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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 24, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SEVEN V . HOWDY! COLLEGE MEN! We're glad to see you back in Lexington We will have ' to admit that old Lexington seemed a bit quiet during the summer months when you were away and again we'll say "We're mighty glad to see you back again." .SI 552 V X. at any time you wish to use our store conveniences, either "The K Shop" or the main store, just come on in and make yourself at home you're If , -- alwavs welcome. - , ?? a Our Position S tt tt 'Jt i . . ' fi unn When it comes to style, quality, snap and everything that "hits the mark" with the College Man we're proud of the position we hold in this community. We always will be known " ' as the store with the' newest things. a n r w , HSU t. -- i ts s - .. tk. ' You'll be sure to like 98 t the new Fall Braeburn Styles They're styied the real "college way" three button single all short coats. six button double breasteds breasteds The're "plenty hot" and we would like for you to see 'emV rs9m 1. SMITH FANCY COLLAR SMART STRIPE ATTACHED SHOES TIES SHIRTS Drop in and say "Hello" SMART FANCY PATTERN TUXEDO APPAREL SOX in- 'i X I nun uw a IK K Jt 8 ill ' HSR r ? S R II HS - .9 HH tt ix IT UM s r ; v w vh i ri ii n iilci fWnnnaha New ideas also - - " v. l A VKaDaaqr ra .NEW SNAP i FANCY DK1M HATS . ' x SLIPOVERS v . J "Big Jim" Straus will be waiting. i "K" THE TAVERN SHOP IN THE BUILDING The New Branch Store of Kaufman Clothing Company