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11 > Image 11 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 20, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available PAGE THREE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL A 1,1, .MAKES gEEN TYPEWRITERS SPECIAL RENTAL RATES FROM FUZZY The Colony Book Shop Fiction Books! and Non-Ficti- Main Opposite Kentucky Theater BOOKS FOR SALE RENTAL LIBRARY wwwww i 1 0 COOLIDGE SPIRIT on "THE COLLEGE BOOK STORE" The The Nashville boys limped off their own back yard last year with the long end of the score, but Kentucky's husky line had given them such a drubbing that they have decided to take a year off and rest. And now the Commodore freshmen have the fever. The Kentucky Kittens spend most of their time in learning the fundamentals of the Damage system V nf football and not In developing a winning team. However, with the brlgiffst prospects for a frosh team In years, and with a lusty desire for Vanderbllt'S .hide, they will have to be content to cast their lot elsewhere. Vandy's first year niefl say no. they do not choose to play. 5 g "Needles and pins, needleS. and Attention Fraternities and Philadelphia Athletics pins" the Cubs arc afraid of pitchers who can put over a sizzling fast ball, Ty Cobb has said In an Interview with the United Press. Cobb, who has been having the greatest difficulty explaining to British newspaper men what the game of baseball Is all about, said ho was considering two offers to become president of National League clubs. He has not decided, however, whether he wants to return to baseball or pass the rest of his life traveling and hunting. "I am sure of one thing," the Georgia Peach said, "even If I was starving to death, I never would manage another ball club. It's the meanest Job In the world." Cobb last played with the Athletics. That was In 1927. Before that he was manager of the Detroit Tigers. Last year Cobb was supposed to manage the Baltimore team In the International League, but he did not go through with the deal. "I have been traveling on the continent for three months with my family to sec if I can forget all about baseball," Ty said. "I am happy to say I had such a good time seeing Europe's wonders that 1 hardly cared whether I saw more v a HENRY CLAY ROOM SUKY DANCES? The ban Is off. The SuKy Circle can have their dances. And the "greatest band in Dixie" can again trod the sod of foreign fields, and fill the hearts of the Kentucky Wildcats with the spirit that makes Kentucky "rite." Dean Melcher said this week that he could see no reason why the dances should not be resumed. A number of years ago the football men at Kentucky asked that dances at the University be suspended until after Thanksgiving, as their work was made less Joyful when others were playing. The-rulwas enacted in fairness to the football men. Later, however, the SuKy Circle petitioned for dances before that time in order to make up money to send the Kentucky band on the "trips." The petition was granted. In 1927, it seems that the privilege was abused by promiscuous violations of the Eighteenth Amendment. Accordingly, the petitions were refused last year to the supreme disgust of many. Now It's all over. The Student Council water wagon last year did a thriving business and Kentucky is again on her goqd behavior. All that remains to be done is petitioning on the part of SuKy. SuKy has the to Your Satisfaction The Green Lantern Phone Ashland 2932 CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVES BURTON ALDRIDGE BLOOMINOTON, Ind. Women students rank higher scholastlcally than men students at Indiana Unl- announced. The average of all co- -' cds was 1.6532 and of men students 1.304. Sorority members fell be-- 1 hind unorganized women in their grades. Ben: "Why the tooth brush In your lapel?" Zlne: "Y'scc, I'm a graduate of Colgate, and that's my class pin." Editor of the Dally Iowan Baflled at the first attempt to gain reinstatement to the Big Ten, Hawkcye officials will now make a complete survey of the situation and attempt to right any wrongs. Dr, E. H. Laucr, new director of athletics, has recommended to President Jcssup that the chairmanship of the athletic council be vested in a lay member of the faculty. Dean C. C. Williams, of the college of engineering, has been appointed. He presided over the first meeting Tuesday. The change was made to assure the complete faculty control of athletics, a fault found by the Big Ten officials before. The change of the council from an advisory body to an executive board In charge of athletics was made at the meeting Tuesday, also on recommendation of Dr. Lauer. By the presentation of a resolution to President Jcssup eligibility of athletes will be properly certified, according to the move made by the council Tuesday, In accordance to Big Ten rules. This was done under the regime of Paul E. Belting, former director of athletics. The time for again petitioning for reinstatement has not been set. Dr. Laucr has been making a complete survey this summer and more of It will be heard at future meetings of the council. Welcome Students! With the statement of C. R. Melcher, dean of men, that no rushing would be allowed until after September 17, all freshmen who received their pins in high school diplomatically placed them inside a pocket. Vague reports of hazing have vanished from the minds of the incoming frosh as the Greeks dust off the door mat and treat them like long lost brothers. Ah I but could they read their fates In the dim future. and Other Social Affairs in Our KENNETH KESTNER STUDENTS RANK HIGHER THAN THE MEN WOMEN Iowa Seeks to Right Wrongs That Caused Big Ten Suspension LET US PRAY The Praying Colonels are pointing for TenrieSJce. They have named intentions of their tackling dummy "Hack and Mack" and have iiOUC smearing these dashing southern gentlemen into Knoxville mtjd on September 28. We only hope that a remnant of the Colonel team w'A! be left following the contest to face Kentucky's blue wall. Let us pray. Arrange for Your Teas, Parties, Dances Waltpn Near Main Cobb said he was extremely sorry the cricket season had closed In England, for he wanted to see aj match. However, he thought cricket would be too slow a game to be In- -' terestlng. "Baseball Is Americas greatest training," he avowed. character "Baseball taught Americans Initiative, quick thinking and democracy. That's why we arc striding ahead of the rest of the world." Cobb deplored the of baseball, asserting It was the public's right to have sport and not business. In order to promote baseball In London, Cobb will give a short demonstration of the tactics of the game there. After that he will go to Keith, Scotland, to shoot grouse as the guest of Isaac Sharpc, and sail for New York aboard the Bremen on the 26th. Ever hear that, Win Ed? RUSSIAN Menu and Music Arrangements arc going to trounce the Chicago Cubs In the coming world's scries because "Fuzzy," a member In good standing of PI Sigma Kappa fraternity, and an unnamed brother, spent the summer In a cage on a Fayette county farm that Is, part of the summer conditioning for the 1929 football season. "Fuzzy" Is the veteran wildcat, owned and operated by "Wildcat" Johnson. cage last July, and the Training grew monotonous In the three-fofearless "Fuzzy" plotted with his brother to flee Into the great beyond. And then It happened. The worthy farmer, while stirring about at daybreak one bright morning, found the empty cage mute evidence of the genius of "Fuzzy." But not for long. Upon hearing that one of the brothers was roaming the trackless wilderness, the Phi Slgs arrived in haste and In an effort to apprehend him, set a number of traps. "Fuzzy," unused to the ways of the world, walked into the snares, and will return for the Maryvlllc game In his gilded cage. Phono 1702 WEST SHORT ST. by PRESS BOX TO STUDENTS STANDARD SSOTI" . Opp. THpn Mackmen Will Win Series From Cubs, Is View of Ty Cobb floor. bis the Terms 1&29-3- 0 4 V. r We have served the students of the University for the past NIGHT FOOTBALL For centuries it has been within the element of Wildcats to roam the forests after the shades of night have fallen. These animals have brought terror to the hearts of the bravest when the moon was dullest. You who have heard the chorus of the alley cat at midnight understand. Kentucky's felines will try out their "night eyes" on Maryvllle on Saturday night, October 5. Back in 1926 Maryvllle held U. K. to a 13 to 6 score and In 1927 paralyzed the team with a 6 to 6 tie. Anyone believing that Kentucky holds a handful of aces should take a peek over Maryville's shoulder for a royal flush before closing the pot. ' BOB MONTGOMERY RALPH BLEVINS "Give the boys a hand" This Photographer Deserves the Picture Fall Suits and Top Coats There Is no such a thing as a day of ease for photographers grabbing bits of action about a football field. Yet with all of their gymnastic stunts to get choice "shots" tit Is seldom that they outrun the ball carriers. Here is the case of one who did. The story Is told by Pittsburgh players and is seconded by Coach Jack Sutherland. This crafty cameraman was set to snap a Pitt back as he received the ball on the kick-of- f, but the ball carrier broke clear for a touchdown. After a hair-raisirun nearly the length of the field he found the panting photographer calmly snapping his picture as he crossed the goal line. The cameraman, It seems, had his sprint training while a youth In Wales and had raced against some famous sprinters in his day. $22.50 to Eng meers $35.00 Drawing Instruments Get Your 4 15 Years Doing Cleaning, Pressing, Alterof high-clas- s ations, Etc. We are confident the old students will continue to bring their work to us but .the new students may not know us and that we are all-kind- s Master Cleaners You Boys and Girls who are new, we want you to know that you may bring your finest apparel here and that it will receive the best of care and that you will be treated as friends, not merely as customers. A trial will convince you And Supplies From With this announcement, we usher in a new season and that means, new, refreshing clothes. With us it means a generous offering of Suits and Topcoats in the modes of the time, priced pleasingly. E. D. VEACH 337 West Main Art Gum, "T" Squares, Triangles, French Curves, Triangular Scales, Venus Drawing Pencils, Field Books, Crowquill Pens, Tank Pens, Drawing Paper, Tracing Paper, etc. Goldbergs Prices Right-Qual- ity Right-Goo- ds Right All Instruments Approved by University Authorities Lexington's Leading Clothiers Come in and See Us. You Will Save Money 5 333 West Main V .A" Street BECKER " CLEANERS THAT SATISFY " Phone Ashland 621 Limestone Just Above High