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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l ll i ll pl n Singing to the Computer Duol Enrollment Professor Singletary l Voice students at the University prac- Some Kentucky high school seniors are The Ashland Oil Chair in the Humani- l tice "pitch matching" with their com- graduating with a UK transcript and 13 ties is waiting for President Otis Single- puters. The machines, using a program college credits already in the bag tary when he retires next summer. i written by two music professors, gener- through the Dual Enrollment Program Singletary will be the first person to ate a tone for the students to match with of University Extension. occupy the Ashland Oil chair, which `, their voices. The computer uses a graph With this program, seniors in partici- was established in 1986 by a gift from to show the students how close they are pating school districts can take UK the Kentucky-based oil company. Il to the correct pitch. courses at their high school and receive The board of trustees also has be- ll "In testing the system, we found that both high school and college credits, ex- stowed the title of president emeritus l we were not nearly so accurate in our plains Betty Langley, program director. upon Singletary who will be a professor , singing as we thought we were, and we Of the 13 school districts in the UK in the history department. Q made considerable improvements our- service area, Marion, Spencer, _]essa- Both honors become effective imme- l selves when we had help from the mine and Fayette counties are partici- diately upon his official retirement , computer," says Charles H. Lord, an pating in the program that began last from the UK presidency. l associate professor of music, who wrote fall. . . . l , N, l the program with Allen W. Goodwin, Offerings include English, computer l ,-lp, if i an assistant professor. science and math. Foreign languages _ .l i` if Computers are also used by the mu- and other disciplines are currently being g _ sic department to generate marching considered. *7*.*- ,,_ ,$ ` band halftime formations. High school instructors act as volun- il _V__i I i; .7 ,* teer faculty for UK, after being ap- _ l proved by UK faculty in their specialty. -~ A f V l Most of the participating high school if l. O {/_=EE;= teachers have graduate degrees in their 2 :%? E " subject area and three years teaching l. ___==?=;g~5..?; experience, says Langley. 1 (Z; -52;: In return for their volunteer efforts, A , l L; participating high school teachers can 2 receive graduate courses at UK or trav- *4-_ i. Z Cl ?XlISS to mend Of"S Ashland on vp Robert McCowon eongrumletes ll 2, b egeeeaeii fg l lhelr S'~bJC[ ara President Singletory who will be the first to hold 7*"" __= =_ The students must meet the same se- the Company-sponsored choir in the humonities E lective admissions criteria as students iUl< <> ,___, ___,EEE;geE on the main cam us. The also a ii ET;-ga in ` ___= regular, in-state tuifion for cgllege cgedij l lg its and are registered as off-campus stu- I i CS fig s! dents. Next fall participating students l O will have part-time ID cards. Participating students visit the Lex- l ington campus to take advantage of ` UKs facilities. This year some students p` toured the computing center and others attended a play at Guignol Theatre. il The schools benefit by being able to { offer advanced courses which they couldnt without the program. l UK 3 ` I