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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1986-10-dec9.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 2 - D. Personnel Actions (PR 2) With President Singletary so recommending, on motion made by Mr. Jones, seconded by Mr. Black and passed, the routine personnel actions in PR 2 were approved. (See PR 2 at the end of the Minutes.) E. Supplemental Personnel Actions (PR 3A-1) President Singletary recommended that Edward A. Carter be appointed Acting Vice President for Administration, effective January 5, 1987, and stated that the recommendation was being made because he had received a letter of resignation from Mr. James 0. King. President Singletary expressed his regrets that Mr. King will be leaving the University. He explained that Mr. King will be returning to Washington, D. C. where he will join the staff of Senator Wendell H. Ford as Staff Director to the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. President Singletary commended Mr. King for his superb job as Vice President for Administration and praised his ability to deal in an open relationship with the chancellors. He cited Mr. King's liaison with the legislative leadership as having been particularly helpful to the University, and added that he has been an absolutely loyal and supportive member of his staff. President Singletary then stated that the University is fortunate to have someone on board to step in and assume the duties of Vice President for Administration. He added that he had deliberately made the position "acting" because he felt that the next President should be allowed to fill the position on a permanent basis. He said that Mr. Carter has generously agreed to serve on an acting basis and praised his administrative service to the University. Mr. McCowan added his thanks for the services of Mr. King and his appreciation that Mr. Carter will be able to step into the position. 'He noted that Mr. King's abilities are recognized throughout the state and nation, and that he has been a credit to the University. On motion made by Mr. Black, seconded by Mr. Rose and carried, the Board approved the appointment of Edward A. Carter as Acting Vice President for Administration, effective January 5, 1987. Mr. King expressed appreciation for the support he has received from the Board and extended his thanks to the chancellors for the cooperative relationship they shared in moving the University forward. He added that he would look back with a great sense of honor in having served the University these past three and one-half years. Mr. King was given a round of applause. (See PR 3A-1 at the end of the Minutes.) F. Acceptance of Gift from the Community Improvement Foundation, Inc. of Madisonville (PR 3A-7a)T- President Singletary indicated his pleasure in recommending that the Board accept three gifts, the first of which was $500,000 from the Community Improvement Foundation, Incorporated of Madisonville, Kentucky. He explained that the gift is to enrich an academic/auditorium building at Madisonville Community College that was approved by the Legislature.