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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 16, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 2 CONCERTS DAILY, AFTERNOON AND EVENING ALL AMERICAN ORCHESTRA THE STRAND Open 10 A. STRAND M. to 11 "The Best Orchestra In the South" Everybody Says So. FIRST TRACK MEET. From Page 1) P. M. AdmlMlon Adults HOME OF Children, 1Se, hit War Tax, Tetal 20e. 27c, plus 3c War Tax, Tetal 90e. Mathematics Club. Two Hundred and Twenty-YarAt the meeting of the White MathDash Snider, Clare, Rogers, Leach. Clare, ematics Club Tuesday afternoon at Hurdles Wilhelm, High 3:30 o'clock in the Civil and Physics Truitt. Building, the members of the club Discus Hayden, Boyd, Gould. discussion of the Run held a round-tabland Forty-YarFour Hundred preliminary report of the National Thornton, Wilhelm, Snider. Running Broad Jump iClare, Snider, Committee on Reorganization of Secondary Mathematics. Nickolson. Next week W. P. Angel, of the PhyLow Hurdles Wilhelm, Clare, Trusics Department, will speak on "Bohr's itt. Picture of the Atum." Javelin 'Downing, Hayden. REMEMBER beginning. Of the now candidates very few men of real sprinting ability have been found, most of the new members of the squad being field men, which will givo Kentucky a better opportunity for points in such events as polo vault, shot put, javelin, discus, etc. The weather conditions here have been everything but favorable to track practice, but Kentucky is going into the meeting asking no odds of her southern opponent. The Kentucky letter men who will participate in the events of the track meet are: Knight, captain of the squad, Wilhelm, Downing, Graham, Snider and Clare. The two former Transylvania men on whom Coach Buchheit 4s banking heavily are Thornton and Hayden. Besides these experienced men are several new men who are showing up unusually well, and give promise of developing Into good tracksters. "Johnny" Rogers is reported to be good on the dashes, despite his diminutive size; "Red" Davwho will idson is a husky givo the Vandy man a lot of trouble when it comes to putting the shot; E. E. O'Hara is showing up well in the distance runs; Herbert Boyd puts his 180 pounds to a good advantage in the field events, and W. K. Dorman is good in the high jump. T. Gregg and Carr will be important factors in the pole vaulting, Gibbons and Moore are likely candidates in the distance runs, and Pribble and Truitt are good at their events, which are shot put and low hurdles, respectively. The order of events of the track meet, and the list of candidates from which two will be selected for each event are as follows: 'Hundred Yard Dash Snider, Clare, Rogers, Leach. Pole Vault 'Cameron, T. Gregg, Nickolson, Carr. Mile Run Knight, Graham, O'Hara. Vander-bilt-Kentuc- Gin-non- s, Shot Put Davidson, Pribble, Boyd. High Jump Wilhelm, Snider, Eight Hundred and Eighty-Yar- d Run Knight, Thornton, Graham, Gibbons, Moore. Relay Snider, Rogers, Wilhelm, Knight, Thornton. VICTOR BOGAERT 133-13- Society. The Shaler Geological Society met Monday night in Science Hall. Hin-toLeach made a talk on the' Hartford Oil Pool in the Western coal fields of Kentucky and the major faults in this region. Scott Green continued this subject, speaking of the geological faults which extend In a series from the Ozarks through the Appalachians to the edge of New York. The oil and coal fields of Western Kentucky lie in this series of McGurk & O'Brien "EVERYTHING NEW" PHOENIX FRUIT STORE FOR FRUITS, CANDIES, NUTS PHOENIX BLOCK Established 1883 "THE HALLMARK STORE" 8 Laxlnaton, Ky. W. Main St. Send Your Suit in Early to Avoid the Easter Rush! BECKER DRY CLEANING CO. C. R. McGraghey, Proprietor CLEANERS THAT SATISFY. Geological n faults. PATTERNS THAT APPEAL TO COLLEGE MEN See Them At WE ARE ALWAYS ON THE JOB WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING CLEANED, PRE88EO OR REPAIRED. JUSTRIGHT TAILORING COMPANY tural Society Monday evening at 7:30 PHONE 621-- 145 W. Main St. Suits made by us pressed for one year free of charge. Society. A very interesting program was presented at the meeting of the Agricul- CANDIES AND LUNCHES HOME-MAD- E LEADING JEWELERS DEPARTMENTAL CLUBS Agricultural FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENTS e d "THE BEST IN MOVING PICTURES THE CLASSY PLACE d CContinucd Paramount, Artcraft, Metro, Realart, Goldwin and Select Pictures. Cropper s Laundry (Incorporated) W. B. GRIGGS Opposite Agriculture Building o'clock in the Agricultural Building. CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCO Goebel Porter made a talk on "CounAND SOFT DRNKS Joseph try More Beautiful," and STEP IN AND SEE ME Gayle discussed "Fringent Finance." PHONE 210 At the meeting next week, Doctor Funkhouser will speak. Psychology Club. Psychology Club will The meet next Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in Neville Hall. The program which will be in charge of the students, is as follows: "Hypnotism," by Erma Wentzel; "Spiritualism," Paul Cooper, and "Mental Tests," Frank Tuttle. Tl-C- Best Styles for Young Men At the Graves-Co- x Store is the Place to See Them. 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