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30 > Image 30 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1883-1884)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

l ` l 30 ANNUAL REGISTER OF ~;--- ted to the College on the payment of the fees prescribed p for them by the Board of Trustees or the Academic Board." , I 2g. No applicants will be admitted who are under four- I teen years of age, excepting those who, by the charter of the College, are admitted to free tuition at an earlier age. Q 30. Ewry sludouzt ozz zmz1z1`ssz`02z, ond before he is al/owozi fo , Voczilo, sha]! prosozzt fo Z/zo Proszirlwzi cz owtyioa/o from Mo Trous- i zzwor showzrzg Mai he has jmzki Z/zo som roqzzzowd in oziwuzco on . l rzccoznzl of l2zz`iz`o2z or ol/201* Hom;. l 31. As a further condition of admission, the applicant must answer affirmatively thefollowing questions, viz: Have i you read and understood the regulations governing this Institution ? Do you acknowledge your obligation to obey them? He must also subscribe the following form ina book kept for that purpose by the Faculty; " We, whose names . are hereto subscribed, do declare that we acquiesce in the , regulations of the Agricultural and Mechanical College * of Kentucky, and acknowledge our obligation to obey . , them." . 32. Having complied with the prescribed conditions, the student shall be registered on the College roll. He shall be , considered as a member of the College, and amenable to its A regulations during vacations as well as during the sessions, until he shall have been graduated or formally discharged, i honorably or otherwise. In the case of an honorable dis- V charge, he shall be entitled to a certificate in the following l words: 2 "I certify that A B was honorably discharged from the Agricultural and l\/Iechanical College of Kentucky on the { - day of -. 4 . _ I " Sccrozfoijl [or C/or/c] ey' Mo Facu/zj." 33. No honorable discharge or leave of absence will be I granted to a student within six weeks of the termination l of the collegiate year, excepting in cases of great emer- gency. 34. Every student on entering the Institution shall be _ - i fA,,_ ,_ 1_ _v, *,_ 1___.`. | .| p , J