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9 > Image 9 of Annual report. 1906

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Kentucky Agricultuml Experimeizt Station ixi {Q President on March 10. This Act provides for an additional V appropriation for the Experiment Stations, ultimately of $15,- * 000.00 each per year$5,000.00 being appropriated for this *= year, $7,000.00 for the next, and increasing $2,000.00 each year l until the maximum amount is reached. By the provisions of i , this Aet, the fund is for original research or experiments only 1 A . and the expenditures and outline of work must be approved by 2 the Secretary of Agriculture. The fund from the Adams Act " will give the Station an opportunity to take up work which it , has had in view, but has not heretofore undertaken on account of lack of funds. i Feed L(LlL7.*Tl1 Southeastern States Nillers Association l and the Kentucky )Iillers Association last winter asked the , eooperation of the Station in having a law enacted to prevent the adulteration of concentrated commercial feeding stutfsa * law which would be similar to the Food and Fertilizer laws of this State already in force llelieving that the farmers and feeders of the State were in need of such law, as from the analyses of a number of samples of feed obtained from different parts of the Static, it was plainly shown that l{entueky was the dumping ground for adulterated feeding stuffs, the Station assisted in having the law passed. The hill passed both llouses unanimonsly and became a law dune 11, 1006. lts enforce- ment is in charge of the Experiment Station. r Seed I1(lI(..*r.llllG Legislature at its last_ session amended the ' seed law and placed its enforcement in the hands of the Director l of thc lixperiment Station. The law covers the adulteratvion, _ mixing and misbranding of orchard grass, l{entncky bluegrass, red clover, mammoth clover or alfalfa seeds. The work of the several divisions during the year may be summarized as follows: ('/icinicrii I)i1isio11.(lntside of the Adams work. the (ilhemi- A cal liiivision has made 520 complete analyses, including soils, forage plants, wheat, corn, minerals, coals, coke. ores and rocks. f Slltll (ll; llltS( HS 2I])l)l*:\l' lr!} liu (llc lllUl`(` illilll ltlll])t'>]'2ll'_\' llll<'l'tSi] are printed in the back of this report, beginning on page 250. - I*`er/i/izcr /}i1f.