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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l U Q l li |: \4 {I l V. l l il Ford Fellowships Record Giving Agoin _ Lisa Green and Keith Clark, two grad- literature. Green also intends to earn a The generosity of UK alumni, friends, i X uate students in the English department doctorate in linguistics. corporations and foundations and other ,, t at the University of Kentucky, have She is a member of Beta Gamma organizations toward the University has f been awarded Ford Foundation Doctor- Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha once more yielded a record-breaking f l al Fellowships for Minorities providing and former secretary of the UK Black year in private support for the insti- t E up to $16,000 per student each year for Graduate and Professional Student As- tution. [ t three years. sociation. Her hobbies are acting and The grand total for 1985 was . t The grants include a student stipend writing poetry. $23,821,620.84. l t of $10,000 per year with an additional Clark is from Norfolk, Va., and com- Gifts from alumni in 1985 totaled $6,000 for each students annual ex- pleted his undergraduate work in Eng- $4,()69,665_ Friends eontributed anoth- 1 ` penses going directly to the university. lish at the College of William and Mary gr $7,140,820, organizations, $692,844, E The fellowships are renewable for two in Williamsburg, Va. corporations and foundations, 1 I more years. His UK graduate work centers on $11,444,603, and trusts, $473,648. S Approximately 900 graduate students Afro-American and American litera- The largest gift was the anonymous l applied for the Ford Fellowships. Green ture. He wants to earn a doctorate and donation of $5 million for the Equine and Clark are among 50 who were cho- then teach at a university. Research Foundation. Alumnus Erv l sen as the first recipients. Clark is newly elected treasurer ofthe Nu[[r gavo $1 million as Sood monoy l "This clearly indicates the quality of UK Black Graduate and Professional for a football training complex. graduate students which the UK Eng- StUCll1[ Association. Hl$ hobbies l1 Gifts designated to the National i lish department is recruiting," says clude tennis, music and writing. Alumni Association tallied $64,573. 1 Daniel Reedy, associate dean for aca- The funds made it possible for the Asso- demic affairs at UK. ciation to continue designated scholar- l William Parker, vice chancellor for if "~ti#" ships, assist in funding a new student l minority affairs at UK, notes, "lt is not V V if f # .. entertainment group and conduct the only an achievement by two outstand- H . , ,3, Y UK Rallies. ing individuals, but also reflects UKs .. T V Y fl ` `* One of the UK National Alumni As- l strengthened effort to bring in many , *` V Af 4 sociation constituent groups, the Col- l more scholarships from sources outside H { , I~Z lege of Engineering, was number one in i the university." r , alumni support among all UK colleges. Green is from Lake Arthur, La., and came to UK after earning her under- ` \ l graduate degree in English education l , vg ll , [ at Grambling State University in i`*""* ./ ,,6;;] Grambling, La. W , Her graduate studies are in English 2 __,, V L i lutr ~ t Keith Clork, Liso Green . l i l 2 UK