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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 16, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

4Mb PAGE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Down Toiun MEMORY BOOKS $4.50. ABOUT THE CAMPUS KODAK ALBUMS 50 Cents ot $8.00. PENNANTS $1.00 and up. The writer la wondering if the doorkeeper at the Opera House let anyone in Friday night who was present for the previous night's performance of "The Climbers." If ho did, tho Strollers may have a hard time explaining how "Frizzle" was able to appear In the second performance as ho died in the first. Professor M. C. James, Agricultural Education, was In .Cynthlana Monday, where he spoke, before tho Joint meeting of the Garden Club and tho Civics Department of the Woman's Club. He was there in the interest of Junior Red Cross and school garden work. Professor Mlna Beck, head of De- partment Art and Design, appeared before an audience at tho city Y. W. C. A. on last Friday night and spoke on "Art in the Home." Miss Beck's treatment of the subject was both instructive and interesting and was well received. Frank M. Crum, class of '16, Arts and Sciences, spent several days as a visitor on the campus. "Senator" majored in History while In college and aside from his studies found time to wage a fierce and "bloody" war for the presidency of the Junior class from which he emerged triumphantly. his Robinson has George thesis work this year the writing of a biography of William Bradley, former Governor and Senator. iHe has the promise of material from the family of the illustrious Kentuckian from which to write his thesis. Robinson was a member of the team which was sent against Miami in the recent de- Meeting Place Orders taken for special College and Pennants and Banners. for FRATERNITY STATIONERY If we haven't your Fraternity Paper we can get it for you. University Boys Open Until 8 P. M. Every Evening COLLEGE STATIONERY, DANCE INVITATIONS, DANCE PROGRAMMES High Class Haberdashery SENIORS, ATTENTION! Please leave your order now for Caps and Gowns, also engraved cards. College Boys Styles in Our Special Designed Clothes university Bookstore DOBBS FIFTH AVENUE HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS mtl )Wf )M If" ' inti i Most Complete Assortment of Silk Shirts We Earnestly Solicit Your Patronage 233 West Short St. Basement Main Building. ii ii ii 11 i mm n mil Jm Geddes & Luigart Mammoih Garage Co. Phoenix Block GENE SULLIVAN "Let's Get Acquainted" Studebaker Automobiles Captain Herbert Graham, class of Journalism, and editor of the Annual of that year, was recently recommended for an lnstructorship in Syracuse University, but Instead of accepting that offer has gone with the Lexington Herald as political writer. He entered upon his new work April 5. rnat Kjooa juij viasonne and Supreme Auto Oils 17, University Pharmacy offers to the students of the University a complete assortment of Stationery, Candies and Toilet Arti- bate. CIGARETTES, CIGARS and TOBACCO Bring Your Kodak Films Here. Opposite Campus. Everything for the Automobile East Main Street. Webb. President. nir WALTER S. WELSH SUCCESSOR TO WELSH & MURRAY CO. Leon Wise has for his thesis this year, "History of Prices in Lexington Since 1913." Watch your step, Wise; and if you become too greatly entangled in the affair, Just call on Heber the Philadelphia engineer (the next thing to the lawyer from that city), and he'll help you out. schools. Patronize Our Advertiiew Prescriptions filled promptly. cles. old-tim- Professors James, May and G. Ivan Barnes left Tuesday for Hazard, Jenkins and McRoberts to Inspect the the in departments agricultural schools of those places and conditions relative to establishing other branches of training. Professor May will spend some time in Jenkins relative to Installing a course In the Industrial branches. Mr. Barnes spent last week In Marlon, Cadiz, Greenville and other western Kentucky GEO. LUGIART GEO. GEDDES (Incorporated) Cor Roy Scott, class of '17, Arts and Sciences, was on the campus this week as a visitor. Scott has been principal of high school at Mackville last year, but has recently been in He has North Carolina mountains. e "pep" he had regained the when he lived in the Old Dorm. t COLLEGE STATIONERY CO. GRADDY-RYA- N ENGRAVING Incorporated AND THE COLLEGE BOYS' STORE DIE STAMPING FRAT and DANCE PROGRAMS Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes and Tailoring 124-12- DE LUXE Ladies' and Gents' Tailors 1 Aeollan-Vocallo- 4 Tract ullrflni, 2nd Flr INWM Established 1899 n The E. C Records Musical Instrument!) Player Rolls. Sheet Musla Christian Music Co. Everything Pertaining to Music Moving, Tuning, Repairing and Refinishing Competent Home Tailori Mk PHONE 592 Pianos Player Pianos Columbia Grafonolas P. ANQCLUCCI Unto LEXINGTON, KY. N. LIMESTONE Pianoa a Specialty 177Y 205-20- 7 East Main Lexington, Ky.