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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 3 - G. Report on Results of Alumni Member Election (PR 3A-2) President Singletary reported that the three persons receiving the highest number of votes in the election for an alumni member of the Board of Trustees to fill the vacancy created by the death of Mr. Thomas P. Bell were Mrs. Robert 0. Clark, Mr. Ted Bates, and Mr. John C. Owens. Mr. Larry Jones moved that the report of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, as given by President Singletary, be received and put to record and the Secretary be authorized to certify to the Governor the names of the three persons receiving the largest number of votes from which list a successor will be appointed. His motion was seconded by Mr. Cain and unanimously carried. (See PR 3A-2 at the end of the Minutes.) H. Proposed Amendments to the Governing Regulations (PR 3B-1) Professor Cantrell moved that the proposed amendments to the Governing Regulations in PR 3B-1, which were received for preliminary consideration by the Board at its May 1986 meeting. be approved. Mr. Black seconded the motion which carried without dissent. (See PR 3B-1 at the end of the Minutes.) I. Proposed Amendment to the Governing Regulation (PR 3B-2) Professor Wilson moved that the proposed amendment to the Governing Regulations in PR 3B-2 be received for preliminary consideration and included on the agenda at the next regular meeting of the Board. The motion, seconded by Mr. Larry Jones, carried. (See PR 3B-2 at the end of the Minutes.) J. Appointments to Advisory Board--Lexington Community College (PR 4-A) On motion made by Mr. Lassetter, seconded by Mr. Clay and passed, the Board approved the reappointment of Mr. Richard E. Blanchard and Mr. Larry S. Martini to the Advisory Board of Lexington Community College for three-year terms ending June 30, 1989. (See PR 4A at the end of the Minutes.) K. Appointment of Director, Lexington Community College (PR 4B) On recommendation of Chancellor Wethington and with the concurrence of President Singletary, Professor Cantrell moved that Dr. Allen G. Edwards be named Director of Lexington Community College, effective July 1, 1986. Professor Cantrell's motion was seconded by Mr. Cain and unanimously carried. (See PR 4B at the end of the Minutes.) L. Establishment of Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute (PR 5A) President Singletary recommended that the Board of Trustees authorize the establishment of an Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute. He reported that the proposal to establish the Institute originated in the Human Development Program. The proposed Institute's goals include research, training, and service demonstration for persons with developmental disabilities and related handicapped problems. It will