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13 > Image 13 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 20, 1929

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f "vr Available ' w f gin i JTT? THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Dan forth Sizes up $ STUDENTS 5 Kentucky Wildcats Try Our 3 3 (Continued from page 1) four of them enn tncklc murderousHOME MADE ly as defensive backs, so one might well decide here and now that Kentucky's attacks will be sprlghtllcr and less monotonous with all the help Ed Covington will have. Hcst :ii Any Price You He the Judge Change In Offense Fresh Daily 70 Cents' Per Pound Coach Oamagc has Introduced a slight change In his offense this year. His plays start after a running backficld shift. The four backs get set and then mill around on the run, get set and away they go. They will be pretty tough to scout. The maneuver is rather simple to talk about but It promised to be confused to the focmcn of Kentucky who 114 South Limestone have to diagram the plays. Wonder, someone did not think of it before. As an additional variation to the attack, there Is George Yates, six-foa three, sophomore end who can throw a pass in jjj SAVE MONEY a manner not unlike "Wu" Wlnslett, the great passing end that helped Alabama win the championship not WELCOME many years ago. Yates probably will be worked Into several plays that will give him a chance to throw the OUR LINE OF CLOTHING ball; a passing end offers a coach IN NOBBY STYLES AND a grand opportunity to devise deceptive formations and no doubt AT BARGAIN PRICES Yates will figure In many such. FIT Kentucky's line again is the finest looking: body of young manhood a coach ever had jjj We also feature everything the student needs Drill turned loose in a locker room, Every man is over six feet, with Shoes, Overalls, Work Shirts, Shop Caps, etc. Jj Wilthe exception of "Fats" liams, the center, who is The lightest man is Yates, who scales aboat 188. The others range upward from Opposite Courthouse 220 West Main Baughman, end, to 5 Babe Wright, a tackle. There is not a fat man in the blunch. They simply arc big 3 and and powerful, with big hands feet and hard heads. The approximate weights of the varsity lineup that I saw In scrimmage follows: Yates, end, 185; Pete Drury, tackle, 200; "Floppy" Forquer 205; "Fats" Williams, center, 200; Conrad Rose, guard, 195; "Babe" Wright, tackle, 210; Roger BaughFOR SERVICE , man, end, 196; Will Ed Covington, quarterback, 144; Carey Spicer, half back, 172; "Shipwreck" Kelly, half back, 175; Tom Phipps, fullback, SEPARATE BOOTH FOR LADIES 185. Of these, Yates, Wright, Kelly and Phipps are sophomores. The ' Call for appointments others were regulars, or second- stringers, last year. A Great Tackle Lexington folks think their Pete Ashland 9138 Next Door to Bus Station Drury Is an tackle. Certainly he was one of the best In S the country last year; you never Also Cleaning and Pressing could convince them that Frank Speer was any better. He will undoubtedly be one of the outstand ing tackles in the conference this year if he keeps his last year's form. Three full teams and several left overs are working every day and the second string is a pretty good crew, one or tne best looking line reserves Is John Drury, brother to Pete, a who swears he will beat brother out of his Job. guard who Kistner Is a can hustle. Decidedly the most interesting lad on the second string is Tom Walters, the champion utility player of the south. Walters is built pretty much on the order of "Stumpy" Thomas, possibly A larger but generally a size dumpy. Yet last year he played every position on the team at one time or another. His greatest feat was literally saving the Tennessee game for Kentucky. Claire Decs, sole center in the camp, was hurt early in the second quarter of the big game and Coach Gamage called on Tom Walters to take over the job. Tom had never snapped a ball in a game in his life but he went through nearly three quarters without a bobble and in backing up the line he broke up drive CANDIES READ' THIS STUDENTS i $22 .50 GREEBEL'S ' Lindy Barber Shop Silk Velvet Woolen PAGE FIVE after drive and earned a tic for Kentucky. Walters Is listed as a guard subTo ' stitute but he can fill In for any of Off them. No wonder that letter "S" Is on his name; he undoubtedly Is plural. MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 19. Return In the second string backficld Is of Vanderbilt to the Minnesota footan exceptionally smart looking ball program provides one of the sophomore halfback, Dick Richards, spots of real interest for the coming who will be In the headlines before fall, especially In view of the fact he doffs the blue. Cecil Urbanlak that the "scries" between these In stitutions stands Vanderbilt won 1, Is a fine looking blocking back. Minnesota lost l. Struggle of Brothers Minnesota's one tangle with the Another struggle for varsity posiVandlcs tion between brother Is going on prowess, was an example of theirwhen at fullback, where Tom and Jack villc soundly the team from Nash- trounced Bill nrn'in.i,n t.iet ,U, oldcr but lighter, seems to have the nKa J02i a.ophSp cJc,Ycn 1G. 335-639- 6 149 N. had after call, but the season Is very young. ust. theT1 yc 'b1" And one notes scattered here and " 2 "" - cx- to. ?..score. s?mo ? there in the second crew several a Inltor mrn from init sonsmv Thnt P"is saia 11 was me "reaction" aucr means that competition for places .nn nusunl!y scvc.rc. B"m' but Is keen and no loafing will ever w". wntcnca vanaerouw wof passing game and the ex- bother the coaches. pertness of the southern ends and Kentucky plays five confer, tackles knew that the victory was ence games of which bracket well deserved. Clcmson, Alabama and TennesMinnesota's two other see arc outstanding. Those three games will also be of greater teams now are rated with the than average Interest. The strongest best and if the Blues could minor teams In Iowa and Wisconsin dump all three It would mean have been selected. In Coe and the best season Kentucky ever Rlpon, to test the Gopher's mettle had. Up here the Alabama and prior to the beginning of the Big Btmmmttmmmmtmtwmttmtmtwmmtattm games arc considered Tennessee Ten grind. Year In and year out, the high spots not omitting the Coe ranks a little above the better contest with annual hair-pullicollege teams of the northwest, and Centre, the old rival from DanRlpon falls Into the same class. Both ville. should offer Minnesota better oppoThey are dead set on going down sition than have such teams as to Montgomery November 0 and Crelghton and North Dakota, In the locking Alabama and then catching years past. Tennessee here on their own lot By of Thanksgiving Day and finishing the ments, a twist will schedule arrangebe no home conthere Job they started last year when a ference games until November. Mingame resulted. tie nesota will start championship play Face Hard Test when It lines up against NorthwestKentucky folks are making a mis- ern at Evanston October 19, and take in overlooking the Clemson will meet Indiana here November 2. game. If Kentucky's big rush line and hard traveling fullbacks promLUCKY HEN ise a team of power, they ought to look over .Josh Cody's outfit. ClemA roaring express train whistled son carries power galore. That game should be an for the grade crossing near Port For the college student, school boy or working man, old time battering, pounding dog Credit, Ontario, but this failed to fight and It Is very doubtful have any effect on a hen which was who wants shoes that will wear long and feel comfort- whether Kentucky can win it. No walking In the track bed. A crossdoubt the Kentucky battle plans ing watchman In a tower nearby able there is no better shoe made thah Herman's OfFic- will be revised after the scouts have saw Biddy go under the engine, and seen Clemson In action and the Car- after the train had passed went ial Boy Scout Shoes. Built to stand hard usage, these olina Farmers placed just ahead of down to pick up the few feathers Alabama as a major objective where he thought he would And. But when shoes are indeed an economy to buy. they belong. he arrived at the track the hen was Kentucky plays two night games, nonchalantly crossing the tracks, one with Maryvllle October 5 and and to prove her complacency laid Octhe other with Carson-Newmthe usual egg on the following day. tober 19. The games are scheduled SIZES 1 to 5 $4.50 to begin at 8 o'clock. However, S. Editor: "That fellow Scrawl sent A. Boles, director of athletics, Is SIZES 6 to 11 $5.50 considering changing his plans and in a manuscript this morning enstarting at 4:30 p. m. Just as Tech titled: 'Why Do I Live?' " Friend: "What did you do with expects to do. Mr. Boles expects to attend the Tech experimental it?" Editor: "Returned it with a slip game in Atlanta September 21 besaying "Because you mailed this infore making his decision. stead of bringing it personally.'" 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