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5 > Page 5 of Grandfather's love pie / by Miriam Gaines ; illustrations by John Edward Whiting.

GRA NDFATHER'S LOVE PIE or, indeed, any other-to conceive that it was more than a passing ailment, and would soon disappear. The family became vaguely uneasy as the spring merged into the summer, and a plan was proposed for the plump little five-foot "wifey" to take her big hus- band, the Captain, on a long trip to the seashore and mountains. The trip had been taken, but Captain Gordon's condition did not show the improvement that the anxious mem- bers of his family had so earnestly hoped to see, and after the return the busy little wife immediately set about securing a couch for his office, for the invalid insisted that he was able to resume his duties. She explained that "the Captain might rest a little now and then from his labors," for the sturdy old soldier would not for a moment entertain the thought of giving up his work-the loved, chosen pro- fession which he had followed so faith- fully and successfully since he came 5