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6 > Image 6 of Guide to civilian organizations. Hickman County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

-3- . BAND PARENTS CLUB OF CLINTON, c/o V. T. Dotson, Clinton. Founded 1938. A Acting President, V. T. Dotson, Clinton. Secretary, D. W. Ringo, Clinton. Terms expire October, 1942. Membership: 40. Qualifications, parents of members of Clinton Central High School Band and other interested persons. _ Com itteesz None reported. Purpose: To foster the band of Clinton Central High School: A Normal;CijiE_Actiyities: Cooperate with any public entorprise_in furnishing services of the band. Defense Actiyities: Engaged in Entertainment. Local Publications: None. BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, FOUR RIVERS COUNCIL TROOP #57 (National Council, Boy Scouts of America), American Legion Hall, C1inton._ Founded 1951. Scoutmastor, Thomas A. Simpson, Junior, 106 Moore Street, Clinton. Scribe, Wendell Barclay, East Clay Street, Clinton. Terms expire April, ].942 Membership: ll. Qualifications, boys not less than l2 years of age and able to pass scout tests. Com ittees: Troop, Jewell Via, Clinton. Purpose: Prepare boys for any and all emergencies. i Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with the American Legion. Defense Activities: Training for Auxiliary Police, First Aid, Signal Services. Interested in.Air Raid Warden Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection. Local Publications: None. CLINTON AND HICKMAN COUNTY COMMERCIAL CLUB, Clinton High School Building, Clinton. Founded 1940. President, Dr. H. Titcworth, Clinton, ' Telephone 334l. Secretary, Esoo Gunter, Cli*0 High School, Clinton. Terms expire January, 1945. Mgmbcrshjp, 27. Qupzifications, business or professional mon interested in civic impr0vc~=