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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I 986-2 C O N T E N T S R KENTUCKY E iE_;f*3 >: *3 i . e :e_ ge A L U M N U S t I l I COVER l Alumnus Donny I Sullivon wins ot Indy I986 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Celebrat1or1 of the Automob1le 5 G. D `d R tt '58 I Gltgestsrleoglc A Trivio Quiz; Speed & Sport; Donny Sullivon ` PRESIDENT-ELECT Jlhpbmos Tucker e yvill 56 TREASURER V1olat1o11 by Burglary Mrs. Joe F. Morris 38 RVR R , d ,R Rh _ R R ,,,h_ \ Lexington OS OGOID G ON FSC] IZC 9 |ITIpOC O IS SECRETARY crime on its victims. Joy Brumlield 'AB Lexington ASSOCIATION STAFF; , , DIRECTOR A Grow111g L1brary Joy Brumlield '48 ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR King Librory plons to celebrote ocquisition ot its Bb CR\R;YRR;,:' '58 Iwo millionth volume. ` Liz Hovvord Demoron '68 MEMBERSHIP O O ORD, N A, OR Sav1ng Marrmges ACIO DO$:;b,Q'd [B9 Four out ol tive morried couples in the U.S. BRORROO BOO seriously consider divorce ot some time. , Julio Brothers Lindo Brumlield Mg;$,E;;Rbt For the Common Good I CAm8ll GB"? The l\/lortin School ot Public Administrotion orolyn Griltith d { h , h d Ruby H,d,,, e ucotes moncigers or government, eot on Ennis Johnson GOUCOTIONOI INSTITUTIONS. Betty W. Nelson '52 ART DIRECTION 5 Eloine Weber Designs Putt1ng a Degree to Work ' 2 A ISN 0732-6297 Bob Wisemon '76, 84 tockles city services. l The Kentucky Alumnus is published quonerly by the University ol Kentucky Alumni i in,4OOR seSr t, _ R KY .OEs..O..z? UK Beat u.....,.,IEy Atctiw 2 I i u - i m mb r , R gpIIn;5nsli;kp?gss;dineTTie R ., . _ , I- L|b|a|y - rlbfth ` Kentucky Alumnus ore not I FF*IllhilhZ Ohh llgwenny oi Kentucky 7 NI\/ETSI GNU y Y 9 I I?;$lE2l2II`E5SLZi`?Ig, md Class Notes Ilqlqton, Kmwdw 40506 2 R oddress correction requested. R Send to The Kentucky Alumnus, I UK Alumni Association, R Lexington, KY 40506.