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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

i l ii l l Blood Vessel Research Honorary Elects Singletary i Conn., writes, "Out of all the colleges A $1.2 million grant to Dr. john Diana University of Kentucky President Otis and universities that I have visited, the of the University of Kentuckys Tobac- A. Singletary has been elected national University of Kentucky was by far the co and Health Research Institute will vice president of the Phi Beta Kappa ac- most organized and receptive." fund research into the bodys smallest ademic honor society. Another mother writes, "Our guide blood vessels and how they are reg- The election was held at a recent tri- extended the tour into her lunch hour to ulated. ennial meeting of the organizations 1 show us a dorm roomyou could not The five-year program-project grant national council in Baltimore, Md. il choose a better representative." is from the National Heart, Lung and "I am pleased to have the opportuni- Located in the UK Student Center, Blood Institute, part of the National In- ty to serve this prestigious society which i` the center attracts many "walk-ins." stitutes of Health. receives members representing the top l "People are on vacation and stop in the "Microcirculation involves the small- one-tenth of liberal arts and science stu- ii bookstore, see our center and come over est blood vessels in the body, which are dents at the most distinguished institu- li for information or tours," she said. the terminal part of the circulatory sys- tions of higher education in this coun- Ii In addition to tours and counseling tem," said Diana, project director. try," Singletary said. if sessions, the Visitor Center has several "Most disease states, including heart More than 200 years old, Phi Beta booklets and video tapes that visitors failure and shock, affect microcircula- Kappa has 234 college and university may use to learn more about cam- tion at some point and cause tissue to chapters and 50 alumni associations. l pus life. die. When they fail, the whole circulato- lt Among valuable features of the cen- ry system fails." _I '```''' I Q " i` ter is the use of admissions officers in The grant will fund four individual .''` _ t`i` * * the center and a brochure which is dis- research projects being conducted by i I `( ' t tributed to high school counselors. Diana, Kirk Barron, Bernard Fleming ` H V? \( "Our student staff also is highly visi- and Cheryl Heesch, all faculty members i N _ ` l l ble, jordan said. "Parents particular- in the UK College of Medicine. _ te; t t 1 ly enjoy talking with students." The researchers are looking into how E E {ger: l I i From senior citizens to pre-schoolers, blood flow in the microcirculatory sys- R ' the Center has one objective: "We not tem is controlled by the brain and l only want our guests to feel welcome, nervous system, how nutrients are l I we want them to return as friends," transferred from the blood to tissue, {I _" T. Jordan said. and how these functions are affected by iii? . { i * 1 disease or injury, E ` D. t. Diana said they also hope to learn t was "'ure how nicotine and other tobacco smoke e' `eflif A i l constituents enter the bloodstream and if J` 1 lk The UK Board ef Trustgcs has Voted affect the nervous and hormonal control lm il. i for full divestiture of University-held of i1`Ul9i01'1- ' , - it.i_ i I V stock in companies doing business in V`Y few labs in the world afi? d " " M South Africa. When the vote was taken studying this? he said. grggg g;*gU;_Q;;,g;e;;;;yg;Vggj;;g_g; il December 8, wee eheneeiler fer busi- to ui< president ons sangiemry. or. sangteimy ness affairs jack Blanton estimated that extended the impromptu party into his home by I the University had about $700,000- inviting the several hundred students in to share l worth of stock distributed among seven m the eeke Gnd "V6rsh" l companies that operate in South Africa according to the Sullivan Principles. The Sullivan Principles are a set of guidelines aimed at removing apartheid j practices from that country. i u< 2