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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 8, April 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

l'|@ ,t away a few bushels of apples, but given good borer control during i t- l know that l got rid of a lot of midwinter in Georgia. It appears it ? cull apples and that I did not to be safer on young trees, as well reduce the number of bushels that as more effective than paradi- *1 I I could sell, and I know that those ehlorobcnzene. Furthermore, the > R bushels I got were worth. more ethylene di_<:hloride treatment re- it money per bushel. The 1e111v1g0121t- ({Ul1'CS a minimum of preparation i_ i tug etfect upon the tree resulting of the soil before treatment and no lc from the heavier pruning caused attention subsequent to mounding 1 - more of the pruned trees to pro- after treatment, and just as good V s_ _ tltwc Swtl VVUPS lll 1938 tlltm `8 results are obtained by pouring it fc the case 111 the ul1p1l111tl PMT Ot around the trees as by the use of 8. ; in I the _0l`cl{u`d Alllloilglhuil trees sprayer. The cost is a little less 7 in 1 {lm trl,lllZd 'll* 1. me ll ul?r?uS` than that of paradiehlorobcnzene," m P mgly ditltpiilt to inaintani sutiteriilit i vigor 111 iese ma are rees wi 1- _ _ out fairly heavy cutting which Preparation of E1I111lS1011 E in needs to be done about every other gm-C Should be when not to I in year. I tlllllli, to<,_tl3t_ llw ltmal breathe too much of the fumes of j sn l<{ t1111 to ile this Just ttl"t*l the ethyleiie diehloride; hence, the 1 Sn ot ll1 big (TOP }`ii` _ emulsion should either be prepared lg _ Of eU\11`S_, the HUUVG {`l1`$ to out of doors or in a well ventilated E 1 ii, J maturehbearing trees. Think these ;0Om_ Bggiiiise of its inn- boiling l gg i suggestions over. point heat should 11ot be used in { . tit t preparing the emulsion. 2 VF A NEW PREPARATION FOR Stir vigorously 9 parts (meas- ti? THE CONTROL OF THE ured) of ethylene dichloride into l " VY I PEACH T R E E B O R E R. one part of a good grade of potash I _ . g 1 1 lil F ,E%{;`i' D IC HLmE ilt;l tL%ttt$S3@tt$??u$t92 i i` S . s1nootl1 emulsion ` t it OlTF}1$ti<=grt~=y_@gip;stb> acts- an S ptaSOE11`%ii;t-tifiii t i US umn `}ll_llll* , " , }llO` stir until the whole mass is smooth. l" E _ mOlglt 1`mt _\"ll) C'l%im This is the stock emulsion which - I we fllas Ptigl :fl)liHl1l}ml lilill contains 50% ethylene dichloride; of ` Sam dqmlll lll Lwolgm umu DT; a11d if 18 gallons of the stock emul- l y_ to 1931 and m southern llllllOlS Simi were mine U . _ ;, _ _ _ , _ , _- . p, it sl1ould co11 | , ill. and lleslem TC" xml` m 19`;l' tain 9 gallons ethylene dichloride. J lid "Tl1c results of experiments eon- i n;,ii(,,, Poms], nsimii n,,ii,_ and S _- in ;he ducted i11 the states of Georgia, gallons Of ii-ninin _vy New York, and Illinois have shown old that ethylene diehloride emulsion . . us, its tt Busta- of advantages as- t* and DS==~g its He T paradiehlorobenzene (P.D.B.) for This emulsion has to be diluted ed, I the control of the peach borer, further before use and different; bjg t Cmzopia e,rit'1'0sa (Say). Ethylene dilutions and amounts used on dif- e ___ ut- diehloride emulsion is effective at ferent aged trees. The accompany- - { Of low soil temperatures and can ing table gives the dilutions and re- _` therefore be used late in the fall amounts found most satisfactory of _ and early in the spring, when it is for use on peach trees of various ees I too cold for paradichlorohenzene to ages in the sections where the cut be effective. The material has also experiments were carried on. [ 5 : .-- lt a t tp we-=