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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I. MT , I if RI Q I 1} V i I A I. Whot compony monutoctures the otticiol limousine ot the President ot the United Stotes? H 2. Whot cor, monutoctured in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is the tostest produc- l tion cor in the world? I 3. Which moIor Americon outomobile line wos originoted by ci cor designer born in Switzerlond? 4. Which cor moke beors the nome ot o young lody? I 5. Whot wos the octone roting ot gosoline in the United Stotes oround I920? I 6. Which ot the tollowing tilm octors hos hod nothing to do with outomobile rocing? I o. Poul Newmon d. Jomes Deon l b. Jomes Gorner e. None ot the obove c. Steve l\/lcueen 7. Which tourcylinder engine hos held its own ogoinst lorger competition in the lndy 500 since the I 950s? 8. llow mony torword geors did the stondord Americon cor hove in the I930s? I 9. Who won the Indy 500 lost yeor? I0. Whot is the nome ot the cor llitler promised to moss produce tor the Germon populotion? I I I. Whot is the nome the heroes ot the Dukes ot Flozzord hove given their red Dodge? I I2. Which tomous Americon cor used steom os its motive power? I3. Which Americon cor is nomed otter on Americon President? I I4. Which Americon cor is nomed otter o Romon god? jI I5. Which shortlivecl Arnericon cor wos given the tirst nome ot the compony tounder's son? I I6. Nome two French cor monutocturers. I, I7. Spell the Anglicized version ot the lost nome ol the president ot the Toyoto Il outomobile compony. I8. Whot is the Chrysler engine colled which wos introduced in the eorly I950s I ond is the dominont motive power tor top-tuel drogsters? ______ l , I9. Who is the president ot the Chrysler Corporotion? _____; 20. Whot does the term "Jeep" meon? 2I. Nome one cor model nomed otter cn jungle cot. ____;__ 22. Nome one cor model nomed cutter o horse. ______ II 23. Nome one cor model nomed otter 0 city. _____; I 24. List one cor nomed otter on explorer. _;T.T 25. Whot color did llenry Ford soy oll cors should be pointed? _?_._. I 26. Nome the mollusk whose shell the Shell Oil Compony uses os its logo? __;__. I 27. Whot do the English coll o cor hood? ____L._ l 28. Whot is the nome ot the lorgest monutocturer ot tires in Fronce? __;__ I I 29. Whot do the English coll o cor trunk? __.___T_ i 30. Which moke wos the outomobile "Christine" in the tilm ot thot nome? ______.i_ I 3I. Whot color ore the letters "RR" on the RollsRoyce grill? ________. 32. Nome one mojor Americon cor monutocturer no longer in business. ___._._; , 33. Nome the toreign outomobile monutocturer which dropped its troditionol I emblem otter the figure become the internotionol sign tor the mole. _____;. I 34. Whot compony is todoy the world's lorgest monutocturer ot cors? ____ SJOIOW IUJOUOO II l{SY`|U.Il{1 M0110 00 01iM 0i00 01~i0A 129 SMHM 00 P1>i01%1 10>i0{.10A MDN 01UId KBUUISDW .lI2I"|H`B[".lUSI"|O:) nsodxnd IHJSUDD IZDODOIZI 39"[ EPOJIOLL UOZLIIID JO ]O3STl9d IIIUEUOH ISSPQ AJUHJOW UIODUI'] JZHUBZUS AOIUHIS I}3'1 IITJOUBD UDSEMSXIOA UEAIUHS AUUEG OGJLLL JSSUHQUQHO 'H o/xi;-(1u:>M_L SOPODJSW ISIOJAOLH) {H10/\J():) PJOLI iI I I UK 7 I