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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 24, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

.f 4 v i PAGE THREE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL it Covington, and a graduate of Covington high school in the class of 1923 Mr. Brush was a student at the university last year, where he was a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. He now holds, a position with the Cincinnati Bell Telephone ComDudley Capelle, Sterling Kerns, Louis pany. After a short wedding trip they will Wachs, Donald McVain, A. R. Fisher, Arville Hickerson, John Bullock, Rob- niake their home in Covington. ert Bullock, Albert Kittenger. Announcements Issued The guests included Misses Anne The following announcements have Louise Singleton, Joy Pride, Thelma Snyder, Virginia Howard, Susan How been issued: ard, Bess Sanford, Louise Jefffferson? (Mr.(a&'Mrs.Henry G. Hatterick nnounce1' themarriage of their and Annette Hardwick. daughter Mr. and Mrs. William Hickerson Anita were chaperones. to MKBeatty Earl, Caywood Sunday, July twenty-fit- h h One" "th'6us"arid, nine hundred and TKe following announcement has twenty-si- x been issued: Lawrenceburg, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sims , At home announce the marriage of their September fith daughter SOCIETY NOTES V CALENDAR Friday, September 24 Night at the gymnasium at College 8 o'clock. Alpha Xi Delta The Alpha Xi Delta sorority entertained with open house for the new girls of the university, at their chapter house Sunday afternoon from 3 until 5:30 o'clock. Alpha Sigma Phi The Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity entertained with a smoker for the new boys at the university, at their chapter house on East Maxwell, Monday evening! Underwood Marries News has come to Lexington friends of the marriage of Mr. Lovell Thornton Underwood of this city which took place September 2, in Shoshoni, Wyoming. The bride was a student at Hamilton College last year, and a member of the Eta Ppilson Gamma sorority and the Chi Delta Phi. She was un- usually pretty and charming. Mr. Underwood was a popular student of the University of Kentucky after graduating from the Lexington Senior High school. He was a member of the champion team of the "Blue Devils;" prominent in athletics and music at the university and in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Sims-Brus- Nicholasville, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Caywood were accompanied to Lawrenceburg by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hendy, of Covington, and werr married by Rev. Ira Matthews. They are making their home with the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Caywood, in Nicholasville. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Hatterick, of. 912 Madge Delt Camping Party to Members" of Delta Tau Delta were Mr. Harold Brush hosts for a camping party, at Taha Tuesday, September fourteenth on the Kentucky river, from June 6 One thousand, nine hundred and to 13. twenty-si- x Members of the chapter who atCovington, Kentucky tended were: The bride is the attractive daughter Warren Price, James Shropshire, of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Simms, of LJ' east High street, and a graduate of Margaret Hall, in the class of 1925. Mr. Caywood is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, in the class of 1926. They have many friends to offer good wishes. Hughes-Tinsle- WELCOME $M is Averill-Stevenso- n STUDENTS the thing- -- ... in the classroom, on the campus, around the fraternity house place your confidence Ifc t'Hr I BBSl .'. . in Florsheims. They are styled for the j j i i i lege mail who wants n. newest, iDesi, smart- uie est they are correct. t Most Styles $10 9pf - ' 'BELDEN OXFORDS $6 .; $7:50 'ST MAlN I LIMEy Engagement of Interest The engagement of Miss Sue Elizabeth Humphreys and Mr. Basil Duke Owens, of Maysville, Ky., and Logan, Wl Va., was announced at a luncheon given by Miss Nell Humphreys, the sister of the bride, at her home on The marriage the Newtown. pike. will take place October 14. Miss Humphreys is well remembered on the campus where she was most popular in all activities. She is a graduate of the university. ADDITIONAL SOCIETY CONTINUED Celebrate Your Return to DEAR "OLD U. OF K." Y with Box of Eda Thomas Candy Always Fresh Attractive Boxes MARY K. WEBBER CANARY ACCTPMETl j.o ARV txlXlu UfiRI mu In the absence of Professor Ligon this summer the work of the placement bureau has been in charge of Mrs. Margaret Grasty. Members of the cless of 1926 who have been placed and the schools in which they will teach or act as officials this year are as follows: In School Positions Principals of schools F. W. Wood, of Lexington, Sadieville high school; A. M. Seitzer, of Lexington, Sanders- school; William Wright, of Louisville, La Grange city schools; Alex Ander i, of Lexington, assistant principal Ewing high school; Flavius Fossitt, of Lexington, Russell city schools; O. H. Harris, of Winchester, Mt. Vernon city schools; Roy Knight, of Pleasurevillle, Bourbon county high school, Millersburg; Neville Fincell, of Frankfort, Glencoe high school; J. D. Williams, of Alexandria, Crab Orchard high school; Wl M. Wesley, of Danville, Burgin high school; Stanley Powell, of Lexington, Bridgeport school, franklin :ounty, and Gordor Pennybaker, of Cunningham, Provi dence city schools. Superintendent of schools L. H. Lutes, of Lexington, Columbia city "You Can't Resist" the inviting' looks of our delicious Chocolate Sodas -- Malted Milk- sAnd after you've "Oh Boy" the difference- - tried'em- - Taste Sodas Malted Two scoops of our famous homemade Ice Cream, covered with the new mild bitter sweet chocolate, topped with luscious whipped cream. dippers of rich ice cream. Lots of pure, fresh sweet milk, sweet chocolate, mild whipped cream and candy wafers. Fiften Cents Milk-T- wo bitter Twenty Cents We Welcome "8 NEAR .Wedding T following event which was taken from the Frankfort State Journal is of much interest to the friends of Miss Aver ill in Lexington: "The First Presbyterian church was the scene of a beautiful wedding last evening when Miss Carolyn Rose Av- erill became the bride of Mr. Ueorge Bruce Stevenson, of Circleville, Ohio. Hydrangeas combined with plumosa and clematis formed an aisle through which the bridal party entered the church, and the pews reserved for the members of the two families and close friends were marked off with stream ers of white ribbon. Pews set aside for members of the Delta Delta Delta fraternity, of which the bride is a member, were distinguished by tfte fraternity colors of silver, gold and schools. Miss Normal school instructors blue. Ethel Botts, of Carlisle, critic teacher "The bride is the eldest daughter of in Eastern State Normal School; Miss Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Averill. bhe is Roberta Lee Beck, of Fredonia, Westeraduate of the Frankfort High ern State Teachers College and Nor school and attended Western College, mal School; A. J. Lawrence, of Owens- Oxford, Ohio, and the University of Kentucky. At the latter institution boro, Eastern State Normal School; Miss Inez Luten, of Flemingsburg, she was a member of the Delta Delta Murray State Normal School; Miss Delta fraternity and active in the Margaret Tandy, of Sebree, Murray social circles of the college." State Normal School; Miss Ruby Rush, of Shepherdsville, Eastern State Alpha Gam Houseparty Normal School, and Miss Ethel Kar- Epsilon chapter of Alpha Gamma rick, of Walton, Eastern State Normal sorority entertained a group School. Delta of eirls who are entering the univer Home Economics Instructors Miss sity with a delightful houseparty last Donna Dever, of Lebanon, Lord Baltiweek. .i more School, Millville, Del.; Miss Eliz A bridge and tea at Misses Virginia abeth Davenport, of Lexington, Mays-lic- k Annelle Kelley's home on Satur high school; Miss Lena M. Coates, and day afternoon proved very entertain of Richmond, Lancaster high school; ing while Saturday evening the soror Miss Evelyn Bosley, of Bowling Green, ity gave a house dance to which all Mayfield high school; Miss Mary. K. the men's fraternities were invited Doyle, of Paris, New Albany, Ind.; Sunday evening a dinner at Shaker- - Miss Rachel Acree, of Crittenden, s f estiv Horse Cave high school; Miss Lucille town concluded the week-en- d ities. Dobbins, of Lexington, West Liberty high school; Miss Nell Chipman, of Kappa Kappa Gamma Entertains Falmouth, Lebanon high school, and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority en tertained a group of incoming fresh man girls with an enjoyable house- party last week-enA "Treasure Hunt" on Friday furnished a joyous time for the guests participating. A dinner party at the Phoenix 'hotel foiled on Satur dav eveninc at 6:30 o'clock while Sunday afternoon the sorority enter tained with open house to the men's fraternities on the campus, in honor of their guests. Baynham Shoe Company " A HT ATT7Q VJlAfTLUUri 1 LiD The FLORSHEIM stvle flpi Miss Lola McAlpin, of Mayfield, Gary, j Mary Faith Iluffaker, of Paducah, i Junior high school, Paducah; Miss W. Va. Miss Josephine Moore, of Danville, Stan- School Teachers Graded Somerset, Thelma Colliver, of Paris, Glencoe; jford; Joseph, Morrow, of I AuOIvJINLjL IT yJ JaJA. Miss Dorothy Moss, of Stanford, Per- - Caney Creek; Miss Pearl Martin, "of EddyviUe,. Carrollton; Miss Elizabeth ryville; Miss Dorothy Chapman, of Uniontown, Uniontown; Miss Cather- - Moreland, of Danville, Mayslick; MiS3 Sixty-Seve- n Members Ot Glass Ca93ell Qf Lexington Dry Ridge; Lelia Poage, of Brooksville, Pinevilk;; Migg Eveiyn R0dgers, of Shelbyville, xiave reeii jl oi Miss Pearl Rush, bl Sheplrerdsville, as Instructors in Schools Wolf p;t; MjS3 Henrietta Forsee, I Grove Center; Miss Georgia Rou3e, of ! Mi-- T College, Al- A!ic- - Walton, Aldersjm,-Junio- r and Colleges Owenton, Williamsto-rr- r Thomnon. of La Grancre. Crestwood. derson. Wl Va.:. Miss Lois Tlbert, of TWELVE ARE PRINCIPALS and Misa Ann Delcher, of Lexington, Carlisle, Stanford; Miss Elan Estill, Willisburf. jof Owingsville, Orlando, . Fla Mixj Sixty-seve- n members of the class High School Teachers James Cam- - Katherine Kincheloe, of TTardinsbuvg, of 1926 of the university have been mack, of Owenton, Shelbyville; E. H. Maysville; Miss Mabel Sadtler, of placed as instructors in schools and Duggar, of Littlefield, Tex.. Superior, Lexington, Lexington; Miss Elizabeth Spruce colleges of Kentucky and other states Ariz.; J. R. Welch, of Milton, Camp-- i Hefferman, of Louisville, for the coming year by the placement ton; Harold Childress, of Houstonville, Pines, N. C; Andrew Arnold, of bureau of the College of Education. Baptist Institute; Stan- - ington, Hellier; Miss Lurline Cole, of Twelve of last years graduates are ley Cundiff, of Columbia, Boston; Jeff Lexington, California; Roy Newton, principals of high schools in Kentucky, Clark, of Lexington, Shelbyville; Miss of Wilmore, Ferris Institute, Big one is a school superintendent, seven Mary Frederickson, of Paris, Owens- - Rapids, Mich. are instructors in normal schools, boro; John Samuels, of ML Sterling,' College Instructors "William Gil- two have been appointed to positions Owensboro; J. L. Gabbard, of Orange- - bert, instructor in English, Indiana as instructors in colleges, 10 are burg, Henderson; Miss Helen Hunter, University, Bloomington, and Franklin teaching home economics, eight began of Nicholasville, Paris; Miss Marian Hall, of Georgetown, English, Mus- this month as grade school teachers Mitchell, of Nicholasville, Paris; Miss kingum College,-- , New Concord, Ohio. and 29 are teaching in high schools. IpQ ATninr - ' y T.pnnard S. Huches, of Evansville. 111., announces, the engage mcnt of his sister, Miss Josephine TTtifrhes. of Georeetown, to Dr. Ran- dell Herndon Tinsley, of Mrayville, Tenn. The wedding will take place Oct. 12 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at the home of Mr. Ben H. Hughes, George town. COTTAGE ON PAGE SIX r Y-O-- U Back to U. of K. Old Students and we extend a cordial invi-tation to all New Students to come in and get acquainted We can match your idea yes, better it of what you consider looks best on you in the way of an attractive Suit! 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