHITE 3. The ' TODAY class, a Stroller eligible, and a1 with member of the Y. W. C. A. and W. A. C. Last year Miss Warwick was GEORGE LEWIS secretary of the Junior class, a May BRYANT WASHBURN Queen attendant, and a R. O. T. C. battalion sponsor. KATHLYN WILLIAMS Miss Mary Armstrong, of Lexington, is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, a winner in' this year's "Kentuckian" popularity and beauty contest. Miss SUNDAY Armstrong was afR. O. T. C. battalion sponsor last year and enter3 Big Shows in One ed the University from Necomb College, New Orleans. Miss Evelyn Ford is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, a LASSES sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, vice president of the Himself With His Minstrel Boys sophomore class, a member of the In W. A. C, a Stroller eligible, and a member of the W. S. G. A. council. Miss Lucy Davis, of Winchester, "Blackville Polar . is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and a Junior in the Expedition" College of Arts and Sciences Miss Davis was a May Queen attendant year. last do not have MAIN BBN AM Drive It Studebaker-- L, McVey will be Films Kodaks $30 to $50 Dr. Frank , (Continued From Page One) W. W. STILL Suits Tailored to Your Measure WILL SPEAK McVEY Our Barber is giving the latest trims 50c. LEXINGTON'S BETTER STORE i .I