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5 > Image 5 of Guide to civilian organizations. Hickman County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

-1- j HICKMAN COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS AMERICAN LEGION, HICKMAN COUNTY POST #56 (National American Legion), _ American Legion Hall, Clinton. Founded l92l. Commander, Henry.C. Griffin, East Clay Street, Clinton. Adjutant, Jewell Via, Clinton. Terms expire June, 1942. 1 Nkmbership: 61. Qualifications, veteran of Norld War I. Committees: ,No standing committees. i Purpose: To be prepared to assist in any emergency. Normal Civic;AetiXities: Sponsor for Boy Scouts and School Boy Patrol, Cooperating vnth all charitable organizations. Defense Activities: Interested in.Auxiliary Police, Air Raid Warden Service, Civilian Aircraft passing Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, 4 Salvage Demolition Service, Exmrgency Repair Service, Motor Corps p Service, Ambulance Service, Rod Cross Assistance. Eeeal_Publications: None. A ANERICAN RED CROSS, CLINTON CHAPTER (National American Red Cross), c/0 V. W. Patrick, Star Milling Company, Clinton. Founded 1930. Chairman, V. W. Patrick, Star Milling Company, Clinton. Term indefinite. A Membership: 241. Qualifications, financial participation in member- ship drives. Committees: None reported. Purpose: Disaster, war relief and emergency aid. Normal Civic_Activities: Operation of sewing room for production of garments for war relief. Defense Activities: Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical . Dressings, Red Cross Assistance. 'Intorostod in Motor Corps SorvioO, Fj.I'S'b Ald Local Publicatiens: None.