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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 24, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE FOUR THE KENTUCKY KERNEL The Kentucky Kernel is the official newspaper of the. students and alumni of the University of Kentscky. Published every Friday throughout the college year by the student body of the University. Subscription One Dollar and Fifty Cents a Year Five Cents the Copy. Entered at Lexington Postoffice as second class mail matter. EDITORIAL EDITOR-IN-CHIE- F John R. Bullock, Jr. Florence Ogden Llewellyn Jones MAN AGING, EDITOR Niel Plummer ASSOCIATE EDITORS Lucile Cook Joe Palmer Frances Cregor Helen Shelton EDITOR Thelma Snyder ASSISTANTS Pauline Adams Martha Minihan Elizabeth Erschell .SOCIETY NEWS NEWS EDITOR Virginia King Conroy ASSISTANTS PROOF READERS David Alexander Catherine Carey Virginia Boyd Stanley W. Royse REPORTERS Charlsey Smith Martha Connell BUSINESS Lcida Keyes Catherine Redmond Joy Pride Ella Marie Kinstler BUSINESS MANAGER Byron Pumphrey Jewell Hayes James Shropshire Louise Jefferson Nell Lactrield Phones Rebecca Edward-Alfre- d E. M Sargent 8256y 4651 Univ. 74 6800 Beecher Adams Robertson ASST. BUSINESS MANAGERS Dorothy Darnell Mildred Cowgill Leroy Keffer Lilly Parrish W. D. Scott Mary Nell Coghill Virginia Early ADVERTISING STAFF Mildred Kidd Dick Shindler Fred Conn Hunter Moody Betty Reganstein Bob Warren W. R. King SPORT EDITOR MANAGER CIRCULATION Fraak K. Hoover E. L. Berry ASSISTANTS MECHANICAL Wayman Thomasson Tom Cochran Kenneth Gregory Warren Price FOREMAN Delos Nooc SPECIAL WRITER ASSISTANTS A. L. Pigman Lydia Robert, Exchanges W. D. Grote Women Students of University of Kentucky Again Lead Men in Scholarship; Complete Scholastic Record Is Issued by Dean of Men Women students of the university again proved themselves scholastical-l- y superior to men students, accord.- ing to the second semester scholarship report recently issued by the office of the dean of men. Women students made an average standing of 1.65 as compared to 1.37 for men. The average was 1.46. Among the sororities Alpha Delta Theta wag- first with 1.86 with Kappa Alpha Gamma Rho Delta second. led the men's social organizations 1.58 while Delta Tau Delta was with second. In nosing out Delta Tau Delta for first place the agricultural boys prevented that fraternity from winning the Y.M.C.A. scholastic cup for the third consecutive semester. One of the most noticeable features of the second semester scholarship report was the unusually high starid- ing of the university's 44 letter men. Their standing of 1.54 in being considerably higher than the average seems to prove that at the Uraversity of Kentucky at least, the prevailing opinion that athletes are poor students is false. The complete report issued by the dean's office giving all general averages as well as social, honorary, and professional fraternity standnigs is as follows: To you who are just entering upon your university career, the University of Kentucky extends its warmest welcome. It rejoices that you have selected this as your college and sincerely hopes your sojourn here may be one filled with pleasure and profit. To you who are returning to the university to spend another year within its academic walls, "Old State" greets you as friend gone but now returned. It is its wish that the pleasant associations of last year and before may continue and increase. To you professors who are new at the university and to you who, have taught here before, the university and the whole student body extend theii greetings and trust that you may enjoy a year of happiness and service here during the term of To one and all The Kernel extends its greetings and expresses its hope that all may be one big family, that there may be a spirit of and helpfulness between faculty and students and among themselves, and that all connected with the institution may work together to preserve the good name and bring additional honors to the University of Kentucky. 1926-192- 7. frind-line- 1.510 ' Chi Sigma Alpha 1.500 Zeta Tau Alpha 1.464 School Average 1.441 Phi Delta Theta 1.422 Sigma Beta Xi 1.400 Alpha Gamma Delta 1.395 , Phi Kappa Tau 1.356 . Delta Chi 1.318 Pi Kappa Alpha 1.307 Kappa Alpha 1.305 Sigma Chi 1.298 Triangle 1.287 Alpha Tau Omega 1.275 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1.231 Sigma Nu 1.144 Alpha Sigma Phi 1.127 Alpha Gamma Epsilon 0.974 Kappa Sigma No Report Turned In Keys Alpha Chi Sigma ' Omega Rho Phi Alpha Delta Omega Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi Sigma Upsilon Mystic Thirteen Alpha Delta Sigma Phi Mu Alpha Sigma Rho . Scabbard and Blade The preceding report was compiled in accordance with the method adopted by the 1924 Conference of Deans and 'Advisors of Men. 3.00 signifies a grade of A; 2.00 signifies B and 1.00 signifies C, the lowest passing average. Tradition demands, it seems, that in the first issue of any school publication there should be an editorial of advice to the members of the incoming freshman class. The Kernel is not and has no desire to be considered iconoclastic in its principles, but it is unconventional enough to eliminate this feature of the average school paper. When a student matriculates at the University of Kentucky he does so not as a baby, nor a child, nor yet as a high school boy, but as a man. And as such is he treated. He is old enough to know what is right and what is not, and he is intelligent enough to make up his own mind. If a student wishes to loaf and dissipate in college he will find here ample opportunities and plenty of comrades. But if he 'desires to work zealously, to study and utilize to the best advantage his time in college, he will find encouragement both from his instructors and from the majority of the student body. His time is his, no one will hold a club over his head to make him use it wisely. But if he fails in his scholastic work, if he weakens morally, or if he fails to reach the goal of success in college, it is his own fault for every opportunity for succeeding is at his disposal. The university hopes that every freshman will make good. It is to the members of the class of 1930 that the university will look for much of its support in the next four years. It is on them that will depend much of the university's reputation. What honors them, honors the university but what disgraces them disgraces the university. The institution knows that its confidence in them will not be betrayed by the members of the class of 1930. , required readings, memoranda. Provided it's dependable. Now this one, I myself have used for a college generation most dependable of alL men Fraternity women women All freshmen Specials All sophomores All juniors All seniors All freshman women All freshan men All sophomore women All sophomore men All junior women All junior men All senior women All senior men A. & S. college Agricultural college Education college ' Commerce college Law college Engineering college :. ... 1.653 1.373 Drv Royal S. Copeland, United 1.328 New York, com1.398 States senator from ments on the fad adopted by students 1.662 going bareheaded, say1.648 and others of ing in the Evening Gazette: 1.301 . v . . Fraternities and Sororities Honorary and Professional Name Standing Kappa Delta Pi 2.620 Alpha Zeta 2.310 Mortar Board 2.229 Chi Delta Phi 2.210 Upsilon Omicron Phi 2.132 Lamp and Cross 1.946 Theta Sigma Phi 1.940 Alpha Delta Theta' '1.860 Delta Sigma Pi 1.837 Kappa Delta 1.820 Phi Delta Phi 1.763 Phi Beta 1.740 Kappa Kappa Gamma 1.700 Alpha Xi Delta 1.690 Delta Zeta 1.680 Beta Sigma Omicron 1.670 Chi Omega 1.645 1.643 1.620 1.610 1.585 1.544 1.534 1A Tau Kappa Alpha Delta Delta Delta Sigma Beta Upsilon .. Alpha Gamma Rho ... Athletes (44 letter men) Delta Tau Delta .. . J. A. VonderHaar 9 1926, The Wahl Company Chicago 140 N. 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At the University of Kentucky a forward step has been taken by the alumni association this year in employing for the first time in its history, secretary and treasurer. The man selected for this position a full-tim- e is Raymond Kirk, a member of the class of 1924 and one particularly qualified to hold this position. Mr. Kirk has had considerably journalistic experince and the alumni page in The Kernel this year promises to be most interesting to those who have attended this institution in past yars. . The Kernel congratulates the alumni association on this forward step and wishes Mr. Kirk the maximum of success in his new position. It trusts that alumni over the nation will realize the opportunities offered them red, black, or d, TYPEWRITERS WEST SHORT KENTUCKY'S silver-fille- mottled rubber. Exactly the point that suits your hand: stiff or flexible, fine, medium, stub, oblique or Wahl Standard Signature al in iridium-tippe- d solid gold. EVERSHARfS Shoe Repair Artisans ALL MAKES Dealer: L. C. Smith For years a group of men on the university faculty have dreamed of a certain ideal they would some day realize. For years and years they have toiled long and hard to reach the goal which seemed like a miraged lake on a desert, ever to recede in the dictance of time. Yet they were not disheartened and finally this last term their years' efforts were crowned with brilliant success when the University of Kentucky was designated as a "distinguished college" by the War Department at the close of school. This honor received by the Military department seems to The Kernel a signal one and one well merited by the department. The Kernel has always admired the spirit of the department in its eagerness to cooperate with the student body and the other departments of the university in all undertakings that it thought would advance the interests of the institution Again The Kernel congraulates the Military department on this honor so justly dserved and trusts that it will be an incentive to even greater" achievments. slim, thick, long, short: every one of 'em holding far more ink than other pens that look much bigger. Nice looking, too: solid gold or sterling silver, gold-o- r Evasharp's write hand pal McATEE'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP 1.899 1.725 1.513 1.579 1.668 1.234 1.295 1.356 styles there WAHlPm "In summer weather the heat rays 1.672 1.419 are so powerful that the brain may be seriously affected by them if the 1.488 1.778 head is unprotected. In my old hos- 1.468 1.222 1.605 1.320 1.779 1.354 .. I of the body. 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