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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1985, No. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l Seeds t " aL ` F" EC ii? rs . t Milne if V i` N ii i gd'? J T .~** T ,>~ L ` FP = _ V _ s ``e . L _ V - - i js, T ist', ` '``` __ _ __ _`< y s_ L *7 `' 0 -.1 c- _ ir T si te 1 U T , . `'` S ~* . = z 4 . , - , Groundbreaking for The Chandler Medical Center leads To enhanced medical Training and Treatment for KenTuckians, beginning in The 60s. . . l .l 5. l l "Wh F ` ` fh l G S QOIHQ OH In 9 , , l ts a simple question that Chan- University of Kentuckywas charged ter and dean of the College of Medi- l ( dler Medical Center Chancellor with providing medical education to the cine. - , Peter P. Bosomworth says he Commonwealth. Thirty-three years lat- In his comments at the Medical Cen ' j gets asked all the time. But, Dr. er, the Kentucky General Assembly en- ter dedication in 1960, Dr. William { I Bosomworth says an adequate answer acted a bill establishing a school for Willard, introduced the objectives for , ( requires more time than a casual listen- medical education but made no appro- the institution, which were derived ` j er would choose to devote. This simple priation. from reports of the University Faculty j question requires not so simple an an- In 1928, University President Frank Committee and the Legislative Re- swer. L. McVey askedjohn S. Chambers, di- search Commission. Commenting on l ] Life at Albert B. Chandler Medical rector of the student health service, to the objectives, he said "The Medical | - Center has never been simple. Last study the need for medical education in Center is being created to meet some l year, which marked the twenty-fifth Kentucky. A monograph published by basic needs of the people of Kentucky l anniversary of the opening of the insti- University Press in 1931 documented and the nation. It is not an end in itself, , tution, has provided faculty, staff, downward trends in available medical but a means to an end. It is an instru- T alumni, and friends an opportunity to services and pointed out the need for ment to serve our people." reflect on its history, progress and fu- additional medical education programs 1 ture. in the state. Seventeen years later, the Is the Medical Center meeting Z/wxe abjec- Twenty-five years ago last fall, 41 General Assembly introduced a resolu- tives expressed some 25 years ago? An examz'- 4 medical students and 30 potential nurs- tion supporting a medical center but nation appears in order: es began their education at the newly failed to act upon it. 1 T opened Chandler Medical Center. Two During the ensuing years, a series of To educate more physicians and l years later, as planned, the College of reports by state professional groups, a other health care personnel to serve Dentistry welcomed its first class and legislative commission and a non-profit Kentucky and the nation. University Hospital opened its doors. foundation, the Kentucky Medical While statistics alone do not begin to I ln 1966, the Medical Center expanded Foundation, documented the need for a portray the human drama of the Chan- to include the College of Allied Health medical center at the University of Ken- dler Medical Center story, they are f professions and Pharmacy. (The Col- tucky. In 1956, the University Board of nevertheless impressive. Since opening, lege of Pharmacy has a 115-year history Trustees finally authorized it. The Gen- the Medical Center colleges have g , which began with the Louisville College eral Assembly, under the leadership of awarded almost 16,000 degrees, 400 V of Pharmacy.) However, the opening of Governor Albert B. Chandler appropri- certificates, and trained approximately { the Medical Center was a dream some ated initial funds for the construction of 2,500 health professional residents. 100 years and dozens of studies in the a medical center at the University. Wil- A large percentage of the graduates of making. liam R. Willard, M.D., Dr., P.H. was all five colleges now practice in the 1 In 1865, the Kentucky State Agricul- recruited from Syracuse University to Commonwealth. The present student tural and lylechanical Collegelater the be vice-president for the Medical Cen- body served by the Medical Center ex- o ui< , l. .