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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available 1 KENTUCKY KERNEL THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ?nblUhfd every Friday throughout the Col lege year by the student body of the University SOCIETY EDITOR Virginia Kelley '26 ASSISTANTS Mary Stalllngs Edna Lewis Wells of Kentucky The Kentucky Kernel U the of flclnl r.ews-papof the studenU nd nlumnl of the UnlTerlty"of Kentucky. I1USINESS MANAGER Joseph K. Hays '25 Thones S6S4 408S 2117Y Snbicrlptlon One Dollar nnd Fifty Cents a ASSISTANTS Year Five Cents the Copy Margaret M. Arnold Robert Mitchell, Jr. Entered At Lexlnicton Postofflce clnsi ms.ll mhtter ns second 1 1. 2I17-- niCKNELI., rhones Dorothy NEWS EDITOR Frances Kane ASSISTANT Stebblns Arthur Morris SPORT EDITOR Frnnk Hoover '27 ASSISTANTS Warren A. Trice H. K. Gregory Gordon Davis Frank Smith Paul Jenkins Lovcll Underwood ASSOCIATE EDITORS Edith Mlnlhan Curtis Beuhler Eugenie O'Hara Amanda Gordon Helen King Kenneth Tuggle Lydla Frcmd Will be Graduated from College of Eng. in June HAS MANY HONORS CIRCULATION MANAGER Hi A. McNary '28 ASSISTANTS Lcroy Kcffcr '28 NorrW Duvnll '26 Is President of Senior Class; Prominent on the Campus '2S 3489 MANAOINO EDITOR J. STERMNO TOWI.ES 1117-- T Pfcmw Mil GRAY IS OUTSTANDING IN THESENIOR CLASS MANAGER OF ACCOUNTS James Augustus '27 ASSISTANT James Patterson '28 F DW1GHT CLYDE ADVERTISING All advertising Is handled directly thru the business mnnngcr. Dalrs on request. Clyde S. Gray, son of Mr. nnd Mrs John I). Gray, of Petersburg, Ind., entered the University of Kentucky REPORTERS Vlrglnln Conroy Nancy Stephenson in the fall of 1021. Mary Heard Esther Hagyard He seemed intent on going wrong Murphy Annabel! John Bullock Elisabeth Lllleston from the first nnd entered the college Doris Branaman Lola Hargett of Willie King Lnginecring. Undismayed, he con Virginia Iloyd Elizabeth (Slnscock Nell nummor tinucd nnd will be graduated from Harriet Chatficld Ralph Conncll Dorothy Cooper that college in June. Kyle Whitehead Avn Cnywood PAGE FIVE beonstopplng over into this editors realm with some of their choices for the nlMournnmont teams both boys nnd girls. If some of their choices can piny basket ball well nny way somo of tho coaches should have sent n letter instead of some of tho play crs think of all tho money and ri dicule thoy could have saved. 1 chuni' plon two players who never were mentioned on nny tenm. Thompson of Crescent Springs wns tho best girl dribbler In tho tournament and would have made an Ideal running guard for she was splendid on defense and a good goal shot. Shearer, back guard on Aiontlcello, is another one overlooked in tho boy'a department. Those that say him play say a real basket ball player clean I thnnk yen. nnd n fighter. University Lunch Room FIRST IN SERVICE FIRST IN SANDWICHES QUALITY AND QUANTITY Hours 6:00 to 12:30 WM. POULOS, Proprietor When You EASTER BUY Many centuries ngo the greatest miracle of pnst or future ages wns performed. The modern miracles such as the radio, the phonograph and the ability to see through solid objects by means of the arc infinitely less wonderful than the miracle of the Risen Christ. Next, week all Chriscndom will celebrate Easter. The beauty and won der! of the Resurrection is heightened when in the 'spring of the yeal Nature awakens; the living things of the earth begin to breath anew and one can almost hear the glad cry, "Ansel" With the advent of Easter each year, humanity takes to itself the glad Not content with one mistake, he assurance that there is life, joyous life, eternal life. With thcRcsurrcction waited until his senior year and then of Christ the world was assured that its labors would not be in vain, that took English under Professor Fnrnu- there is assurance of the Life after death. har. On the credit side, however, we find that Clyde earned membership in Scabbard and Blade, honorary mill THE VISIT OF DOCTOR LUNN tary fraternity. He was destined later to become During the past week the university has been signally fortunate in a solon by election to the Student having as its guest Dr. A. C. Lunn, professor of Applied Mathematics at Council, that now moribund body, in the University of Chicago. Dr. Lunn was brought here through the instru his junior year. As a law giver, or member of the mentality of the depaftment of Physics for a series of lectures dealing mainStudent Council, he was, in a way, ly with Relativity and the Einstein Theory. Seldon it is that the students of the university have had the opportunity prepared for further responsibility of hearing a man of such authority and rcnoun as Doctor Lunn, and his and this year he was elected presivisit here brought to the attention of the university the views of man, than dent of the Senior Class. Despite being an engineer and a whom none arc more preeminent in his field. In addition to the knowledge that hearing such a man imparts, there is soldier, Clyde has another side, he an even greater value received by the undergraduates who are privileged is a member of the Triangle social to hear him. It is contact with great minds and great personalities, nearly fraternity and is not at all as as would seem, else how could as much as knowledge itself, that brings inspiration to the student and that strengthens his own devotion to duty. There is an incentive radiated from he be among the most popular men those that have achieved, stimulating in its effect. William McKinley once in the university? said that the ideal university was a log with himself on one end and Mark Hopkins on the other. Personal contact does much to unfurl inspiration and impart knowledge. From our A D V E R T of the Fort Benning Stadium. Gets by immense But I must admit She's got no sense. like HABITS, during friendships, undergrad- Dad got the Nettltton habit in colltge VtogTiLl 'I II. W. COOK. "rtiUinl H 3 Comfort 8 ffji S m?Zk8r The Buckmimttr B SHOES OF WORTH ON DISPLAY AT KAUFMAN CLO. CO. Lexington, Ky. DEALERS EVERYWHERE MEN LIKE TO B. B. SMART STYLED CLOTHES COLLEGE MEN Oatlorcci THEY SAY SMITH PLEASE MENTION THE HOME OF THE KERNEL BRAEBURN COLLEGE CLOTHES KAUFMAN CLOTHING CO. GRAVES, COX & CO. INCORPORATED LEXINGTON'S BETTER STORE A SOLILOQUY am not beautiful, and yet I possosa somo strange charm which lures them on poor fools! How many have I lured and crushed I know not. Thoy might see from the fate of others what their fate will be but they must be shown. Ah, see. Ono drays nigh. Ho stand,- there, gaping with curiosity. Now ho, comes clcper, Incensed with a desire to sip the honey from my lips. I will entico him! With a rush ho selztu mo In a lingering embrace. Now ho lifts his head. The spell Is broken. Ho tries to draw away, but he cannot Ho struggles nnd curses mo but I laugh In his face. Ho strikes nt me, but I Bio'io his liana. In terror ho turns to floe, but it is too late ho is mine. And so growing weaker ho sinks closer, closer until ho fairly presses mo, for It is so easy just to Ho there. And I, Enchantress, seek a now victim. Who am I? A ploco of fly paper. & WEAK THE CO M;P ANY5 M Phone 4779 t J EASTER FROCKS Combining Exquisite Styles with Superb Fabrics and Perfect Tailoring. A Complete Showing. at HI 169 E. High Street WED College Tuxedo Suits SPECIAL $ 25 Tuxedo Vests $6.00 The authenic college Tuxedo correct for every event on (he University social calendar. Tailored in the English manner loose fitting coat with satin lapels and wide trousers. A value that is beyond comparison. 6 West Short SL " At Corner Mill THE VIADUCT PHARMACY PROMPT AND EFFICIENT SERVICE OTHERS $45 PASTE WE DELIVER 1 Let us Fill Your Drug Needs CANFQRDS 301-31- at SRochcjtcr S At loust tlio checker championship is always won on tho square. And that reminds mo: tho spent wrltors of tho various papers have NEW FOR I uate days, continue throughout our careers. A. E. NETTLETON CO SYRACUSE, N. Y. I licr' 'Hie With lije she's "it", The College Man and Nettleton Shoes Style Economy T. G. BAYLESS She's got the clothes, This girl so fine, ntl heaven knows She's got the "line". She's the cat's pajamas, And the boe's knees, too, And her hair's a mess When wo get thru. ISA E R SQUIRREL FOOD The name of the University of Kentucky will adorn the new stadium at Fort Benning, Georgia, and to cap it all its name will be at the top of the list on which is inscribed the names of the donors who have made possible the erection of the new edifice. Part of the funds to be used in the building of the stadium are. being raised by subscription among students in the various schools of the corps areas of the United States. The University of Kentucky R. 0. T. C. wa3 percent, so it earns the the first to subscribe the initial quota of fifty-on- e privilege of having its name at the top of the scroll on which is carved the who have championed with money and effort the erection names of those tf.-- i I S Crom-welli- KENTUCKY OVER THE TOP 1 n in GRAVES, COX & CO. The Right Step Begin nowl Eat good ice cream at least once every day. Yoi will enjoy better digestion and you will keenly enjoy your more vigorous meals. A wholeson e, refreshing ice cream tones you up. You feel happier and stronger, energized by stimulating flavor, the tempting deliciousness ICE CREAM "Purer be. aused Heathized" "A Delicious and Well-Balance- d Food." There's a Dixie Dealer Near You. of