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" Alumni Secretary Editor X CLASS STANDING, Mar. 30th. No. Llv. 1GS0 Paid Pet Mem. 1 1574 2 1 50 1575 1577 1 ! 1 1 157!) 4 ! 100 100 25 18S0 3 lSl 1 1 100 1S82 1883 1854 1855 5 1 4 3 2 2 18SG 18S7 1S8S 18S9 1890 1891 1892 4 1900 1901 1902 1908 im 1005 100C 1007 100S 1900 1010 1911 1912 1913 1914 No. Llv. 2G 39 41 41 70 44 01 GS No. Paid Mem. 2 2 4 4 1G 9 21 12 12 28 17 23 21 1 2 2 ' 8 2 2 1 3 2 2 Pet. 23.1 15.4 33 22 31 2 31.1 20.3 35.7 23 32 . 25.7 24.5 3 2 60 1 5 ! 8 1 G2.5 20 12.5 1910 1917 S2 77 85 77 91 108 114 102 141 137 19 33 27 38 31 21 1915 1 3 S Year 93 19 102 IS 08 Fleming Bowlds is nssistnnt prin cipnl nnd head of tho department o Mathematics in tho high school nt He married Miss Ella Owensboro. nnd they nre living nt Lo Cox 431 Allen street. Miss Ilntti E. Boyd is teaching bi ology nnd botany in the Girls' High School nt Louisville. Her residence address is 1218 Chorokcc Road. Satur-unla- y at Kegular) luncheon :15, Brown hotel. Dinner IlulTnlo, April 8. Annual for Senior Knginecrs, 7:30 p. nt., Chamber of Commerce. New York, April 10. Annual Dinner-Dance, 7:30 p. m., Waldorf-Astori- a hotel. IlulTnlo, April 11. (Second Satur- 1 :l"i ' day Regular) luncheon, p. nt., Chamber of Commerce, corner Main and Seneca streets. Chicago, April 20. (Third Monday Regular) luncheon at Field's Grill. cx-l- (, EVERY MEMBER BE A 1 1 10 1894 17 4 1895 17 G 3 52.9 1920 153 32 20.8 1896 1J 3 3 54.5 1921 152 27 17.G 1S97 2G 5 19.3 1922 214 53 24.4 1S9S 17 4 1 29.4 1923 249 70 28 1899 22 G 3 41.3 1924 30G 93 HAVE Strollers Will Visit Pincville, Lynch, Owensboro, Bowling Greenville and Louisville This Month , Har-Lan- The Glee Club reports very successful visits to Owensboro, Henderson and Morganficld last week. The alumni in these towns arc certainly awake to the joy tlint comes from contact with present University and student life. They have also secured the Strollers whose dates are as fol lows: Pincville, April 11; Harlan. April 13; Lynch, April 14; Owensboro, April 21; Bowling Green, April 23, and Louisville, April 24. Have you seen the Strollers play fiiiice you left college? If not, here i3 your chance, right at home. They arc ARE YOU A GOOD ALUMNUS expecting a full house, and wo alumni don't want to disappoint them. We The American college lack a great deal of strength because many of would probably be the greater losers. alumni confine their interest to memories of their undergraduate days its They feed their loyalty solely upon sentimental reverence for the past. The unfortunate result of this falls upon both Ihe individual and the college In general, the alumni of the American colegles have little knowledge of educational movements and little relaxation of their responsibility to their Alma Mater. There is no reason why a man should receive the benertts of a college for four years and thereafter take no interest in the advancement of the institution. The ability of any college to justify its existence in n '82 large way will be greatly increased or seriously curtained by the degree o! Louis K. De Roodc, who received willingness of the nlumni to seek knowledge of what the function of the his A. M. in '80, is an. advertising Any col collego should be, and how its function should be accomplished. agent, with offices at 5 Reekman lege which has the intelligent interest and cooperation of Its alumni in street, New York City. necessity make rapid strides. The days that working out its destiny must of The present should bring to '85 are gone are gone are cherished recollections. J. Crittenden Gordon is superinten us privileges and claims of a share in the responsibility of our brotherhood. dent of the schols of Boone county. Buchnell Alumni Monthly lie lives at Burlington, Ky. The chart above shows that of the 2,914 living alumni 740 have paid The dues tills year include the Kentukcy Kernel their dues for 1924-25- . Only three classes have paid up 100 per cent. and the Alumni Directory. These three are '75, '77 and '71, which have one member each still living. The classes of '75 and '77 held the record last year. The 3S life member'? are found in the classes between 'SS and 'IS. The class of 1S90 has not advanced beyond G2.5 per cent, its record for last year. No class sluce 1900 has reached even the 40 per cent mark. Several of the class score taries between 1900 and 1924 have taken a very active interest in the campaign for membership. The class secretary can not do it all. Every member must "do his bit." "What about you? The next issue will carry the standing of the clubs. CLASS PERSONALS ENGINEERS SOPHOMORE TO BE LEAVE ALUMNI GUEST ON ANNUAL TOUR Seniors Make Trip to N. Y. Alumni to Entertain Sophomore at Annual Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls Dinner-Danc- e and Buffalo. Forty-Nin- e The senior class of the college Engineering of the Uimerslty left animal senior their twenty-sixtspection tour Thursduy afternoon h 2 o'clock. The following letter has been re of on ceived by J. Carter Farrington, presiin dent of the Sophomore class from J. a T. Lowe, '12, president of file New York Alumni club. The outline of their trip is as fol lows: Pittsburgh, Peuna. Friday, April 3 Westinghouse Electric The Manufacturing Company. and The Bureau of Mines The Pittsburgh Athletic Club Pittsburgh Alumni Club Banquet "Tho New York Alumni club of the Universiuy of Kentucky expects to hold their annual dinner-dancon Fri day evening, April 10, at tho Waldorf Astoria Hotel. "We would like very much to have with us on that evening a representa tivo of tho Sophomore class as a guest of the Club. AND SUBSCRIPTION THE KERNEL $2 nt Lognn Nourso Green '16 Is now loented at tlons. "If you will advise me as to the name and mailing address of the mem her that is selected by tho Sophomore Sunday, April 9 Sight seeing around the Falls in class, I shall bo glad to write to tho representative rolutlvo to further de eluding the Gorge Route tails of tho trip." Monday, April 6 At hte meeting of the Sophomore Power Plant of tho Niagaga. Falls class Tnursday afternoon a ropreson Company Power tatlvo will bo selected to attend this Company Defiance Paper , Carborundum Company This has been the custom of tho Buffalo, N. Y. New York Alumul club for several Ii Tuesday, April 7 years, find is an 'The Larkln Company bond between Btudont and former BtuLump Works of tho Goii dent. National Company oral Electric dinner-dance- Wednesday, April 8 American Brass Company Pierce Arrow Motor Cur Company American Radiator Company Buffalo Alumni Club Banquet. Thursday, Aprlp 9 City of Buffalo Pumping Station and Filtration Plant Buffalo Forge Company. if. Wayne Harry Benjamin Dobrowsky ...n...w..MMl( 14 Reuben Pearlmnn '17 is now located bcrta, Canada. continues until April 14. .r.i.iiimrt -,- . , ' ! :. I at F. Williams '17 is now located M. at '15 F. Eichhorn is manager Henry J. Kolbo 'IS is now located at of the Westinghouse Air Brake Com pany, Wilmerding, Pa. He lives at Minnie Evely NoVtllo 'IS is now loented 400 Caldwell evenue. Constantino Nicholoff 'IS is now located DUES AND SUBSCRIPTION TO 2 THE KERNEL Todor Nicholoff 'IS is now located at '16 Ml J JM at . at r- ,. ,. Richard A. Foster is teaching in the Eastern State Normal School at Rich Ruby Karl Diamond 'IS is now located at mond. William Whitfield Elliott '19 is now located '17 D. Aaron is secretary of the Farmers' Union, R. F. D. 1 Ola Logan Flgg '19 is now located at Worthville, Ky. Lawrence A. Bradford is teaching Mose Smith '19 is now located at agriculture in the high school at Flemingsburg. He is also farming. '18 Cardwoll Douglas Triplett '19 is now located at Paul M. Andres is in the engineer ing department of the Community Herbert Proctor Haley '20 is now located at Traction Company, Toledo, Ohio. He should be addressed General Delivery, Ruth Phyllis Hoag '20 is now located at T& ?v;: avenue. Fill Out and Mail To '19 Alumni Office Please reserve plates for me at U. of K. banquet to be held at Brown Hotel, at m., April 23, Carrier Engineering Corporation 750 Frelinghuysen Avenue, Newark, N. J. Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia TO MAKE Gilbert Coleman RichardBon '14 la now located at "1 uow Iocatod nt ' Jeauetto Torrenco Bell '16 is now located at Pierce Hamiltou '15 is uow located at atZZIZZ Archie Xavier Pfeffer '16 Is now located at "EVERY DAY A GOOD DAY" with the help of the following Kentuckiana: J. I. Lyle, '96 E. T. Lyle, '00 L M. S. Taliaferro, '13 H. Worsham, '16 R. Waterfill, '20 Smith. 'OS J. H. Bailey, '20 R. L. Jonas, '12 J. R. R. R. '07 L. Lewis, Dumu, '12 N 1925 MANUFACTURERS OF WEATHER Harry Nothorland Woodson '14 is now located at 6-- zzizzz located at Herschel RubsoU Shelton '14 is now iocatod at tj Vt ; Charles E. McCormick is manager of the Mercury Body Corporation, He is living at 1613 Louisville. ' "ggH . Ohio. Beechwood . :tfm at George Maume, - Arnold Henry Webb '18 is now located at '14 is now iocated at" Melvln Hays Judd '15 is now iocated I . M.i,Miiiiniir Theodore Carl Emll Lauer '14 is now located nt ZechariaU ""jtW-'- l mm,, George Enoch Jones '14 is now located at 1b rii 5pL George Clifton Bradley '18 is now located at iocated at '14 is now - ; Leslie Guyn is now the owner and operator of a large ranch near Al Burton Robert L. Grefory '14 is now located at Esther Mue Bailey '15 There will bo no Issue of tho Kernel next week because of the Easter vacation which begins on tho morning of April 9 and at '16 is now located ; TO '14 is now Chambers Harrison Mitohcll ., '13 Elmer Burton Jones '17 is now located at Viola E. Gragg, former secretary of Alumni Club, is teach the Somerset James William Norrls '17 is now loented at ing nt Central School, Somerset. " William nt loented Mnrion Url Condltt '17 is now located nt '12 Jake II. Gaiscr, life member of the Alumni Association is Secretary Benjamin Franklin Foster '17 Is now loented at Treasurer of the Fels Parts Company 351 Jay street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mail Jcsso Forrest Gregory '17 is now located nt should bo addressed to his residence. 34 Butter Place. Ronald Hutchison '17 Is now located at .. Julia Y. Burbank is teaching in the School of Essex county, Vocational '91 William R. Wallis is civil engineer Bloomfield, N. J. Louis Reusch, Jr., is owner and of drainage and roads, Marks, Miss. manager of the Golden Rod Orchard Yakima, Wash. He should be ad93 Joseph M. Downing is with the dressed Box 106, R. F. D. No. 8. Standard Oil Company at Mandeville, '20 Arkansas. James Preston Cherry is a member of law firm of Martin and Cherry, the '99 Dr. Frederick D. Bullock is teach Price Building, Bowling Green, Ky. ing in the Zoological department of '21 Columbia University, New York City. Herrick F. Bell is sales engineer with the Carbondale Machinery Com '03 George L. Barkley is a fruit erow- - pany, Carbondale, Pa. er with orchards on Lake Chelan in the Cascades, Manson, Wash. '22 . James N. Faulconer is now pastor '06 of the First Christian Church, Jack David II. Allen is cashier of the son, Miss. He is living on North Allen National Bank, Edna, Texas. President street. Bogard is with W. H. Cook Samuel D. Fendley, who is with & Company, 3 Railroad avenue, Rus-to- the General Electric Company, Sche La. He lives at 507 South Trennectady, N. Y., is now living at 328 ton street. Summitt avenue. Arthur Louis Bruocknor Is now '10 Clinrlcs Frank Kumll '16 Is now located nt Please fill out these blanks nnd return to the Alumni Office: "The New York Alumni club will Saturday, April 4 defray expenses of tho representative iVrthur Hay Bennett '14 is now located at tor making tho trip, including travel The H. J. Heinz Company Allegheny County Steam Heating ing expenses and hotel "accommoda John. Lloyd Brown '14 is now located at Company. Art Gallery, Carnegie Institute Niagara FallB, N. Y. Leonard Johnson Archibald . m MADE CONTRACTS DUES Sue Hunt Frost '10 Is now located Orvlllo Robert Wlllott '16 is now located nt '10 Charles C. Bain is mining engineer of the Bonne Tcrrc division of the St John Henry Williams '16 is now loented at Joseph Lend Company, Bonne Tcrre, Carrie Frances Blair '17 is now located at Mo. 29.7G 23.5 nt William Crowder Mitchell '16 Is now loented nt Miss Pearl R. Hinoslcy is librarian of the Technical Library, 012 West George Pago Ncaglo '16 Is now loented nt Tenth street, Wilmington, Del. 1(U 183 Devdrn '1G Is now located Norborto Benjamin April 24. (Last Friday-Regu- lar) dinner at Dixieland Inn. STROLLERS Ralph Emerson Bltnor '16 Is now located nt 0!) 35.8 23.5 23-- REPORTER KERNEL 22.9' 21,2 Charles Stephenson Rnlney '15 Is now loented nt Mrs. Bessie Foglo Judd '16 is now located nt 17.G 19155 1G Detroit, '07 Dodd is construction sup- erintendent of the Morgan Construc Clarenco Barbour Shoomnkcr '15 is now located nt tion Company of Little Itock, Ark He should bo addressed nt present Arthur Eugene Wcgert '15 Is now located nt nt Washington, Ark. 1 20.3 1919 (First April 4. J. Daniel CALENDAR Somerset, April 3. (First Friday Regular) 7:30 p. m. nt Dr. Norficct's office. Philadelphia, April I. (First Satnt urday Regular) luncheon Engineers' Club, 1317 Spruce Street. Louisville, Year Best Cop KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO W. B. Thornton, '2 A. P. Shanklin, '23 1 !