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351 > Image 351 of North Carolina: The WPA Guide to the Old North State

Part of North Carolina Works Progress Administration Publications

WINSTONSALEM 263 if Five wooden arches inscribed with quotations from the Bible lead into the ` graveyard. The field is divided into square plots, surrounded by wide paths. To the north are the graves of married women; east of these are single women, girls, and female infants; south are married men, and east of these single men and male children. The uniformity of the white marble markers lying Hat on the ground is intended as a reminder that in death all are _ equal." 6. The HENRY LINEBACK HOUSE (private), 508 S. Main St., built Z in 1822 and later occupied by Henry Lineback, a photographer, is a one- and-a-half-story clapboarded dwelling with two large dormers and a chim- ney of hand-made brick. The symmetrical, five-bay facade has a plain door- way with simple molded trim, a dark paneled Dutch door, and a four-light A transom. The original design has been altered by an addition on the north ll side. 7. The WINKLER BAKERY, 527 S. Main St., occupied by a tearoom, was erected about 1800 and for a century operated by the Winkler family. The main Hoor was used for the bakery, the second floor as the family residence. In 1936 a stoop entrance replaced a porch which extended over the side- E walk. Otherwise the building, its first story of uncut stone and the second of hand-made brick, remains unaltered. n 8. The MUSEUM OF THE WACHOVIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY (open by appoinlment; W. Hull, custodian, 4 E. Bank Sz.), NE. corner S. Main and Academy Sts., maintained by the Wachovia Historical Society, ; was erected in 1794 and occupied until 1896 by a boys school. The building has two stories and an attic. The basement and first story are of stone, E covered with stucco, and the superstructure is of hand-made brick, laid in .; A KEY TO WINSTON-SALEM MAP , 1. The Cohfee Pot. 2. The Belo House. 3. The Salem Land Oflice Building. 4. The `_ House of the Community Physician. 5. The Moravian Graveyard. 6. The Henry Line- back House. 7. The Winkler Bakery. 8. The Museum of the Wachovia Historical T Society. 9. The Brothers House. 10. The Home Moravian Church. rr. Salem Col- 1: lege. I2. The Community Store. 13. The Iohn Vogler House. 14. The Blum House. 15. The Christian Reich House. 16. The Salem Tavern. 17. The Chimney House. 18. The Brown-Williamson Tobacco Factory. 19. The R. ]. Reynolds Office Building. p 20. The R. ]. Reynolds Tobacco Plant. 21. The P. H. Hanes Knitting Plant. 22. The ; Tobacco Warehouses. 23. The Nissen Building. 24. The ]ournal and Sentinel Building. I 25. The Centenary Methodist Church. 26. The Richard ]. Reynolds Memorial Audi- torium. 27. The Chatham Manufacturing Plant. 28. The Winston-Salem Teachers Col- 1 lege. 29. The Nissen Wagon Plant. A. Courthouse. B. City Hall. c. Central Park. 0. Twin City Athletic Park. E. Wash- ington Park. F. Waterworks. c. Union Station. 1-r. Fair Grounds. 1. Airport. x. Post Ofhce. 1.. Chamber of Commerce. M. Bus Station. N. P. H. Hanes Park. o. Polo _ Field. P. Crystal Lake. Q. Runnymede Iris Park. R. Forsyth County Golf Course. - s. Hill Crest Golf Course. rr. Municipal Stadium. 4}