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6 > Image 6 of Wildcat Tipoff: Kentucky vs. L.S.U., March 1, 1981

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Programs (Men)

Wfe're more than a Kentucky business. Wfe're in the business of Kentucky. We're a bank. We're an energy company. We're a mortgage company. We're a leasing corporation. In short, we're in the business of making business profitable in Kentucky. WE'RE A BANK We offer every commercial bank service, and we're committed to orchestrating these services to our corporate customers' financial requirements. We help them make money, move it, invest it, account for it, disperse it and conserve it. We're also Kentucky's largest correspondent bank, the Bankers' Bank, affording every modern banking service to Kentucky through a network of nearly 400 correspondent banks. WE'RE AN ENERGY COMPANY One of the nation's greatest energy resources is Kentucky coal. We're the number one coal bank in America's number one coal state. We provide expert financial counsel to help mine coal profitably and in accordance with environmental regulations. WE'RE A MORTGAGE COMPANY We're the largest construction lender in Kentucky, providing loans for residences, income-producing Citizens Fidelity Corporation properties, government-secured developments and construction of every kind. We've financed hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centers, schools, factories, municipal buildings and motels. Ours is a complete service, from land acquisition through development to permanent financing, including mortgage servicing and property management. WE'RE A LEASING CORPORATION We help Kentucky businesses expand and operate more profitably through the cash flow and tax advantages of equipment leasing. We've arranged leasing for everything from bank equipment to locomotives, and from the newest advances in medical technology to river barges. WE'RE CITIZENS FIDELITY We have $1.8 billion in assets to benefit Kentucky. We're a lot of things to a lot of people. We're in the business of Kentucky. Member FDIC. Citizens Fidelity Bank and Trust Company Citizens Fidelity Energy Company Citizens Fidelity Mortgage Company Citizens Fidelity Leasing Corporation EOUM HI_____ LENDER Louisville, Kentucky 40296 TODAY, YOU NEED A GREAT FINANCIAL INSTITUTION BEHIND YOU."