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17 > Image 17 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 20, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available m THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SECTION 3 EIGHT PAGES UNIVERSITY LEXNGTON, VOLUME XX OF THINGS OF INTEREST DURING SUMMER KENTUCKY KENTUCKY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1)2!) NUMBER 1 2,041 STUDENTS ATTEND SUMMER SESSIONS STUDENT COUNCIL CONSTITUTION PROVIDES STRINGENT RULES FOR GENTLEMANLY CONDUCT IN UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS BANNER TERMS BOOST RECORD FOR ATTENDANCE Previous High Mark of l,2n( Falls Hcforc New ' Editor's Note: The Constitution of the Men's Student Council Is herein published In order that the male students of the University may learn the rules and regulations concerning their conduct while attending this school and the functions connected with It. The Council, as the leading studcntgovcrnlng body on the campus, acquires Its powers of regulation and enforcement from this set of laws. The Constitution was approved by the University Senate April 8, 1928, as provided herein by Article 7, Section 1. Since that time It has been amended, as provided by Article 7, Section 3, by the addition of Section 9 (Article 3), and Sections 12 and 13 (Article 1 under PREAMBLE We, the men students of the University of Kentucky, in order to secure and maintain an effective organization of student government in accordance with the authority granted by the University Senate to the Student Council, do establish this constitution. ARTICLE 1 (Name) The name of this organization be the Men's Student Council shall of the University of Kentucky. ARTICLE 2 (Membership) Section 1. The membership of the Student Council shall consist of men students elected by the qualified electors of the student body of (A the University of Kentucky. qualified elector, within the meaning of this Constitution, shall be any man student regularly enrolled or registered In a college of the University of Kentucky, except such as may be enrolled in short courses not leading to a college degree, or in the Summer Session, and except such as may be disqualified or dis En- rollment Scc. 9. All summons for apCommerce and Education shall be the following year. It shall be the ceedlngs of the Council; to notify pearance before the Council will unrepresented, this system of rota- duty of this member to call a meet- committees and olflcers of their apCOLLEGE OF EDUCATION on or pointment or election; to notify all be issued by the Registrar of the tion to continue from year to year. ing of the councilmcn-clcc- t DEAN HAS DIRECTORATE The Junior representatives shall be before the fourth Friday In May for members of the Council of any University. may be called offispecial meeting that elected by the qualified electors of the purpose of electing other Sec. 10. A violation of any of by the president; to read all papers the Junior class of the respective cers for the following year. the foregoing shall be Extension Department Head colleges at a meeting called for that punishable by expulsion or susSec. 7. Election of officers shall handed to him for that purpose by Is Aide; Purpose of School purpose on the first Thursday in be by secret ballot. A majority of the president; to conduct all corpension from the University, or Is Explained May, such meeting to be called and the votes cast shall be necessary to respondence and report the comby reprimand, or by depriving the presided over by a member of the elect an officer. If the first vote munications received; to keep a student of his social privileges. 1029 summer school sessions rc- The Council delegated for that purpose docs not yield a majority, the complete record of the funds Expulsion as herein used means -, at the University proved a banner by the president of the Council. second vote shall be taken on the ccivea ny mm; maite a complete ac- ( permanent exclusion of the year in the history of the Instituof the same at the end of the dcnt from (nc University. Sus 4. The two representatives two candidates who received the Sec. tion when a total of 2,041 students term to the Council and to the Fac pension as herein used means exof the Sophomore class shall be highest number of votes. ility Auditing Committee, and turn clusion of the student from the enrolled for the two short terms, elected by members of the Student Sec. 8. In the event of a duly This figures show. Council from six nominees, one elected officer not returning to the the balance over to his successor; to University for a definite time. registration from each college, selected by the .University or in the event of his pay out money only upon the order Reprimand as herein used mcdns number did not Include the classes In football coaching and the specof the Council, and perform such an admonition to the student givqualified electors of the Sophomore declining to take up his duties upon duties en by the proper officer of the ial course for agricultural students. class of the respective colleges at a his return to the University, his of- other secretary-treasure-asr. usually devolve upRegistration for the first term of meeting called for that purpose on fice shall be declared vacant and on a Council according to the circumSec. 4. A quorum consisting of at stances in the particular case. the summer, which began Monday I the. first Thursday in May, such such vacancy shall be filled by the least eight members of the Council morning, June 17, and continued Sec. 11. When the Council through Wednesday, reached a tomeeting to be called and presided Council a,t Its first meeting. necessary for the conductevent there is not shallofbeany finds a student guilty of a charge tal of 1,320. Of this number 400 ing business. over by a member of the Council a Sec. 9. In the regular member of the Council preferred against him, and agrees were graduate students. Sec; 5. Meetings shall be held delegated" for that purpose by the who is on the staff of the Kentucky upon the sentence, the student president of the Council. Both Kernel, then the men members of j throughout the school year at the shall appear before the Council Before the first day of registraSophomore representatives may not the staff of the Kentucky Kernel discretion 01 me president 01 ine and the sentence be pronounced tion was over, the enrollment swelled to a higher mark than that of be from the same college. In event shall have the right to elect from Council, but there shall be a meetto him by the president of the the qualified electors of the Sopho- their membership a representative ing held at least once a month. Council, such sentence to take the first term of last year, 1,256 Sec. 6. A special meeting will be entering school at that time. This' more class of any college fail to on the Student Council. effect immediately. held upon the request of the presinumber was thought to be a record select a candidate, the members of ARTICLE 4 Sec. 12. Written notice of each dent or five members of the Council. would stand for some time at the Council shall have the power case to be considered by the that University, but the number this Sec. 7. A favorable vote of the (Officers of the Coancll) to nominate a candidate from that the Council shall be filed with the summer topped it by G4. Section 1. The officers of the majority of the members present college. The names of the Sophoshall be necessary to pass" any Senate Committee through the more candidates shall be filed with Council shall be a president, The courses offered to students measure or to decide any question Dean of Men. and secretary-treasure- r. the secretary of the Council by the the first term Included a full list Sec. 13. The president of the in all the six colleges in the Unimember of the Council in charge The election of officers shall be as unless otherwise provided in this Council shall give written notice versity and the Graduate school. of the meetings within five days provided in Article 3, Sections 6 and Constitution. Sec. 8. Roberts' Rules of Order to the Dean of Men and the Regafter the nominations. The elec- 7. The president and Dr. William S. Taylor, dean of tion of the representatives of the of the Council shall be bona fide shall govern the procedure of all istrar of the University of each the College of Education, was di Sophomore class by the Council, students of the Senior class whose meetings of the Council, except In sentence when it is imposed. rector for the summer, assisted by shall be within (en (10) days after standing Is such as to assure their cases wherein such rules conflict (Article 2) Dr. Wellington PatricK, neaa oi tne J graduation at the end of the year. with the provisions of this Constituthe candidates are nominated. Section 1. Any student expelled, University extension department. tion or the ARTICLE 5 Sec. 5. The Freshman class shall suspended or deprived of his social President Frank L. McVey and the ARTICLE 6 be represented by the male officer Section 1. The president shall privileges by the Council shall have regular board of administration (Powers of the Council) of the highest rank; his election preside at all meetings, appoint all the right to appeal to the Universihad full charge of University shall immediately qualify him for committees, and perform such duSection 1. Any member of the ty Senate. This right shall termin- business and continue work. membership on the Council; he ties as are usually incumbent upon Council may be removed lor any ate upon the expiration of ten days interesting feature of the first An cause deemed sufficient by two-thir- from the time notice of the sen term was a shall not have the right to vote. such officer. series of trips by which Sec. G. The election ly the CounSec. 2. The of the members of the Coun- tence is served upon the student. shall summer students became better ac- cil of one of its members to serve perform the duties of the president cil. Sec. 2. The Council shall have' qualnted wltn points of interest in during the following year shall be if he is absent or Incapacitated. Sec. 2. A vacancy occurring In the power to arrange an appropri- th Bhe Grass held on or before the third Friday Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the Council shall be filled by the ate contest annually between the Second Term secretary-treasurin May; the member elected shall jthe to take and Council, but the system of repre- Freshmen and Sophomore men stube presldehlk .of .ttie. JpOancil during preserve corrcct'mimltes of the pro' sentation of classes and colleges dents of the University. Enrollment for the second semes- -, shall be preserved. Sec. 3. The Council shall select ter of the summer session reached Sec. 3. (1) The Council shall have at Its first regular meeting of each a total of 721, breaking the prethe power to regulate the conduct school year, one of Its members to vious record of last year's second of undergraduate men students at represent it at the meetings of the ; term registration of 674 by 47 stu- all University or student functions; Universitv Senate, and one to reD- - aents. (2) To prescribe rules for the resent it at the meetings of the Dis Registration began at 8 o'clock conduct of Freshmen; cipline Committee. The president and continued through a week. . (3) To act in with of the Council shall have the power Approximately 625 students enrollbody In to appoint xa member of the Coun- ed the first day, according to inthe women's arranging the social calendar and cil as a special representative to the formation received from Dean Tayestablishing rules for the holding of University Senate at any time he lor. all dotllllons, dances, hops, enter- deems it proper. In connection with the summer tainments and exhibitions, subject , sessions, a catalog including infor to the approval of the University mation as to enrollment, ciassinca-tio- n, Senate Committee; and EASY-RUNNIN- G housing, fees, courses, a sched(4) To make all which ule of lectures andhburs of recishall be necessary and proper for tation was compiled and published banking iiiiu c.MtuiiuM me luieyu- for the benefit and aid of the stuing powers, and all other powers dents. vested irl the Student Council by "The purpose of summer school," tlls Constitution. 45 Counties Represented by said Dean Taylor, "is to offer an ARTICLE 7 80 Men and 28 Women; Uni- opportunity to teachers, superinSection 1. This Constitution and versity Faculty Members tendents and supervisors to take shall become effective upadditional work and keep up with Assist in Work. on ratification by the University COLLEGE the recent Improvements in eduSenate. take Forty-fiv- e counties were represent- cation; for undergraduates toshortSec. 2. Any part of this Constituw may be Tepealed ed in the fifth annual week's course additional work and thereby tion or any en their length of time spent in by .a three-fourtvote of the mem- in poultry raising at the University for persons debers of the Council or by a" majority which was held late in July. Eighty the University, and Y. M. C. A., Y. women, rep- siring training in vote of the undergraduate men men and twenty-eigresenting counties extending from W. C. A. and social welfare work."students of the University. There are many students of this Sec. 3. This Constitution may be Ashland to Fulton, were in attendance. Farm poultry problems were class who cauld not complete specamended by a favorable vote of ial work and keep up to the minof the members of the Coun- considered and practical work given ute with the latest educational splnpHnn nf cil, provided a written copy of the in InrtMniT fMilHnf proposed amendment has been sub- breeding stock and other operations. . methods if it were not for the sum During the regular mitted to the Council at a previous Memoers oi tne university tacuity were assisted in the work by H, school year, these people are busy meeting. teaching schools or are actively enSec, 4. The of the H. Steup, of "The Poultry Tribune," Council may be amended or new and Prof. Berley Winton, of the Uni gaged in other work. As a vesu'.t, they must depend on the summer ones adopted by a majority vote of versity of Missouri session to give them an opportunity Ti,n in-- H f imMnrc nf v, the members of the Council, proSI at - t0 !ten! tne "?l,versltyA. vided a written copy of the propos- tucky Poultry Improvement Associaed amendment or has been tlrm mooting rinrW M,o wwk vnt. ' """"US l" ouituua ui UlU uuivej accounts for the yearly Insubmitted to the Council at a pre' ed to continue its activities in be - sit' half of the furthering of raising of "eu?c, ol wuuwii re8wniiB wr vlous meeting. At the same time hnttnr and more nrnfltnhto nnnltrv special work. regular students are permitted to on the farms of the state. (Article 1) m tnanema courses "bs Arrangements were made to turn Section 1. No undergraduate and reduced rates of tuition. male student shall, while under over to the Experiment Station suf . the influence of intoxicating liq-o- r, ficient funds with which to employ t e field agent in poultry im- - HiCOnomiC I JF1SIS be present at a University or a provement. student function. Slows A resolution was passed by the Sec. 2. Freshmen shall wear the regulation cap from the time board urging the International Baby Chick Association to hold its 1030 of enrollment until the first FriA champion ringer of marriage annual convention in Louisville. day in May following. polygamy, Condays Other members present were W, bells in tho now ofcelebrates fewer Sec. 3. Freshmen shall not atstantinople tend the Junior From or Senior E. Pyles, Maysville; A. L. Volkers, weddings, annually, than any of the Lexington; Strauter great Ball. cities of the world. WORK ON SHORT NOTICE Sec. 4. Freshmen shall not Harney, Paris; George R. Turner, Out of a population of 700,000 Campbellsvllle; Clyde Sanders, Lanbreak Seniors at student dances. adults, only are marcaster; Mrs. John Fister, Lexington; Sec, 5. Freshmen shall be courried, according to statistics gatherteous to upjiertlassmen at all J. Holmes Martin and J. R. Smlti ed by a Belgian expert, M. Jacquart, of the Experiment Station. times. who has been conductlnc: the first I Sec. G. The Council shall have reliable census ever taken in Tur-- j power to summarily inflict approkey. Four hundred thousand bach- Will priate punishment upon any stuana 100,000 a 4- TT i eiors ana bacneior-giri- s U rnn...U4INCORPORATED ' dent for contempt of the Council j widows, widowers, and divorced per- in accordance with Section 10, sons who have not remarried, form N. s. Night classes In advertising open-- 1 Article 1, of the of the adult popula-ln- g Sec. 7. Any student guilty of Sept. 30 in the College in En- - tion. perjury before the Council shall gineering and Commerce e Unl-- 1 the first three months of 1928 In be punished in accordance with versity of Cincinnati, Include; Prln- - mariages in the city totaled 1,050. clples of advertising, marketing . In the same period this year the Section 10, Article 1, of the methods, advanced advertising, bus- - number dropped to 705. OF ALL MAKES FOR Sec. 8. Any willful act or conIness English, theory and uses of The severe economic crisis which by a student such as causes color, design and lettering and prin- - Turkey is traversing Is a factor of duct or threatens a substantial injury clples of design. the amazingly widespread celibacy. Registration for the 150 U. C. Taxes are going higher every year, to the property or reputatiou of the University, or to the students night courses in engineering, com-- 1 and the cost of necessities every merce and applied arts will be Sept. month. Proportionately down goes thereof, shall be unlsliable in accordance with Section 10, Article 23 to 27, from 6:30 to 9 p. in. in the the ability of the averuge man to 1 s. 1, of the Engineering Building. support anybody but himself. franchised by the action of the Student Council). Sec. 2. All candidates for membership on the Council shall have a scholastic standing of one or better at the time of the election and shall not be on probation for any cause. If, after election, a member Is placed on probation, he Is automatically disqualified to serve on the Council and the Council shall elect a successor in accordance with Section 2, Article 6, of the Constitution. ARTICLE 3 (Election of Council Members) Section 1. The members of the Student Council shall be: Six members of the Senior class; four members of the Junior class; two members of the Sophomore class; and one member of the Freshman class. To Insure the permanency and promote the efficiency of the organization, one member shall be elected each year by the Council to serve the succeeding year. Sec. 2. The six representatives of the Senior class shall be elected, one from each college, by the qualified electors of the Senior class of that college, at a meeting called for that purpose, which shall be held the second Friday in May, such meeting to be under the direction of the Senior member of the Council from that college. Sec. 3. The Junior class shall have four representatives on the Student Council. For the purpose of representation, the colleges of the University shall be listed in the following order: Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Commerce, Education, Engineering and Law. To effect a system of rotation of representation, a representative from the colleges of Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Commerce and Eduoation shall be elected in the year 1929 to serve during the following year. In 1930-3- 1 the colleges of Agriculture and Arts and Sciences shall be unrepresented. In 1931,-3- 2 - the .colleges of 1 ' k The STANDARD ROYAL PORTABLE A NECESSITY FOR THE ANNUAL POULTRY COURSE IS HELD STUDENT Weddings Come In and Let Us Demonstrate REPAIR Transyivania Printing (qmpany Phone Ashland 35108 Advertising ijc xtiugiit xv j, Upper Street GOOD USED MACHINES SALE L. tls&fcfclW ,.J