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Available KENTUCKY KERNEL Easter SOCIETY NOTES Table Covers Seals Streamers Bljrht-tlilrt- Cut outs Place Cards terpentine o'clock. Junior Prom The members of the Junior Class entertained with one of the most delightful dances- of the year Friday evening in honor of the members of the class of '25. The dance was held from n to o'clock in the men's gym nasium, the Prom was an unusually brilliant ntFnir and was attended by several hundred guests. Receiving the guests were the class officers: Richard Williamson, presi dent; Elizabeth Glasscock, Margaret Baker, secretary; nnd Joseph Lcachman, treasurer. Members of the Prom committee were: Virginia Kclley, chairman; Louise Atkins, John Dnbncy, Ab nnd Philip Rusch. A vast array of individual and table favors for any kind of a party. - CIRCULATING LIBRARY A DAY 3 CENTS 1 TOYS ALL THE YEAR 'ROUND THIRD FLOOR Wolf WileCo, IWOllK.rOHATtD' STREET MAIM A6T Kir-wn- n Delta Zcta Formal Alpha Theta chapter of Delta Zeta cntcrtnined with a beautiful formal dance Saturday night from 9 until 12 o'clock in the ballroom of the Phoenix hotel. The ballroom was attractively deco rated nt one end with lattice work entwined with southern smilax and pink roses at the other end, with the beautifully fraternity illuminated COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR ALTERING PRESSING DRY CLEANING 216 S. Limestone Phone 929 shield. The Blue and White orchestra furnished the music for the dance and Mrs. Harry during the fifth Rasch, a patroness of the fraternity A NEW sang "Delta Zeta Lamps are Burning.' Fruit frappe was served during the evening. The hostesses were members of the active chapter nnd pledges, Misses Alma Crowder, Christine Anderson, Kathryn Do Mint, Mary Elizabeth Depcw, Margaret Doty, Margaret Lyle, Mary Jane Lyle, Ruth Madison, Lillian Rasch, Mary Bell Smith, Mary Stallings, Annasteele Taylor, Sarah Thorn, Lillian White, Ann Williams, Margaret Wooton, Alice Young, Margaret Hook, Jane Lewis, Mary Giles Thorn, Louise Tiley. Chapter bids were sent to all of the men's fraternities of the university, Transylvania and Centre College. Dodge - Ford - Truck Our Service is unequaled. It includes All New Cars, Ballaon Tires, Locked Steering Wheels Wind-shiel- d Wipers Spare Tires ' no waits for a new tire. 9 Free Road Service and Lafayette-Phoeni- Benton's Sweet Shop Luncheonette Fountain Drinks, NOTES Home-Made'Candie- s" and Cakes 245 South Lime Phone 5961 rv! i Berry. GET BUSY BOYS! will be voted upon nftcr the Easter holidays by ballots mailed to all Y members. BASEBALL DAYS ARE HERE The annual Y Bible Class banquet will be given shortly after the Easter holidays, the date to be announced Come to us for all later. Baseball Accessories and Tennis Goods "MESSIAH" TO BE GIVEN APRIL 30 VanDeren Hardware Co. Incorporated Soloists from New York 340 W. and Cincinnati are Engaged Handel's "Messiah," with a chorus of 300 voices, will be presented the last night of April in the new gymnasium of the university, under the auspices of Phi Mu Alpha, honorary Soloists fraternity. musical from New York and Cincinnati have been engaged to sing important parts. An orchestra of forty pieces will accompany the chorus. This is the first musical program of its kind that has been offered in the Blue Grass section and its sponsor plans to make such a presentation an Main Street The Campus Rendez vous? THE TAVERN Meals annual event. The Catholic Club of the Univer sity of Kentucky will meet Sunday cymnasium April 29. morning at 10:30 at the Assembly Tickets for the oratorio will soon be ready for sale. rooms on Barr street. The StoreyRentaFord Co. 8268-- R DANCE: Saturday Night The student Y. M. C. A. hns made the following nominations for officers for the coming yenr: For president: Cecil Charles, James Russell. For Frank Melton, Forrest Mercer. For secre tary, M. H. Crowder, Lawrence Curry. For treasurer, Joe Wcingartner, E. L. and X Blue Ribbon Saxophones Prof. W. S. Taylor delivered nn address Monday afternoon before the Frankfort Woman's Club. His subject wns "Tho Relationship Between Home, Church nnd School in the Education of Childhood." Delta Zcta announces the pledging of Miss Mnrgarct Hook, of Augusta. Y. M. C. A. 4503-- Spccial Ralcs For Classes Private Lessons by Appointment STUDENTS A combined program of boys' and girls' Glee Clubs and the university orchestra will be given at the new NOTICE the courtesy and careful attention of real friends. Phone 6120 MISS SPURR Phones y These nominees RENT DANCING STUDIO Calendar Alpha Sigma Phi Formal Friday, April 3 Patronesses of Zcta Tau Alpha entertain with a lea Tho following invitations have been n 4 o'clock nt the chapter house on received: East Maxwell street, Signw of Alpha Sigma Phi Saturday, April 4 'Alpha SipniR Sflturdny, April Fourth Phi formal at the Phoenix hotel from 8:30 to 12 o'clock. until Twelve Saturday, April 4 Chi Omogn hotol . Phoenix founders' day banquet at the Lafay FofftWl Dftncinir ette hotel. Saturday, April 4 Cadet Hop in Personals the now gymnasium from 3 to C At what time of the year will one find a better time to giue a party, tea or dance? Easier affairs can be made into the most colorful 'doings' of the year A few suggestions Napkins Cut outs for Ices Tallies PAUE THREL Sodas Sandwiches Magazines Tobaccos S Garage x Have you read the details of how to get a Operated BY College Men FOR College Men. Lime at Pine ; FREE TRIP TO CHICAGO? Phone 2386 ft Rruce Fuller ft Come in and inquire about it. BROMLEY PARRISH & AND PRESSING DRY CLEANING I 4 Phone 15S0 152 South Lime o f X o V i m; S2SiS2SiSZSZSiEZ52E2S2S2SS52SSSSSZ52SSSSS2SZSSSSSESSSSSSSZSS5SSSSSSSS LI in j 214 S. Lime k " Successor to Kidds' - HESHSa5HSHSH5aSHSHSHSHSH5HSHSaSHSZSH5Z5ESHSHSESH5HSESSSH5Z5aSHSE5H5H52S ; COLLEGE' INN r. Banners Fraternity Stationery S jj 149 South Xime mi fountain fens 'Wp.r ft ft l wj r. Na p University Book Store BASEMENT MAIN BUILDING Wt R, W, 11 (Jw. r il I r Li. Iiwiftf Caakey Jewelry Co. The Phoenix Hotel ' I j J; ffl t Lexington, Ky. 238 West Main Street '' 1S7 South The Experienced Traveler Will Find DailCe Studio ! FURNISHED AND EQUIPPED To the Highest Standard of Excellence. jj Program for Cooper's j; SMOCK rerly with The Phoenix Hotel NEWLY jj DANCING SCHOOL Satisfaction Guaranteed "mt1' ft jjj j CAREFUL WATCH REPAIRING tBr 7:30 LEXINGTON, KY. 1 Phone 2682 "Watch your Watch" 11 On Lime, Just Above High i: Jsfc 12:002:00 5:30 5HSH5HSfHSZSHSZ5HSBSHSZSHSHSESE5ESESE5E5ZSH5Z5E5HSHSZSZ5Z5HSH Parisian Pastry Company "j K S Classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 P. M. SOc per lesson. 8:30 to fj 3 S f Private Lessons by Appointment For InformaUon CaU 4115 Studio can be rented by the evening for Club dances, etc. j; ; j K A noteworthy example of modern excellence. Every . V' . " - rZEt ' r:: - ." '.' " t most exacting temperament. ; CHAS. H. BERRYMAN, Pres. JOHN G. CRAMER, Mgr. 51 . depart-men- fully equipped for satisfactory service to the BOOST THE KERNEL ADVERTISERS i x S I I Telephone 5822-- SERVING HOURS a ft ! K inf II A T0UCH OF GAY PAREE ft a a o Quality and Service z . 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