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11 > Image 11 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 3 No. 1 winter 1957

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

;+ loo tures, 30 pounds of phosphoric acid and 60 pounds of potash per acre should be applied by topdressing T #5 annually. VVhen legumes comprise a considerable 'io { g portion of the herbage, no supplemental nitrogen will Jp Removed /,#' f_ be needed; when the herbage is mainly grass, from " 135 30 to 100 pounds per acre of nitrogen may he profit- ` ble. V h' 2.5 // dg a . ,,7 ` I _ 2 _ _ _I' ` hg / new ' H" it Little Population Change .F ig 2.0 // oo (Continued from Page 3) I"; % / E The map shows a classification of Kentucky counties ` 3 // into two major groups; those that gained and those `*5 ;_5 / 52 that lost population during the 1950-56 period. Each ,r, / 45 g of the two major groups has been sub-classified ac- .,_ { ,2 cording to whether the gain or loss averaged more , "' 0 50 100 200 or less than 1 percent per year. I w Pounds Polush txzomppnaeu per Acre The four fastest growing counties in Kentucky dur- V Fig_ 2__ The yield of mo Pasmro ood mo omoom of oomo ing the 1950-56 period were Boone, Bullitt, jefferson, ** sium removed by cropping on plots in Muhlenberg County, and McCracken, listed in order of their growth rates. A V Kentucky, 1955. These were the only counties showing an increase of more than 3 percent, while five countiesTaylor, ' ln total yields for the season, differences obtained Marshall, Kenton, Daviess, and Ballardgrew at rates _ at the various cutting dates may be obscured. Nitro- averaging 2 to 3 percent per year. Counties with ( gen applications made in the spring tend to result average gains of more than 1,()00 residents per year wi in increased production early in the season when were lefferson, Kenton, Fayette, McCracken, Camp- Fo, pasture is plentiful and in decreased production later bell, and Daviess, All these counties either contain H _ when it is needed more. In general, nitrogen fertiliza- large urban centers or are near expanding metro- "; tion of pastures in which a substantial portion of the politan regions, demonstrating the observed trend herbage is composed of legumes does not appear to toward urban concentration of Kentuckyis population. Table 2'_ EHEUS of nitrogen fcmlizmion on vicld and For example, the counties shpwing the highest area nitrogen Ummm Ol. R gmssoegumc Pasture, in Mmllcuberg population gams]elterson, lxenton, and (.iamphell ,t county, Kentucky, in 1955. \V1`C tl1OS ITIOS1 (l11`C1ly 1l1fltlC1lCCtl l)y the ee()11()mi(; 4 growth otthec1t1es ot Louisville and Cincinnati. m * ivrarch June Acre Yield, in per acre,1oi-i The gains in Ballard, Marshall, and McCracken `*.,_ 0 O 5000 140 counties are caused in part by migration to the area r 180 180 as a result of tsie C()l1St1'l1Ct1()1{ oflthe Atomic Energy -7-7-----A-LT- Commission p ant near Pat nca 1. llowever, com- ,,1 bo Pmotioo]_ postures Conlposcd mosgy of gmssoo parison of the 1956 estimates with those ol earlier Wm, of oom.So7 rospood to mtrogoo oopliootioog years shows a heavy outllow of migrants alter plant A" \Vhen a pasture is to be established, a soil sample 00))$t)`u0t)0)) WM 00)))1)l*t0d s should be tested to determine the correct amount of 1)) 00))l)`*lSt 10 0l)lY 4 0*)**)*)* thilt ll*ll')"l 1))1)*)ll *__` limostooo and tllc propol. km,] ood omolmt of fortp ppm at an axmerzqge annuallrgtte of 3 percent or lmore, - j lizer to be applied. If the pH value is less than i 00l'))tl0$ mt i))0)`*1*" 0SS )`i)l"S 1-1)`*`i)l")` 1)**)) 3 1-..4 6.3, additional limestone will be needed for optimum 1)0)`00))t l)0)` YUM- Slllcc most 0f tl)"$*` 00"))tl*$ llild r 4 yio]dS7 tho moot omojoot ooo of opoliod fortilizolm relatively small populations, high loss rates did not and the maintenance of legumes in the mixture. As ))000$$*)Y)lY l))0*))) h`iY llulllcrlcill l0$$*`$ )l 1))1)l*l*) much as 120 pounds per acre of phogplmyjc acid tion. Only {ive counties, all in the Cumberland , (MOB) ood 80 Pounds of Poms], (KBO) moy bo Plateau mining areaHarlan, Bell, Pike, Letchcr, and i ooodod if tlle Soi] is low m thoso olomooto From 30 Floyd-had net losses averaging more than 1,()()0 $) to 40 pounds of nitrogen should be applied to md T$1lnt$ iinnniilly dnfing 1110 period. i i L in establislling 21 V1gOI`Ol1S stand. On StR1)l1S11(l pas- (Continued on Page 12) J}- KENTUCKY FARM Anzo Home Scn2Nc12VV1NrEn 1957 11