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16 > Image 16 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 20, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Jf1 ' Best Copy ''TV' THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE EIGHT "BOOST THE WILDCATS" Students: If you haven't been over to The Tavern Delivery Service to Patterson, Boyd and Smith Hall. Vandy and Mississippi Open Southern Conference Season 'A Also to Sororities and Fraternities. Florida Sept. 28 Southern College at Yea! Gainesville. Oct. 6 V. M. I. at Jacksonville. Injured! Football Players Oct. 12 Auburn at Auburn. Smoke Pipe of Peace Oct. 19 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. Oct. 26 Georgia at Jacksonville. In Hospital Nov. 2 Harvard at Cambridge. Nov. 2 Open. All of the old rivalry between Nov. 16 Clemson at Gainesville. Transylvania and the University Nov. 23 South Carolina at Coof Kentucky has been settled at lumbia. last by two youngsters who arc both invalids. Nov. 28 Washington and Lee at Noel Englc, center on this Jacksonville. year's Freshman football squad Dec. 7 Open. Kentucky broke his shoulder bone Wednesday when he tackled another Oct. 5 Maryvllle at Lexington. Oct. 12 Washington and Lee at member of the team. He was re Lexington, Ky. moved to the Good Samaritan at Lexhospital where he is resting as Oct. 19 Carson-Newmwell as could be expected with ington. such an injury. Oct. 26 Centre at Danville. But he is not alone; Scovell Nov. 2 Clemson at Lexington. Duncan, star on the Transy team 9 Alabama at Montgomery. Nov. was waiting for him with a bro Nov. 16 V. M. I. at Lexington, ken leg. Good Samaritan offi Virginia cials placed both of them in the 28 Tennessee at Lexington. Nov. same room. They have been get Louisiana State ting along famously and, it is Louisiana College at Sept. 28 reported, have decided that Tran Baton Rouge. sy and Kentucky should never Oct. 5 S. L. I. at Baton Rouge. have been enemies. Sewance at Baton Oct. 12 Rouge. Oct. 19 Mississippi A. and M. at Dec. 7 Western Maryland at BalJackson. timore. Oct. 26 L. P. I. at Baton Rouge. Mississippi Nov. 2 Arkansas at Shreveport. Sept. 28 Vanderbllt at Nashville. Nov. 9 Duke at Durham. Oct. 5 Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Mississippi at Baton Oct. 12 Tennessee at Knoxville. Nov. 16 Oct. 19 Loyola at New Orleans. Rouge. Nov. 28 Tulane at Baton Rouge. Maryland Sept. 28 Washington College at College Park. Oct. 5 North Carolina at College Park. Oct. 12 South Carolina at College Park. Oct. 19 Open. Oct. 26 V. M. I. at Richmond. Nov. 2 Virginia at College Park. Nov. 9 Yale at New Haven. Nov. 16-P. I. at Norfolk. Team! NOV. 2 KENTUCKY AT LEXMembers of the Southern Conference will hear the first cry of battle INGTON. Saturday, SepNov. 9 V. M. I. at Norfolk. in their midst on Nov. 16 Florida at Gainesville. tember 28, when Vanderbllt and Mississippi open hostilities at NashNov 23 The Citadel at Clemson. ville. Auburn, however, will officialNov. 28 Furman at Clemson. ly start the ball rolling by meeting Duke Birmingham-Souther- n Montgomat Sept. 28 Mercer at Macon. ery Friday night, September 27, in Oct. 5 Pittsburgh at Durham. tilt. a Georgetown University Oct. 12 Complete schedules of all Southat Durham. ern Conference teams follow: Oct. 19 Navy at Annapolis. Alabama Oct. 26 Villa Nova at Villa Nova. Sept. 28 Mississippi College at Nov. 2 Boston College at Boston. Tuscaloosa. Nov. 9 Louisiana State at DurOct. 5 University of Mississippi ham. at Tuscaloosa. Nov. 16 North Carolina State at Oct. 12 Chattanooga at TuscaDurham. loosa. Nov. 23 Wake Forest at Durham. Oct. 19 Tennessee at Knoxvllle. Oct. 26 Sewance at Birmingham. Nov. 28 Davidson at Davidson. Nov. 2 Vanderbllt at Nashville. Dec. 7 North Carolina at DurNOV. 9 KENTUCKY AT MONTham. GOMERY. Georgia Nov. 16 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. Oct. 5 Furman at Athens. Nov. 28 Georgia at Birmingham. Oct. 12 Yale at Athens. Dec. 7 Open. Oct 19 North Carolina at Chapel Auburn Hill. Birmingham-Souther- n Sept. 27 Oct. 26 Florida at Jacksonville. at Montgomery (night). Nov. 2 Tulane at Columbus, Ga. Oct. 5 Clemson at Clemson. Nov. 9 New York University at Oct. 12 Florida at Montgomery. New York. Oct. 19 Vanderbllt at BirmingNov. 16 Auburn at Athens. ham. Nov. 28 Alabama at BirmingOct. 26 Howard at Auburn. ham. Nov. 2 Tennessee at Knoxville. Dec. 7 Georgia Tech at Athens. Nov. 9 Tulane at New Orleans. Georgia Tech Nov. 16 Georgia at Athens. Oct. 5 Mississippi A.and M. at Nov. 28 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. Atlanta. Clemson Oct. 12 North Carolina at AtSept. 21 Newberry at Clemson. lanta. Sept. 28 Davidson at Charlotte. 5 Auburn at Clemson. Oct. Oct. 19 Florida at Atlanta. Oct. 11 North Carolina State at Oct. 26 Tulane at New O' leans. Florence. Nov. 2 Notre Dame at Atlanta. 18 Wofford at Spartans-bur- g. Oct. Nov. 9 Vanderbllt at Nashville. Nov. 16 Alabama at Atlanta. Oct. 25 South Carolina at Nov. 28 Auburn at Atlanta. Dec. 7 Georgia at Athens. Nov. 28 Johns-Hopki- at Sold by CAMPUS BOOK "You ain't seen nothing yet" Phones, Ashland 2386 or 9190 Oct. 26 S. M. U. at Dallas, Texas. Nov. 2 Sewance at Oxford. Nov. 9 Purdue at Lafayette, Ind. Nov. 16 L. S. U. at Baton Rouge. Nov. 28 Mississippi A. and M. at Oxford. Mississippi A. and M. Sept. 23 Mlllsaps at Starksvlllc. 5 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. Oct. Oct. 12 Tulane at New Orleans. Oct. 19 Louisiana S,ate at Jackson. Oct. 26 Open. 2 Mississippi College at Nov. Starksvlllc. Nov. 9 Michigan State at Jackson. Nov. 16 Open. Nov. 28 Mississippi at Oxford. Dec. 7 North Carolina at Starks-vill- e. North Carolina Sept. 28 Wake Forest at Chapel Hill. - Oct. 5 Maryland at College Park. Oct. 12 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. Oct. 19 Georgia at Chapel Hill. Oct. 26 V. P. I. at Chapel Hill. Nov. 2 N. C. State at Chapel Hill. Nov. 9 South Carolina at Columbia, i Nov. 16 Davidson at Davidson. Nov. 28 Virginia at Chapel-HDec. 7 Duke at Durham. North Carolina State Oct. 5 Washington and Lee at Raleigh. Clemson at Florence, Oct. 11 South Carolina. Oct. 17 Wake Forest at Raleigh. Oct. 26 Michigan State at Lansing. Nov. 2 North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Nov. 9 Davidson at Raleigh or Greensboro. Nov. 16 Duke at Durham. Nov. 23 Villa Nova at Philadelphia. Nov. 28 South at Carolina Raleigh. Dec. 7 Mississippi A. and M. at Starksvlllc. Sewance Sept. 28 Bryson at Sawanec. ' 5 Transylvania at Sowanee. Oct. Oct. 12 L. S, U. at Baton Rouge. Oct. 19 Cumberland at Sewanee. Oct. 26 Mississippi at Oxford. Nov. 2 Alabama at Birmingham. Nov. 9 Southwestern at Memphis. Nov. 16 Tulane at New Orleans. Nov. 28 Vanderbllt at Nashville. South Carolina Sept. 28 Erskine at Columbia. Oct. 5 Virginia at Columbia. Maryland at College Oct. 12 Park. Presbyterian at CoOct. 18 lumbia. 25 Oct. Clemson at Columbia. Oct. 31 The Citadel at Orangeburg. Nov. 9 North Carolina at Columbia. Nov. 16 Furman at Greenville. Nov. 23 Florida at Columbia. Nov. 28 North Carolina State at Raleigh. ' Tennessee at Knoxvllle. Talane Sept. 28 Louisiana Normal at New Orleans. Oct. 5 Texas A. and M. at New Orleans. .Oct. 19 S. L. I. at New Orleans. Oct. 26 Georgia Tech at New Orleans. Nov. 2 Georgia at Columbus, Ga. Nov."8 Auburn at New Orleans. Nov. 16 Sewance at New Orleans. Nov. 28 L. S. U. at Baton Rouge. Vanderbllt Sept. 28 Mississippi at Nashville. Oct. 5 Ouachita at Nashville. Oct. 12 Minnesota at MinneapoDec. 7 lis. Oct. 19 Auburn at Birmingham. Oct. 26 Maryvllle at Nashville. Nov. 2 Alabama at Nashville. Nov. 9 Georgia Tech at Nashville. Nov. 16 Tennessee at Knoxville. Nov. 28 Sewanee at Nashville. Washington and Lee Sept 28 Lynchburg at Lexington. Oct. 5 North Carolina at Raleigh. OCT. 12 KENTUCKY AT LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY. Oct. 19 West Virginia at Charles ton. Nov. 2 Virginia at Lexington. "Oct. 26 Tennessee at Roanoke. Nov. 9 Open. Nov. 16 V. P. I. at Blacksburg. Nov 28 Florida at Jacksonville. 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