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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 3, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available PAGE EIGHT KENTUCKY KERNEL "THE ENCHANTED COT-- No Kernel TZENTUCK V TAGE" TUES. WED. A April S T E R Bebe Daniels and Raymond Griffith V A "MISS BLUEBEARD" C Coming Easter Sunday I O N "THE THIEF OF BAGDAD" London Lavender, Tan and Gray Flannel AU UlVlUDlL,JLO Whenever You Need One . .- Sport Trousers -HIHL Penl a Rent a Car From Us And Drive it Yourself $8.75 and $10 values $5.75 New Car talkative, vivacious mother of young Bashforth, is admirably carried by Miss Margot Scmmes, the guest in Lexington of Miss Betsy Cloud. This is Miss Scmmes' first nppearnncc nt the Romany nnd her native talent, her training, nnd her personal attractiveness have won for her great honors. The part of Mr. Rupert Smallwood, her husband, is ably handled by II. B. Cnrpcntcr. Churchill Ncwcomb, in the charac ter part of Major Hillgrove, the blind friend an counsellor of the Bashforths, gives a most natural nnd capable in terpretation. Miss Ann Callihan, noting head of the Art department, charmed the audience in her portrayal of Mrs. housekeeper Minnctt, the witch-likat the cottage. Her every movement commands the attention of her audi ence, and in her explanation to the disillusioned couple that "the homeliest of mortals arc beautiful to thoso who love them," wo feel a magnetic attraction in her clever interpretation. The part of the Reverend Corsellis, the meek young rector of the village, is plnycd by Luke Woolridgc, a freshman in the college of Engineering. Miss Margaret Woolridgc, his sister, also a student at the university, ap peared as his young wife, the mother of seven children. Their character sketching is delightful. George Taylor makes his first appearance at the Romany in the part of Rigg. The shadow characters, who appear in the beautiful dream scene at the end of the second act are: First married couple, Miss Ida Kenncy Risque nnd Mr. James Cogar; second married couple, Miss Elizabeth Pendleton nnd Mr. William Pettit; third married couple, Miss Judith Farrell and Mr. Leonard Brooker. Miss Callihan also appears in this scene as the witch. The setting for the play is considered the most striking and artistic that the Romany has represented. Miss Callihan was assisted in the carrying out of the details by Henry Harper, Robert Kay, Grant Willis, Guy Briggs and William Burks. GOLDBERG'S When you have anything to clean Adjoining Phoenix Hotel "CLEANERS THAT SATISFY" No Deposit Required from University 212 S. Lime Students. Phone 621 Smith-Watkin- "Turkey" Hughes, Campus Representative GRADDY RYAN CO. Incorporated 140 West Main Street The old Cnptaln: "How did you get thnt on your head?" "Must-hic-Tho now Captain: nre free to myself." CAMPUS CLASSIFIED ADDS Notipes in tills bit column students. T. old Cnpt.: "How could you bite yourself way up there?" T. N. C: "I gesh I mustn stood on l Blue chiffon scarf, after FOUND last meeting of the Campus Club. chair." Call Miss Blanding. LOST A white gold bar pin with S. A. E. coat of arms. Finder please return to Dean Melcher's office. LOST Black hill fold containing bill nnd personal papers. Return to Kernel office. Reward. $5.00 t . Tlio feeling you have on a typewriter "Oh, it's coming down!" "Will a safety pin ho of any I mean the rain..' "Fresh1 And the second one is like Lets dee! Now which one was the second? And speaking of indoor games She: I'd go just wild in a Cadillac Ilims: How would you act in a Vow about ring around the bathtub? Ford coupe? t I I Mother, Sweetheart or Sister g will appreciate them more than any other gift at this time of the year. 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