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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 24, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

ADDITIONAL SOCIETY NOTES ELEVEN FRATS CHANGE HOUSES Alpha Sigs Entertain v Moving Epidemic Assails Uni the pleasant social events versity Greeks Who Swap of the past week was a smoker given Homes, Build New Ones by the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity and Search City Thursday evening, September 16, at their house, followed by a party at Among ' number of freshman boys were guests of the fraternity at this time. " ' Dingus-Alle- n Wedding Miss Alka Dingus and Sir. Norman Allen .married July 31 at the home of the bride at Louisa, Ky. ?Irs. Allen was formerly a student at cerea, ivy. .air. niic-ii, who is u ..inative of Hueysville, Ky., was a student at the university last year and was state editor of the Leader. He has accepted the position of editor of .the Big Sandy News at Louisa where the ycung couple will make their e home. Pardon-Bunc- h Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Pardon annuonce the marriage of their daughter J . A. 'A Alice E. Bunch 'Saturday, September eighteenth One thousand, nine hundred and Mr. Marion twenty-si- x ' Louisville, Kentucky Mr. Bunch was d graduate of the university, class of 1925, an assistant in the departments of "Bacteriology He was also a mem and Psychology. ,' ber of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Deltas Entertain Delta Epsilon chapter of Delta Tau were hosts at a dinner at Shak Delta ertown, on Monday evening, Septem ber 13, in honor of a number of boys who are entering the university this fall. Members of Delta Epsilon chapter attending were: Hubert Crowder, M O. Crowder, Ray Baker, Louis Wachs, Kenneth Baker. John Bullock, Warren Price, Donald McWain. Harold Davis, Findley Davis, Penrose Ecton, James Shropshire, Dudley Capellfe, Arnold Combs, Ray Eversole, Sterling Kerns Kappa Sigma Beta Nu chapter of Kappa Sigma entertained with a series of delightful parties in honor of a number of incoming freshmen. A luncheon at the Phoenix hotel Thursday at 1:30 o'clock, a party at Sunset, Friday evening, and a smoker given at the fraternity house on East Maxwell, Saturday evening proved a charming way of making the fresh Atkins, Dorothy Hubbard Louise Lyda Anderson, Jennie Mahan, Louise Broaddus, Alice Blandford, Anna Welsh Hughes, Alice Knoble, Mary Lewis Marvin, Edith Moore, Nancy Wood Chenault, Elisabeth Williams, Dorothy Blatz, Geraldine Cosby, Eliz- Lex-ag- j er sum-centl- y. j Weicome Back To ScbOOi L,. Sauf-ley,v- as anxious WE are just to our store for get freshmen, and drop in as are for the upperclassmen to friendships. Lexington isn't its when State has for the back. summer. We're glad to have in and SHOE GO. BAYNHAM Smith A number of English people are agitating for an English mottto for the city of London. Festivities for House Party . The Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority home. Saturday evening a progressversity this fall. The house. Tvas beautiful with many ive dinner party was given. The first fall flowers and the decorations were course was served at the home of Miss Elizabeth Wood, on the Bryan Station carried out in the fraternity colors pike. The main course was served at the home of Miss Katherine Best Kappa Delta the salad course at the home of Among a series of parties given for and the new students at the university by Miss Margaret Thompson and the last course at the home of Miss Emily Kappa Delta sprority, were Coleman, on the Winchester pike. bridge and a house dance. The luncheon bridge was given on Sunday afternoon the sorority enterSaturday afternoon at Shakertown tained with an open house for the Inn and the dance at the chapter men of the university. Dinner r was The served Sunday at the house. house on Saturday evening. I parties terminated with an afternoon Miss Elliott and Mr. Nixon Marry reception at the sorority house on The following announcement was Sunday. sent from Pikeville: A wedding of prominende occurred The following articles appeared in Lexington papers during the sum here .Monday yhen Miss Elizabeth Elliott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. mer: Robert Elliott, was given in marriage Camping at Cheerie Lodge The Alpha Xi Delta sorority of the to Mr. Jesse Carlyle Nixon. The nupUniversity of Kentucky enterfained tials were held at the home of the with a camping party at Camp bride's parents which is across the Cheerie lodge on the Kentucky river river from Pikeville. The wfedding was a quiet but atfor a week. Those who attended were; "Misses tractive affair. The home was dec orated in garden flowers carrying out the color scheme of white and gold. was enjoyed by alumni, active mem bers, and rushees. Alpha Tau Omega Entertains On Monday evening at 6:30 o'clock Alpha Tau Omega entertained a number of new students of the university with a banquet in the Palm room of the Phoenix hotel. The table was beautifully arranged. The decorations were in the fraternity colors, blue and gold. Dr. E. I. Scrivner, L. E. Nollau, and Bart Peak gave interesting talks on college life. The banquet was attend-de- d by alumni, active members, and , rushees. Delta Chi The members of the active chapter of DeJta Chi were hosts at a smoker given Monday evening at their chapter.' house on East Maxwell. The affair proved to be a delightful way of welcoming the new boys entering the university this fall. On Tuesday evening a dinner at the J l.. : ii - Get the Extra Pants Free The Fall Suit Styles are really very interesting, and will make a strong appeal to the University student, new in modeling lines, fabric weaves, color and pattern, and you'll surely feel that you just must have one, when you see our new selection. We will tailor your suit according to your individual taste, from material of your particular selection, arid to your own measure. SUITS $25 $28.5o TAIILORED the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, spent, several weeks on an extended tour of Arkansas during the summer, Miss Nancy Mary Wilson, another member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, spent the summer at Olympia Springs. Miss Elizabeth Wood, a member of the Kappa Kappa uamma sorority. spent iauor uuy wun jiiss Hagan, of Covington, Miss Julia Halley, of Chicago, who was formerly a student at the univer-p- a sity and a member of the Kappa Delta sorority, is visiting relatives in ington prior to returning to Chicago, where she will attend the Chicago Art Institute. Modern Classroom and Laboraabeth Morris, Marshall Paull, Polly tory Is Constructed for the Loveft, Dorothy Doolin, Elizabeth Department of AutomoC. L- Warren, Mr. and Schenk, Mrs. summer. summer. tive Engneering Mrs. Richard Hopkins, Mrs. Margaret Stanley Courtney, of Cynthiana, John C. Riley, a graduate of '25 Crutchcr; Messrs. Tom Chenault who attended the university several is still in South America, but expects OTHERS REPAIR DOMICILES Coons, Rudy Boyd, Buddy Blatz, IS READY FOR USE NOW years ago, will return to school this to return here in time for the Pi Kap- -' Gccrire Kavanaugh. Charles Todd, camp next spripg. Among several new buildings con- fall. Several fraternities and sororities james Simpson, J. D. Wood. Mrs. Jack Warren, former business man- and Bruce Frederick McClane have changed their locations during pave Knobel and Mrs. Bessie Cosby structed on the university campus this of the Kentucky Kernel, is snmmpiv nno nf tVip mnst imnnrtant. is Fields, of Newport, were gilests of the summer. A few have ,vere chaperones. the Phi Kap chapter while in Lexing- - managing "The Coal Field Progress," a modern classroom and laboratory . ' their homes and others have, pur- of Norton, Va. just completed which will be used by ton aurinp cne Rummer. chased new houses. Camping Party Hosie Toler will be connected with James Ewing, of Louisville, a for engin Members of the Sigma Alpha Ep- - the department of automotive lpha Gamma Epsilon frater- The PERSONAL Louis during the coming at This building is being mer student at the university, will a firmbut St. Mr. Leonard Tracy, the son of Mr- nity has moved into the former Pi silon fraternity were hosts for a eering. expects to return to school equipped modernly and according to attend Virginia Military Institute year Kappa Alpha house at 273 bouth camping party at Idlewild on the Ken- and Mrs- - Stuart Tracy, who gradu- in '27. David N. Singer, head of the depart this fall. tucky river, from Sept. 8 to 15. Limestone. Messrs. Dick Tyler and Loren Seif- - ated in June from the University of ment of automotive engineering, will L Elmore Vossmeyer, who was grad Members of the chapter who at- Cincinnati, Kentucky, has been with the Herald-wer- e ThP Alnhu Siirs have been located compare favorably with shops ot its uated from the university last June, erman, of the University of visitors at the Pi Kap house re- - Post, in Louisvillef"during the since last June in their new home at tended the camp are Messrs. Ralph kind in the larger eastern universities. is engaged in the insurance business e has recently joined the news mer Connell, 'ihomas Armstorng, Henry 433 East Maxwell street. The building is two stories in height in Newport, Ky. Miss Edith Thomas, a member of staff of The Lexington Herald. The A. T. O.'s have remodeled the Lee Woods, Rice Green, Frank Phipps, and is 30 by 30 feet in dimensions. Hobart Grooms, another graduate same house they occupied last year. Gayle Mohney, J. L. Darnaby, Newton The upper floor is light and pleasing The Delta Tau Deltas have moved Meal, fcagar mggins, Ayie wniteneaa, in appearance. It will be used for from South Limestone street to 266 Lon Rogers, Paul Porter, Frank lecture and. demonstration purposes. Brown, Henry Lewis and Beverly Lexington avenue. Its equipment will include products The Pi Kappa Alphas now occupy Wadell. . The guests included Misses Betsy . . the house on the corner of Rose and na RpnprJll Mntm. Maxwell street which they purchased Bennett, o f Richmond; Hennetta studebak et& Here sophomore and BIaAbum,ofinMort;SueMitAell, last spring. jnnior engineers will reeWe an in The S. A. E.'s painted and remod of Henderson; Bessie Benton, of Win- course q gtud concernm the house at 230 South Limestone Chester; Willy King, of Lexington; eledthe latest developments in auto mechan Bessie Abbott, of Henderson; which they occupied last year. Anna ism. A Liberty aeroplane motor will 1 The Pi Kappa Taus have moved Mr. Joseph, Denham and Mr. Donald also furnish, an interesting part of the into the house at 277 South Limestone Whitehead of Harlan; Shelby equipment. Richmond; Paul Rice, of Paris, street lately vacated by the Delta The downstairs room will be used and Stanley Milward, of Lexington. Taus. for laboratory purposes and is to bo you The Sigma Beta Xi fraternity is equipped with the newest laboratry now located at 276 South Limestont Camping Party at Cheery Lodge acquaintmachinery. Here the latest develop-- 1 street. They purchased the home last The Alpha Delta Theta sorority of re-ne- w ed we the University of Kentucky enter ments in the industry will be studied spring. The Sigma Cms are building a new tained with a camping party at Cheery and experimental and research work LEXINGdone. Hereafter no repair work on old home. It will be completed in Octo- Lodge, on the Kentucky river, at will be done, according to Mr. Clifton from Friday, September 10, cars doors closed ber or November. TON Singer. The Alpha Xi Deltas have moved to the 17th. you Come According to Mr. Singer manyj from Limestone street to 129 East Mrs. Anne Nekl and Mrs. Ellie graduates of this department of thej Maxwell street. see us. Gooch ere the chaperones. College of Engineering have entered The Chi Omegas have moved into Friday evening the sorority gave a the automotive engineering field and the house next door to the one which You Know the Place pecial dance at the camp. many have already achieved brilliant they occupied last year. If You've Forgotten who were in the success. The members The Tri Delf house will be located amping party are: "LOOK FOR THE FLORSHEIM SIGN" at 355 Winden Walk. Misses Margaret Gooch, Jane Gooch, The Delta Zetas will occupy the Alumni dues and Kernel house at 315 South Limestone street Virginia Bocoock, Mary Chiles' Lovare $3. Send yours in 'today. ing, Hallie Day Back, Emma' New- which was formerly occupied by the bawer, Nell Farmer, Virginia Robin- Alpha Xis. May Louise Norman, Frances Delta sorority, has returned from a; The Kappas have remodeled and East Main Near Lime painted their chapter house at 115 Stevenson, Irene Cullis, Lela Cullis, trip abroad. Mary Susan Renaker, Bee Worthing- East Maxwell street. Miss Mildred Poole, who was for-- ! ton, Hazel Hughes, Irene Brummette, merly a student of the university and Alumni dues and Kernel subscrip- Margaret Cole, Sarah Cole, Elizabeth a member of Alpha Gamma Deta sor- Send yours in today. Bruitt, Margaret Ellie, George Moore 3. tion are of the Saturday the guests were entertained at Joyland. On Friday afternoon a Kappa Alpha entertained with luncheon at the LaFayette hotel was dinner dance Saturday evening at the with luncheon at the Phoenix hotel. chapter house on Linden Walk in hon Saturday afternoon Miss Virginia given in their honor and Sunday dinner given at the fraternity house or of the new boys entering the uni Boyd was hostess for a tea at her T of last year will be connected with a J law firm in Birmingham. J. D. Kearney, of Morganfield, will return to school after a nine months' absence. school. , T.nmnn Piim. who is connected Jasper Reed McClure, James Reed with the New York Stock Exchange and Thomas Brpoks, of Bellevue, Ky., at the present time, was a visitor in were guests in Lexington during the this city for several weeks during the ority, will attend the Schuster Martin school in Cincinnati this winter. Mr. Frank Derrick, a graduate of '26 has been appointed a teacher and assistant coach of Newport high BUILD NEW SHOP FOR ENGINEERS of the University of Kentucky enter in London, tained with a week-en- d The British Museum house party which includes the British Museum of at the chapter house on East Max Natural History, is undoubtedly the well street, beginning Friday after largest institution of this kind. noon, September 10, and closing Mon men welcome. day morning. The rushees of the new students, active members of the 3orority were the guests of honor. Phi Kappa Tau The: order of events was as fol On Thursday evening Phi Kappa fraternity, and alumni. lows: Friday evening a dinner was Tau entertained several new students given followed by a treasure hunt. Kappa Alpha university with a dancing party f 5S THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX TO See Our Selection $52.50 MEASURE Before Ordering The Rev M. B. Miller officiated at the ceremony. The bride is from one of eastern Kentucky's leading families. Her father is a successful teacher and Mrs. Jennie farmer, and her mother, Wells Elliott, ranks among the fore-- 1 most teachers in Kentucky. Miss Elliott, together with her parents, returned from Lexington last year after making her residence in that city for several years. She is m honor graduate of Transylvania College and took graduate work at the University of Kentucky. The bridegroom was formerly .professor of mathematics at the Univer sity of Kentucky and at Purdue Uni versity. He is now taking graduate work at the University of Chicago. The young couple left immediately after hte ceremony for a trip following which they will go to Chicago where they will make their WELCOME STUDENTS A frock, of silk crepe combined with Roman striped woolen material. V $25. Charming evening gown of flesh colored taffeta with many new trimmings and flower mon-tif- s. $25 up. two-riie- Block crepe Romain afternoon frock with pleated ruffles and many new effects. 25 to $75. e frock of Jersey, in Jungle green and many other colors. $25. Two-piec- T L U l Hl 1ST- Camping Party Given of the Delta Delta Delta sorority of the University of Kentucky were hostess for a week's camping at Camp Cheerie lodge on the Kentucky river. The week was The dance a most e'njoyable one. diven Tuesday evening was a delightful affair and was attended by a number of Lexington young people. The members of the party were: Misses Nancy Jones, Helen Board, Alice Young, Frances Summers, Eve lyn Wright, Amelia King, Ruth Kehoe, Frances Maltby, Laura Dunn, Hazel Champ, Jean Cobb, Mabel C. Graham, Margaret Jones, Marie Beckner, Dorothy Baker, Virginia Reeves, Bet sy Worth, Martha Ball Edelen, Martha Terhune, Margaret Hill and Fran - 1 M I il V School Wardrobes w. For the Junior Miss Who Would Be Smartly Dressed Smart little hat of black felt with hatters plush brim and inset, the new crown is cleverly creased in the back and smart brim turns up jaunty in the front. $10 up. Entrance exams in academic subjects may loom important on the horizon of the incoming freshman but her first and most severe exam is her appearance. It is by this that she is largely judged those first days when the upper classmen are looking for promising "material for various" activities of the school year. So, if she is wise, she is planning a trip to our Department where every thing is in readiness for her inspection. We have briefly sketched here a few of the many smart things in our school collection that will go into wardrobes destined to succeed at Ready-to-We- home. The members 11 I College Coats of smart plaid Scotch tweed with fur collar. 25 to $75. college. Mitchell, Baker & Smith Incorporated "The Quality Department Store" ces Calder. The chaperones were --Mrs. Burton Stapp and Mrs. Rome Guthrie. 122 N. Limestone St., Lexington, Ky., L. McAdoo, Manager PERSONALS AMONG THIS FRATS Miss Lurlene Bronaugh, a graduate of '26 and a member of Alpha Gamma ar "In the Center of the Bluegrass In the Heart of the City"