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35 > Image 35 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

F bl ' i OT UZTZ I/ll]COlgl`t6l E . . . I I O I The UK National Alumni Association Book Club offers members these great new books at a 30 % discount I t.fv thA trt A KENTUCKY ALBUM Farm Security Administration Photographs A Beverly W. Brannan and David Horvath, Editors I A rich sampling from the remarkable series of photos shot in Ken- i tucky for the Farm Security Administration in the thirties and for- l i n __ ` [ _ _! ties. Brannan and Horvath have added an extra dimension to the ji, ._ V 4 images by including in their commentary excerpts from the I v__ ;;".Z,Ii lW V _ = " photographers' own correspondence and field notes. The result i eye; I qs ; i - *-`- .. i -V __ I V is an unforgettable composite of the amazing diversity of culture, I ,2Ti= i ; Qj ;f .: , eee ; . _ gggg ,_ - history, and environment that has made Kentucky unique. I List price $25.00 Alumni price $1750 I THE BRECKINRIDGES REBEL l _ A TASTE OF KENTUCKY OF KENTUCKY, 1760-1981 RAIDER . ` A ]anet Alm Anderson ]tZ7llQ5 C. Klotter The Life of i A collection of recipes, anecdotes, i The Brecklnridgg has pro- G 1 Iohn 'I _;_`. _ U ii $aylUgS, and beliefs all I'l?td- to duced a series of notable leaders. enera .+*7 *._r J feed m ,KtCkY A fasclnamlg These Often eentmveisial inen and Hunt Morgan fe; i browser s book full of tidbits on a Weinen included a presidential FS ; subject were all interested in. A l candidate, a U.S. vice president, lumes A Z ig'? TSte_<>f Kentucky will piquethe l Cabinet members, ggneralsl Cgn- RQTHQgQ / JZ 3pptltS of hlStOI`l31'\S, fOll