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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

t-- rj-'- - - . f. '!! Best Copy KENTUCKY KERNEL DR. LIPSCOMB IS MISS CAMPBELL MADE A MAJOR TALKS TO GIRLS Meals You'll Enjoy Recommended in Dec. for Promotion in Re- Home Economics Club Entertains With serve Corps a Tea Prepared by Experts The Nearest Place To You Dr. W. N. Lipscomb, head of the department of Hygiene and Public Health of the university, and former captain in the Medical Reserve Corps, has received notification of his promotion to the rank of major in that department of the United States Army. Dr. Lipscomb served in the World Wnr as a first lieutenant in the Medical Corps nnd was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. He was transferred to San Antonio, from which place he received his discharge with the rank of captain. The Most Economical Prices University Cafeteria Basement Main Building Miss Campbell was formerly a memDr. Lipscomb was recommended ber of the stnfT of tho University of for promotion in December nnd took Kentucky nnd hns made a great sucnn examination the following Febru nry. He said that he thought it the cess in her chosen field of federal duty of every young mnn in America work. On Wednesday afternoon the Club enctrtnined to be instructed in the fundamentals Home Economics of nntional preparedness. with a tea from 3:30 to 5:30 o'clock at tho Practice House in honor of Miss Campbell. About 200 guests called during the afternoon. Mitchell, Indorporatcd & Smith Baker THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS Garments, Millinery, High-ClaDressmaking, Infants' Art Needle Work Department, Hairdressinf and Beauty Parlor and Down Stairs Store. COLLEGE FOLK ALWAYS WELCOME Ready-to-We- ss ar Miss Mnblo Campbell, of the federal board of Vocational Education, lectured at tho fifth hour Wednesday to the girls of tho Home Economics de partment. The lecture was given in Room 205 of tho Agriculture building, the subject being "Homo Economics as a Fold for College Trained Wo men." LOCAL PREMEDICAL GRANTED CHARTER Phi Beta Chi to Become Omega All persons interested Beta Pi baseball with Goldberg's Phi Beta Chi, honorary fraternity on the campus, has been granted a charter from Omega Beta Pi, honorary national fraternity, nnd will bo installed about Tailor's baseball team see It. Hatchctt at tho store. May 15. why Felix writes from ngotsioe SS.UWHW JUNE 20 and nine other College Third Cabin sailings to suit your convenience London The busses in this town seem to be trying to save tyres as they drive on two wheels most of the time. I lost two lives yesterday. We went out to Wembley today, as they were kind enough to hold the show open for us. Admission was 1 and 6, which doesn't make 7, but means about 35 cents. Tomorrow we're going to Henley to see the Catzford-Catbridg- e crew race, if the fog raises so they can find the river. After that, to Windsor, Stratford-on-- . Avon and maybe Scatland. You know, we flew overhere from Paris with the Purmews. Kitty says she likes the air. She seems to be giving me lots of it lately. Well, Jack's a nice cat, anawlat, but what she can fur cat's sake! see in him London Bridge is no longer falling down but St. Paul's is fraternally GLEE CLUB IS BACK FROM WESTERN KY. Organization Will Appear Hazard May 6 at FELIX Send for the Three Prhe nylndo1l'in. 'ho crossed this way Cunard last season. CUWARD & ANCHOR LINES The Union Trust Co., Bldg. 1022 Chester Ave., Cleveland or local agents. Ask About Club Tickets (or Spring Cleaning Rates Suits Conts Plain Dresses Pressing 40 .40 .40 Cleaning and Pressing ....1.25 1.25 1.25 We Call for and Deliver Phone 5906 UNIVERSITY PRESSING SHOP Southern Railway System DIRECT LINE FROM Lexington TO ALL POINTS IN THE North, East, South and West Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville, The Carolines and St Louis Schedules arranged to suit the convenience of our patrons For descriptive literature, tickets, reservations or further Information, communicate with District Passenger Agent City Ticket Agent H. C. KING W. R. CLINKINBEARD 104 North Limestone Street, LEXINGTON, KY. 8 Nothing Near tKe Price Can Give as Muck Pleasure as a Box of MISS HOLLIDAY'S Wonderful Home-mad- e Candies. LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY Twenty-fiv- e members of the Ken tucky Glee Club and James Baugh man, manager, have returney from their western Kentucky trip, which ncluded the towns of Owensboro, Hen derson and Morganfield. The party left here on March 23, playing at Owensboro the next day. They sang at Henderson and Princeton on the 25th and in Morganfield on the 26th, The club this year contains many excellent voices and the hearty recepin the tion given the towns thus far played shows that the talent of the club is appreciated. May 6 has been selected tentatively as the date for the appearance of the club at Hazard, which is the only engagement that has been made so far for the remainder of the season. ... Write for further particulars about Cunard College Third Cabin to: William McGehee, C. B. Shacklette, J. L. Keys, H. H. Willis, Ward Bushart, Norris Duvall, and R. K. Flege. The honorary members are: Dr. J. W. Pryor, Dr. W. D. Funkhouser, Dr. W. N. Lipscomb and Dr. J. E. Rush ON CLEANING AND PRESSING? RESERVE A SPECIAL EASTER BOX NOW The Girls Expect It The active members of the fraternity are: Grandison McLean, Glynn Bushart, Cecil Charles, Glenn Dorrah, David Mclntyre, Russell Teague, J, C. Covington, in playing J3o 20 Per Cent You Sa.vo --- 5 INSTITUTE FOR -- REGISTRARS TO MEET (Continued DISPLAY! from Page One) At the left of this group is Lieut. J. A. Macready, U. S. A., former holder of the world's altitude record. Just behind the propeller you can see the turbine supercharger which kept the Liberty motor running in the thin air, sis miles his opportunity for service, and that he may better equip himself for the task. Five courses are being offered. Professor Gillis will have charge of a course entitled "The Registrar and His Work," which will deal with the routine work of the office. Special emphasis will be placed on such problems as procedure in registration, of Collegiate Wear Suits Topcoats G-- E high. permanent records, class rolls for the professors, tabulation and distribution of grades. This class will be held from 9:30 to 10:30 daily. A course in elementary statistics will be given by the department of Economics and the tabulation and graphic presentation of data in the registrar's office will be stressed. This class will meet at 2 o'clock on April 3, 7 and 9. A course in Statistical Procedure in the registrar's office will be given at 3 o'clock daily. The department of Psychology will supervise u course in the interpretation of human measurements, intelligence tests, personal traits and tests of achievement in college subjects. This will meet at 2 o'clock on April Neckwear ' Sweaters Jackets Everything for the Collegian G and 8. A special lecture course will be given on miscellaneous topics in which Over the mountain by a mile Year after year, plucky explorers try to climb Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, 29,141 feet high. With a G-- E supercharger feeding air at 4, at the TAVERN registrars are vitally nterested. They G BUILD IJNanas :X Next Monday and Tuesday April 6th and'7th. The Varsity Clothes Shop Of Miami University of will be given at 10:30 daily. Among those who will address the Institute are: Dean P. P. Boyd, of the college of Arts and Science, Professor Enoch Grehan; Miss Mary Taylor Moores, Registrar of North Carolina College for Women; Professor M. E. Ligon, of tho department of Education; President Frank L. McVey; J. A. Tolman, professor of Education at Georgetown College; President A. D. Harmon, of Transylvania College. Last Play of the Year Tonight and Tomorrow Romany Theatre sea-lev- el pressure to the engine, an airplane pilot can go far higher. Lieut. Macready has reached 34,509 feet over Dayton, Ohio. He would have soared over Mount Everest with more than a mile to spare 1 The supercharger is a tur-bin- e air compressor, which revolves as fast as 41,000 times a minute the highest speed ever developed by a commercial machine.' It is and made by the General Electric Company, which also builds the big turbines that supply electric light and power. If you arc interested In learning more about what electricity is doing, write for Reprint No. AR391 containing a complete set ofahwo advertisements. The tasks attempted for centuries in almost every form of human endeavor have been conquered with the aid of electricity, with more than a mile to spare. The impossible today will be accomplished by men and women now in college. The scientist and engineer are doing their share. It remains for men and women entering upon their life's work to profit by the new opportunities that are constantly appearing in every profession and vocation in the land. , GENERAL ELECTRIC nSNBRAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, SCHBNBCTADY. NEW 7 " k. M