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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Resolution, moneys shall have accumulated in the Bond Fund sufficient to pay all arrears of interest, if any, upon all the Bonds then Outstanding (except the interest accrued on such Bonds since the last interest payment date), and the charges, compensation, expenses, disbursements, advances and liabilities of the Trustee and all other amounts then payable by the Board hereunder shall have been paid or a sum sufficient to pay the same shall have been deposited with the Trustee, and all arrearages in payments, if any, on Parity Indebted- ness have been satisfied, and every other default known to the Trustee in the observance or performance of any covenant, condition or agreement contained in the Bonds or in the Resolution or any Series Resolution (other than default in the payment of the principal of such Bonds then due only because of a declara- tion under this Section) shall have been remedied to the satisfaction of the Trustee, then and in every such case the Trustee may, and upon the written request of the Owners of not less than twenty-five percent (25%) in principal amount of the Bonds then Outstanding shall, by written notice to the Board, rescind and annul such declaration and its consequences, but no such rescission or annulment shall extend to or affect any subsequent default or impair any right consequent thereon. Section 8.03. Remedies Upon Default. Upon the happening and continuance of any event of default specified in Section 8.01 of this Article, then and in every such case the Trustee may proceed, and upon the written request of the Owners of not less than fifteen percent (15%) in principal amount of the Bonds then Outstanding hereunder shall proceed to protect and enforce its rights and the rights of the Owners of the Bonds under the laws of the Commonwealth or under the Resolution or any Series Resolution by such suits, actions or special proceedings in equity or at law, either for the specific performance of any covenant or agreement contained in the Resolution or in aid or execution of any power herein granted or for the enforcement of any proper legal or equitable remedy, as the Trustee, being advised by counsel, shall deem most effectual to protect and enforce such rights. In the enforcement of any remedy under the Resolution, the Trustee shall be entitled to sue for, enforce payment of and receive any and all amounts then or during any default becoming, and at any time remaining, due from the Board for principal, interest or otherwise under any of the provisions of the Resolution or any Series Resolution or of the Bonds and unpaid, with interest on overdue payments of principal and interest at the rate or rates of interest specified in the Bonds, together with any and all costs and expenses of collection and of all proceedings hereunder and under such Bonds, without prejudice to any other right or remedy of the Trustee or of the Owners, and to recover and enforce judgment or decree against the Board, but solely as pro- vided herein and in such Bonds, for any portion of such amounts remaining unpaid, with interest, costs and expenses, and to collect (solely from moneys in the Bond Fund and the Net Revenues of the Operations of the Hospital pledged to the payment of the Bonds by the Resolution) in any manner provided by law, the moneys adjudged or decreed to be payable. -28-