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Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 8, April 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

` li lm at `Z eas I `er~ Q Vol. I April, 1939 N0. 8 \'| nps . KENTUCKY FRUIT NOTES i ity Q are W. D. Armstrong, Horticulturist, Editor I Q . ll t SPRAY SERVICE NOTICE seah fungus penetrates into the leaf i ; SPM). S(,l.\.i(,Q p,m,l.S HH, going where it produees groups of sinall. Q Um. out regularly to county agents; in l>lPi])||l\`tl`\\`11lt$ {ing. 15 llllt llU$.Tllllt ttl lllltltl'Sl2lll(l IIN]-lng the spl-lu! ]l( {1-llptlllg iH_j___ ll ("l`*Ul l} *ll`}}'* lt"' l*'<\`II hodies on the dead leaves eontinue VCH. l ~*Ill>1<1. to ripen and to diseharge spores mpi A Short statement ot' the inethod during or l'tlll0\\`Illg every hard lor of U\`(I`\\`lllt("l`lllQ` o1' the tungus and Iill1l. thc lll(illlS hy \\`lIlCll llllitt'tl(lllS t2ll{< {hp lulc 'i]l]pl pqlld und flip .... v1m=>1<1i lll llltlllllllli it *Il`*}' spring dry. it is not likely that mi progzrain. spores will he inature at hlooining lm`,. In the fall as soon as eool xyeatlier time or until alter a hard rain. so will 00\llIllenees, numerous inleetions that spraying ]ll2l}' easily prevent ml] 00CUr on leaves linost of which do seah. But lollownig an open \\'1ll H_(__l` 110t develop sutheiently to become ter such as the present one. seah wwl Gvltlent. After the leaves fall. the spores are likely to he mature when U BULLETIN OF TIIE l(l]N'l`ll(l{Y ,\<;ItI(l'I,TURAL EXPERIAIENT STATION 1 LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 4* i 2 Freffh