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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available r KENTUCKY KERNEL STROLLERS TO GO ON EASTERN TRIP THE NAME OF KY. WILL BE FIRST ON (Continued i (Continued from Pngo Ono) from Pago Ono) schools, Mr. Miller Holland, president of tho university Alumni Club there, and Mr. Lewis, arc the enthusiastic backers of the Strollers in Owcns-bor- Hobbs to the effect that the R. 0. T. C. units of the United States would bo given nn opportunity to assist In the completion of the stadium, and asked for twenty-fiv- e cents from each student in the Reserve Ofilccrs Training Corps. Many of our merchants April 22, "Fifty-Fifty- " will be presented in Henderson under the auspices of tho Elks Club. ThtS play will bo given at the Grand Theater, followed by a dance nt tho Elks Homo. From Henderson the players go to Bowling Green, where a record perMr. Preston formance is expected. Cherry, nn alumnus of tho university, old Stroller, has mndo arrange and nn ments for tho presentation of the play in Bowling Green, nnd tho Nor-mschool has also given its enthusi astic support. Tho final presentation on the western trip will be mndo in Louisville on April 24. An added feature of the Louisville trip will bo that the Strollers will have an opportunity to give their performance before the extend to you, in this Colonel Hobbs, who spent four years nt Fort Bcnning before coming to the university, and who was in charge of tho Kentucky subscriptions, sent a telegram to officers at Fort Bcnning stating that the local unit had already made a 60 percent subscription, and would probably make it 80 percent in a few days. issue of The Kernel, a Special Invitation to Tho donations to this fund was made through the various instructors in tho Military department and approximately 700 students. inspect their Tho following letter was received by Col. Hobbs in reply to his tele- before making your gram announcing that Kentucky had "gone overly stocks Benning, Ga., March 26. "My dear Colonel Hobbs: Read the Ads. "Your splendid telegram received yesterday. Your splendid unit was the first to respond and I wish to as sure you of our hearty appreciation for the fine spirit of given us by the University of Ken tucky in this matter. "Many thanks and with best wishes believe, Sincerely yours, THE OLYMPIC STYLED Louis P. Wood." BY FLORSHEIM Shown in LIGHT TAN CALF AND BLACK COLT Both Soft and Hard Toes BAYNHAM SHOE CO. After the completion of the western trip, tho Strollers will present their play in Lexington for ono night only, but from present indications this will bo tho biggest performance ever given in the history of the organization The season will close with perform ances in one or two of the central Kentucky cities, probably in Frank fort and Cynthiana. . Under the able management of the present staff, of which Mr. James Darnell is president, the year 1925 promises to be the most successful ever played by the Strollers, and from present indications, "Fifty-Fift- y is one of the greatest hits ever made by the Strollers. of the Commandant "Fort THE OLYMPIC K. E. A. Conference which will bo in session in Louisville nt that time. Mr. N. Gray Rochester, president of the Louisville Alumni Club, with Messrs. Leo Sandman, Ed Gregg, and Dave Campbell, all Kentucky alumni, will help put over the presentation. Easter purchases. "Headquarters of the Infantry School Office PAGE SEVEN EAST MAIN NEAR LIME Clothes For College Men f OMARTLY dressed men in the style centers of the world know there is no substitute for a Stetson. STETSON HATS Styled for young men THE BEST VARIETY jjj I 1 STETSON HATS S WILL BE FOUND AT Braeburn Clothes for your Easter I R. S. Thorpe & Sons n K Incorporated W Main at Mill S Dress-u- p Of course Easter isn't the only day you want to dress up you should be well dressed every day. d Braeburn Clothes will give you that appearance they are made along the lines that college boys like in colorings that are the very newest. J. D. MORRIS High Class Shoe Repairing BEST SEWED HALF SOLES $1.25 CO-BD- S We have equipped the shop with special machinery well-dresse- $40.00 $42.50 $45.00 Kaufman Clothing Company INCORPORATED LEXINGTON'S BETTER STORE for ladies work. Goodyear and O'Sullivan Rubber Heels 50c. J. A. 209 E. Main Street LEXINGTON, KY. VonderHaar W. C. Staaa ALL AitVicista TYPEWRITERS fok kalis ou lticrv'x SPECIAL RENTAL RATES TO STUDENTS STANDARD Dealer: PHONE 1792 L. C. Smith TSE Typewriter Co. 225 . 227 WEST SHORT ST. & Bros. OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE