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3 > Page 3 of Grandfather's love pie / by Miriam Gaines ; illustrations by John Edward Whiting.

GRANDFATHER'S LOVE PIE sad and somehow I just couldn't keep it shut in any longer-it had to come out. But I thought you were playing with your little friend Margaret, and I knew mother had started for the drug store on an errand which would surely keep her an hour." "Auntee, are you so sad because dear Uncle James has gone away You know grandma said he had been called to his heavenly home, and there are lots of us left to make you bright and happy." "So there are, Alsie, and I will try to take courage in that thought, for surely God wouldn't take another loved one away from us so soon-so soon." The last two words were spoken pensively and as though she was un- conscious of the presence of the child. Little Alsie's face became white. "O, Auntee, you don't mean that dear grandfather"-her voice faltered and she finished in a whisper-"is worse"