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Interview with William B. Keightley, June 6, 2006

Part of William B. Keightley Oral History Project

Interview with William B. Keightley, June 6, 2006
Keightley, William B.; Interviewee. Suchanek, Jeffrey; Interviewer.
oral histories
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Bill Keightley begins this interview with a discussion of the 1973-1974 University of Kentucky men's basketball team. He discusses the fact that the University of Kentucky had a freshman team, and recalls the players on that team in 1973-1974 and his travels with the team. Keightley also discusses former University of Kentucky basketball coaches, their different styles, and the best approach for coaching in the modern game of college basketball. Keightley remembers the best players on opposing teams that he witnessed. He also discusses the recruiting of "Kentucky-born" players, his role as a representative of University of Kentucky basketball, his travel and engagements, and what basketball means to the state of Kentucky. Finally, Keightley concludes by discussing the players that comprised the 1974-1975 team and long-time assistant coach Leonard Hamilton.
Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
University of Kentucky
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William B. Keightley Oral History Project
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