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The Kentucky Kernel, September 24, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

ATTEND THE KENTUCKY KERNEL COLLEGE NIGHT UNIVERSITY VOLUME XVII STUDENTS KENTUCKY OF LEXINGTON, WELCOME BACK KY., SEPTEMBER 24, NUMBER 192G 1 2JNIVERSITY OPENS WITH LARGEST ENROLLMENT IN HISTORY er.T t ti r n al ttU L urn I I II IrVl I U V I rn IJL mr 111 r vnv III I I I1 "Get Acquainted" Party for Benefit of Freshman Class MANY FEATURES PLANNED Tonight is" Country Fair. Everybody is cordially invited and urged to come. 'Regardless of work or expense the Y.M. and Y.W.C.A. have spent the entire summer in careful preparation for the Country Fair in order that this annual "get acquainted" party may be the most successful one ever held at the University of Kentucky. In any country fair there are two requirements to be met in order that the fair may be a big success. First of all, there must be a crowd there, for no one can have a very good time by himself. This is the students part in this Country Fair, and the Y.W. and Y.M.CJV. count en every student in the university being present tonight ;in the university being present to- rm.. iof vnll nnn H""--'.n- bn J crvmr vnii Mmc and fur thermore, bet that they will have to run you home. The other requirement is that there must be plenty to see when you get there. The Y.W. aad Y.M.C.A. have looked after this part of the Fair. Among other attractions will be a fortune teller, Mrs. Minnie Doyle, who PHOTOGRAPHERS IS NEEDED band, horn Kentucky's khaki-cla- d tooters deluxe, and the for other musically inclined collegiate groups in the southland last year, are to "blossom out" this year with e director, Elmer G. Sulzer, a a new faculty member of the department of music Mr. Sulzer comes to Kentucky from DePauw University. The band, following the plan be gun last year, met Friday September rehearsal in order 17, for that the organization may be ready for the opening game a week from tomorrow. All students who can play a band instrument are urged to see t. Mr. Sulzer and arrange for Freshmen and sophomores receive military science credit for band work and upper classmen will receive credit in music each semester. It is expected that the band will fol low the Wildcats on some of their trips away from the home, gridiron this year. Last year the ether users "strutted their stuff" in Chicago, Birmingham, Charleston and Danville. Praise galore was heaped on the ones on these foreign fields. In addition to the football trips which have been planned for the band, an extensive "program of radio broahas been mapped out for dcasts pace-sette- (CONTINUED ON PAGE NINE) :HI SIGMA ALPHA MADE NATIONAL Petition Granted by August Convention of Phi Formal Local Sigma Kappa Organized in 1922 INSTALLATION 'THIS FALL Chi Sigma Alpha, local fraternity at the University of Kentucky, has been notified of the acceptance of their petition to Phi Sigma Kappa, national Installation of the, social fraternity. local chapter will take place early this fall. The local fraternity of Chi Sigma Alpha was organized in 1922 and the remainder of the year was spent in perfecting the organization. Chi Sigma Alpha s informal pe tition, drawn up last year, was presented and acted upon at the Southern Conclave of Phi Sigma Kappa. Upon inspection by M. J. H. Batt of the council, and J. H. Fulkner of Alabama, permission was granted to sub mit a formal petition for action in Auguest, 1926. As a result, Charles Muliken of the (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) local chapter was sent as representative to'the National Convention held Discuss Questibn at Philadelphia August At this convention Chi Sigma Alpha was voted to be installed as a chapter of - Fraternity Representatives Will Phi Sigma Kappa. Phi Sigma Kappa was founded at Conference; Coopera p- To 26-2- Of House Mothers . Attend i. tion Among Groups Urged Rpnresentatives from all of the nten's social fraternities having chap ters at the University of Kentucky will be asked to attend a conference to be called shortly by the dean of imen and at which time plans will be made by which fraternities will se At the last cure house mothers. meeting of the university board the time limit was extended to Septem ber 1, 1927 for carrying out the board's decree that all fraternities must have house mothers. The purpose of this conference, which will be attended by Dr. McVey, Dean Melcher, and fraternity representatives, is to discuss the situation and consider means by which the board's ruling may be best carried out. Especially are the university autnon tins anxious to have the fraternities cooperate with one another so that (CONTINUED-Of PAGE EIGHT) Make Good J I will shine We i (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) Blue sndWhitf tfAJ kick -- T3 and eV rvft to Hid JJ J J WEEK Estimated That Approximatly 200 More Matriculated Late ; Number Breaks Records of All Previous Seasons FRESHMEN NUMBER held by those last year who said that the university would have the grest- est enrollment in its history this fall seemed probable as the paper went to press as nearly 2,200 had fowwl their way through the registration The University of Kentucky has 'we'll bn'nhomeihe tfcfo- 1 been designated a "distinguished college" by the War Department for the first time in its history as a result of the showing made by the cadet corps in the review last May. The inspecting officers, Major Edward A. Stockton, Jr., C. A. C, and Major Thomas J. Johnson, of the General Staff, rated the R.O.T.C. regiment as 90.2 per cent perfect, a much higher 3E On! On! U. of K." to Be Printed in Band Form; Will Help to Advertise University, DirectorMopes . Mystery Solved New Strain Is Added' and Piece Lengthened in Effort JTo Popularize School Song as March . Freshman Co-ERejoice As Popular Girls Fail to Appear APPEAR Learning that certain freshman girls were annoying the other inmates of Patterson hall constantly by chanting paeans of joy at all times of the day and night, The Kernel assigned its star reporter to the case. Having wandered through the labyrinth of mystery surrounding the matter, the enigma was solved to wit, these ambitious and aspiring young females see now open before them vast opportunities for achievements and IN PRINT Try-ou- SOON le " (CONTINUED ON PAGE NINE) GOODWIN NAMED CADET COLONEL William Leivenson Is Appointed LabratyiQelts-Book- Lieutenant Colonel ; Weldn Simpson, Jr., J. M. Rachel closed. Chosen Battalion Schedules Given by Few Colleges Every year 30' per cent of the colleges in the United States having senior R.O.T.C. combat units are declared exceDtionallv effecient by the War Department. The factors consid ered in rating the colleges are as follows: support of institution, facili- 1200 Registered Monday Registration opened Mondav with the usual rush. Approximately 1,200 students were enrolled and a majority of these completed classification. Tuesday brought tha number to 2.075. Late registration will be possible until October 1, after which time, prospective students will be required to ga permission from the head of the departments which they wi3h to enter before registering. Upper classmen and freshmen were registered at different periods in con trast to previous years when all stu dents were accommodated at the same hours. Due to failure of old students to understand thi3 change of the registration system some congestion oc- urred on Monday but the suDerioritv of the new plan was demonstrated (CONTINUED ON PAGE NINE) UNIVERSITY TO OPERATE STORE Books and Student Supplies To ties for practical and theoretical ' inBe Sold Under Direction of struction, care of equipment, support Business Office This Year academic of faculty and student-bodcredit given, relative enrollment of MISS BEAN IN CHARGE (CONTINUED ON PAGE NINE) Coinciding with the other chasges summer vacation, the book store, located in the basement of the men's gymnasium i3 now being operated as part of the university. The stor-- , with Miss Carrie Bean in charge, is known as The Campus Book Store. Operated for Service Books for all university course3 Rumor Spreads That Garland may be purchased from the stor.". Harris, U. K. Student Last Every effort is to be made this year Year, Is Engaged to to make the business of greatest serv "Miss America" ice to the student body at the lowest COURTSHIP. WAS BRIEF possible cost. Stationery supplies and other material necessary for Spreading throughout the city of work in the university will be kept cn Tulsa, Oklahoma, and running ram- hand. In addition to having books for sal. pant over the campus of the University of Kentucky is the report that The Campus Book Store is in the the maid who was elevated from 'Miss market for second hand university Tulsa' to 'Miss America' of 1926" at books and all students who have books the Atlantic City beauty contest is to sell are asked to see Miss Bean. engaged to Garland Harris, a stuOperates Postoffice The university branch of the dent of 'the University of Kentucky year and a member of the S.A.E. is located in the book store. last fraternity. Every student is assigned a bon he registers and all mz'l d here when Like Helen of Troyi Norma has fascinated with her pensive directed to each individual is handled classical beauty a jury of renowned through this office. Miss Bean urge:: east, but every student to bring his box reartists and the beauty-lovin- g out of the admiration of a single boy ceipt which he received during registration, to the postoffice window so has come her supreme triumph. that there will be no delay in assignHarris Is Not Returning to U. K. Garland Harris is the son of Dr. and ing boxes and handling student mall. Mrs. Ben Harris of Sapula, and although a popular student at U. K. Given last year he is to enter the University "Y" of Oklahoma this fall. Before entering U. K. last fall Harris was a student at the Greenbriar Military Seven Books and 164 Pages School. During the summer he has Are in the Freshman WINS BEAUTY; REPORTS STATE s - po3t-frffi- ce CHANGE TENTATIVE Prof. S. A. Boles has announced the varsity and freshman football schedules for 1926 to be as follows: Varsity Schedule 2 Maryville College at October Lexington. October 9 Indiana at Bloomington. October 16 Washington and Lee at Lexington. October 23 Florida at Jacksonville. October 30 V.P.I, at Lexington. Alabama at BirmingNovember ham. November 13 V.M.I. at Charleston. November 20 Centre at Lexington. Thanksgiving Tennessee at Knox-vill6" Freshman Schedule October 16 Vanderbilt at Nash- Dr. Frank L. McVey was the prin cipal speaker yesterday morning at ville. October 23 Georgetown at Lexingthe first of a series of general monthly convocations to be held at the univer ton. November 6 Tennessee at Lexsity this year. The purpose of the Butler at Indianap- at tin mem- Achieved Bound Volumes fp,aily Papers '. : Are "Secured Heads LIST Bound volumes of the New York Times and the Louisville Courier-Journa- l, extending from 1918 to the early months in 1926, have been added to the university library since the clos ing of school last June. These vol umes are open to students for reference work in the reading room on the second floor of the Administration Varsity Plays Nine Games ; According to an announcement from Five for Frosh the military department, Sidney S. Centre ts 1926-192- being handled by Elmer G. Sulzer, band director, and Prof. Carl Lampert, head of the department of music. Two new strains have been added to the old arrangement of the pep song in order that the selection will be of sufficient length for band music. The third strain, or trio, of the march will be written V5railar to the old arrangement of pep song. Will Write New Verse Mr. Sulzer is the rathor of the new' strains to the sonrwhile Professor Lampert wrote the music to the third strain. It is probable that one of the new strains in the march will be taken as a verse for the pep song This highway of opportunity was to them, 'tis said by the failure of three of the most popular girls in the university to return' to school this year. These are Katherine Brown, of London, who was selected last year as the most popular girl in the university; Dorothy Chapman, of Uniontown, 1926 May Queen, and Mary Lair, of Cynthiana, sponsor of the JR. 0. T. C. regiment last year and heroine of the Stroller annual play. Miss Chapman is teaching now and will not return this year but it is said that Miss Brown will return for the second semester term. The plans of the third of the "popularity-trio'.- ' were not dis- meeting was to "get together and to ington. November 13 present, especially to new students, something of the plans and purposes olis. November 27 of the university. ' Try-ou- opened military department, this rating was exceptionally bigh. Hovyever, it is impossible to compare it with the standing of the other colleges which achieved that distinction because the percentages are not published. for Drum Major To Be Held Tonight ts for the position of drum major in the University of Kentucky R.O.T.C. Band, for the will be held to7 year of night and all students desiring to try out are requested to report to Band Director Elmer G. Sulzer, at his office in the armory, at 7:30 o'clock this evening. For a number of years Kentucky has had the reputation of having the snappiest and best drilled band in the South, and since a competent drum major lends more to the appearance of a band than any other single factor, the management is especially anxious to secure someone who can uphold the tradition, of leading "the best band in the South." Last year Al Wieman, of Lexington, was drum major of the band which outshone the University of Chicago organization, and made Centre like "On! On! U. of K." for the first 'time in eight years, and it is to be hoped that a drum major may be found to lead, this year's band with like success. Kentucky's one and only pep' song, "On! On! U. of K.," which is printed above, is soon to be published as a complete band march. The work is pop-luari- ty percentage that the preceding year when the rating was 78 per cent. According to Captain Taylor of the Strut Your Stuff led Also bers. Ohio i 800 Justification for the optimistic view State and Purdue Win Honor in 5th Corps Area 3nd we'll Varsity pass n'ror? till the battle Is won HELD Danville. Chemistry Building Remodeled For Needs of College of Law Steadily Increasing Enrollment of Law School Makes Former Quarters in Science Building Inadequate; New Library Will Be One of Most Complete in South The students and faculty of the College of Law assembled September 22, Jmirnnlism Graduates of Last in the new law college, formerly the Year Hold Responsible Jobs Old Chemistry building, to begin the This Following the tradition made by nineteenth session of-- work. many predecessors, the 1926 graduates building has been rem;odeled to meet increasing of the journalism department of the the demands of a steadilydevoted enuniversity are already "making good enrollment and is being tirely to the activities of the law stuin their chosen profession. Among those who left the university dents. last June and who are engaged in The College of Law, like most great newspaper work are: Arthur.H. Mor things, has passed through a process ris. managing editor of The Kernel of growth. It had a humble bgin-nin- g in a small room on the university last year, and now editor of the Cor Jack warren, bus campus, but it has grown steadily unbin Times-Tribun- e: 'iness manager of last year's Kernel til now it is one of the leading colnow advertising manager of the Coal leges at the university. Last session Field. Progress; and Len Tracy, Wild th activities of the law students were at athletic celebrity, whose stories confined to fire rooms on the third i the Lexington Herald are causing floor of the Scince building. Now it requires an entire building to ade insiderable favorable comment. C. UNIT OF with nearly 800 enrolled e. CONVOCATION 1 Names School as Distinguished (Jollege following rveview oi Cadets and Inspection of Equipment Last Spring tor the H4ht tight tight R. 0. Every 3 . i HIGH RATING IS GIVEN TO U. K. - d, full-tim- try-ou- M fat line to- TWO DAYS lines. GRADE IS 90.2 PER CENT field The freshman class War Epoch Is Depicted and Dedication Is to Henry Clay NEW DIRECTOR MEMBERS j j cat 4ter Wild Civil U. K. BAND HAS NEW tf are rht forth ftyt Mr K. PICTURED j - ifA j7ji at The Kentuckian, annual student publication of the University o'f Kentucky, has just announced that Bill tyolfe, representative of the Northland Studios, will arrive on the cam pus this week-enand will begin work on Monday, September 27 for the 1927 annual. The pictures will be taken in the Stroller rooms of the new gymnasium, and as the photographer will be here for only three weeks. Dorothy Steb- bins, editor of 1927 annual, has made a definite schedule for the students. The first week will be devoted entirely Beginning October 4, Seniors. fraternity and sorority pictures will be taken. It is advised that each (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) group arrange with the Kentuckian ditor a time when all its members may report together to be photographed. Such an arrangement will deal of time and will b a great lessen the danger of some members of each group being left off their page others, not members, appearing. Elmer G. Sulzer, Graduate of The seniors are urged to have their pictures made sometime during the Depauw University, Chosen coming week, as no senior's name or To Succeed Rennedy, record will appear in the 1927 Ken Last Year's Leader tuckian unless accompanied by his t- U. ball aneJ Pictures ASHLAND On REGISTER STUDENTS FIRST On FOR KENTUCKIAN TO BEGIN WORK Appointments must Be Made Once ; No Names To Appear in Book Without 2,075 K. 77f0f P&HOtiS IN MEN'S GYMNASIUM TONIGHT Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. Will Give U of On! On! quately accomodate the law students. The enrollment has increased from a very small number to more than 150 students. The Old Chemistry building: has been repaired and remodeled during the summer and has been specially equipped tq accomodate the law school. It contains class rooir.s, lecture rooms, administrative offices, a large library, storage rooms and other conveniences The lecture rooms are furnished with equipment and systematic modern facilities to meet the necessities of class room work in a law schooL The library of the College oc Law, located on the second floor of th 3 new building, contains over 10,000 vc lumes. It is one of the best and most complete, in the South. The are (CONTINUED ON PAGE NINE) n Small-woo- Goodwin, of Corbin, a senior in the college of Arts and Sciences, will be cadet colonel of the university R.O. T. C. regiment during the coming school year. William Leivenson, of Lexington, will be lieutenant-colone- l, Weldon Simpson, Jr., of NicholasviUe, major of the first battalion, and J. M. building. Rachel, of Union, major of the second The papers were secured from the battalion. library files where they were not ac Colonel Goodwin is well known on cessible to students. They have been the campus as captain' of the 1927 placed on special racks near the south varsity baseball team. Also, he is a entrance to the reading room. member of the Chi Sigma Alpha social fraternity and Scabbard and Blade, FACULTY ATHLETIC TICKETS Handbooks Are To Students by (CONTINUED ON PAGE NINE) honorary military fraternity. His ap pointment is based on his high grade Members of the university faculty last year and, on his exceptional show may purchase season athletic tickets for the first semester for 6., accord (CONTINUED ON PAGE NJNE) ing to an announcement macie by "Daddy" Boles, head of the depart ment of physical education. These Religious tickets will entitle their holder to view all football and basketball games To Be Added played here during the first semester. Each Week Different Clergymen Reservations must be made with Mrs, Katherine Lyon, secretary to ProfesWill Give a Few Religious sor Boles. Comments CALL ON THE DEANS furnishing a small diary for dailv C. R. Melcher and Sarah Blanding, memoranda, compose this year's handdeans respectively of men and women book distributed free to students tv an- at the university, have asked to the university Y.M. and Y.W.C.A. nounce through this paper that their There are 164 pages in this book, th Department to Paper The Kernel believing that such a feature would be pleasing to a large proportion of the student body and faculty of the university, plans this year to run a short religious discussion department in each issue, inaugurating this plan this week. Under this plan a different minister each week will write a short article per taining to the Sunday school lesson for the week, or will give a few relig Bart Peak, secretary of the university Y.M.C.A. is cooperating with this paper in starting this new column and already a number of Lexington clergymen have promised their assistance. Among these are: Rev. B. J. Bush, Second Presbyterian; Rev. Mark Collis, Broadways Christian; Rev. G. R. Combs, First Methodist; Rev. T. C. Ecton, Calvary Baptist; Rev. A. W. Fortune, Central Christian; Rev. J. Archer Gray, Maxwell Presbyterian; Rev. Roy II. Kleis-ePark Methodist; Father W. T. Punch, St. Peter's; Rev. Geo. Ragland, First Baptist; Rev. Thos. L. Settle, Good Shepherd; Rev. Hayes Farrish, Woodland Christian: Rabbi Theodore Lifset, Jewish Temple; Rev. O. M. Andrews, Centenary Methodist; Dean Sturdy Little Fellow Whose Picture Adorns Pages of Annual Returns to Parent's Alma Mater; Father Was Outstanding' Member of Graduating Class chubby-face- d, ; time-age- i i Time-Age- d dressed cupies a responsible position with the Bell Laboratories of New York. Wins Two Prizes Mr. O'Roark, senior, came to the University of Kentucky from his home in Cannel City, Kentucky to enroll as a freshman in the College of Engineering. Even before he won his degree, however, he won another prize and near the end of his fresh man year he was married. Married outstanding members. life and the care of a family did not foosteps of prevent him from taking an active Today, following in the His his father, the little sturdy fellow part in undergraduate affairs. whose laughing face peers out from proficiency in his studies is demon-- I pages of the '10 annual, strated by his election to the much d the is enrolled as a freshman in the Col ' coveted membership in Tau Beta Pi, lege of Engineering. The boy is Du- - honorary engineering fraternity and laney O'Roark and his fathr is L. S. in addition to many other activities, O'Roark, a graduate of the Engineering college in 1910 and who now oc (CONTINUED ON PAGE NINE) d, in long corduroy trousers, stocking cap, and a special- "K" sweater, and laughingly michievously as only a healthy three year old youngster can, he posed for the picture. Though he did not guess it, the picture was to appear in the annual of the 1910 graduating class of the university, of which he was official mascot and of which his father was one of the most ' r, (CONTINUED ON RAGE NINE) offices are always anxious to help students in any problems they may encounter. Especially do they invite the new students to come to their offices for advice along the line of any university problems. Little Mascot" of 1910 Enters University Engineering College ious comments. Bible Seven booking dealing with various phases of university life as well ai largest ever put out by the campu; associations. o Docttr The book is dedicated McVey, president of the university and attempts to put in concise form general information about the school and matters connected with student life at the university. It is divided into seven books as follows:: university; Y.M. and Y.W.C.A.; organizations; publications, scholarships, and prizes; athletics; miscellaneous; and diary. "FreshThe staff for the 1926-2- 7 man Bible" was composed of .John R. Bullock, editor, assisted by Wayman Thomasson and Lydia Roberts, and Frank Melton, business manager, with James S. Shropshire as assistant. Rent Practice House University Secures New Building for Home Economics An eight room house, located at 162 Bonnie Brae, has been rented oy the university for the use of the home economics students in their home management practice work. This house is modern in every respect. Under the guidance of Miss Mary Day the girls in groups of four will live in this house eight weeks, assuming the responsibilities of food prep- aration, marketing, and all other problems pertaining to the home. Miss Day, the instructor in charge, is a graduate of the State College of Agriculture, Manhattan, Kansas.