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36 > Image 36 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1883-1884)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I fi l 36 ANNUAL REGISTER 01* { be made the medium of complaint or criticism, or of irrele i vant remarks. i 175. Appeals to the President for the reconsideration of ll reports will not be entertained after the expiration of ten days from the time they were recorded, except in cases where it was impracticable to apply for a reconsideration V? , within that time. l { 176. No student shall address an ofhcer or Cadet who has Y reported him for an offense on the subject of such report, , unless specially permitted. in writing, by the Commandant I of the Corps; and no officer or Cadet having made such . report against a student shall hold any conversation with him concerning it unless referred to with the proper permis- l sion. . . l Prizes. The Governors Medal is awarded at the close of each collegiate year to the student who has made the highest standing in four daily recitations during the year. The person to whom the Governors Medal is thus awarded r shall not be eligible as a competitor for the same a second year. Gold medals will also be awarded to students who make ' the best record during the year in the departments of ( ' Metaphysics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Ancient Languages, ` . , Modern Languages, Practical Mechanics, and Agriculture. The same student shall not be eligible to compete for a medal a second time in any department in which it may have been awarded to him. CALENDAR. ' l LLL l 1 First term begins Wednesday, September 10, 1884. n l Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 27, 1884. l Christmas holidays begin Friday, December 19, 1884. Christmas holidays close Thursday, january 1, 1885. l Intermediate examinations _lanuary 14-23, 1885. Second term begins january 26, 1885. l \\/ashingtons Birthday celebrated February 22, 1885. , Final examinations May 18 to june 2, 1885. A 1 Board of Trustees meet june 2, 1885. I Commencement june 3, 1885.