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28 > Image 28 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1883-1884)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

l ` ( 28 ANNUAL REGISTER or- l ,t.._____. .7_ ,..`,..... 74....-_..- 7.7._ . 3 from tive to eight cents per hour. Its design is twofold: to { put in practice the instruction received in the class room, and to assist indigent students. The experience of this Col- . i lege is that of Agricultural Colleges generally--that com- pensated labor is not remunerative to the College. The C0//0g.e h0/ds /isc/f 2//Zl]'}' 110 00/zgzz/1011 /0 fu111zL01`11100s. " l Students are paid monthly for the service rendered, and _ A apply the money as they see proper. N0 5/Z/LlIL}Zli, h0ZL'[7/'/', $0011/0 001110 1*0 1*/1/s C0//001* `.'f'C/Z.//g' l /0 11111111/rzz`11 /1z111s0@" L.1'(,`/7tSZZ/Eb' by 00111j101151z/01/ /(2bO/. l/It /(l.S`Z s0r1011@1fZz10 1/0//ars /101 011110111, 0.10/1151110 0f his 6'{l7/22.}/5*5 Z/hl/L` /101*0, s/1011/1/ 00 nt M0 0011111101zd 0f Z`?/L/QV 5/I/dflll 2000 ttl/sh0s 1*0 0210// /lll//l.VL//{ 0f M0 01/111111/1zg0s 0f M0 07l!pLllS(l/PL2? [(lb07" 5j5/`/I/. i No compensation is given to students in the Department C of Practical Mechanics, inasmuch as no pecuniary returns ; are possible to the College from this Department as at pres- ent organized. A l All- students are liable to be called upon for occasional work upon the grounds belonging to the College, and to such worlc no compensation is attached. 1 Preparatory Department. For the benefit of those who are inadequately prepared . to enter the regular College classes, a Preparatory Depart- l ment has been organized, under'the charge of a principal, l assisted by a competent staff of assistants, which will pro- { vide the necessary elementary instruction. The conditions l of admission into the Preparatory Department are, a good { knowledge of Arithmetic as far as percentage, English Grammar, and Geography. y Certificates of Character. r I All applicants for admission into any class in the College, l or Preparatory Department, must bring satisfactory testi- l monials of good moral character. t