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18 > Image 18 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 20, 1929

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Be THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO r rZ?esf In Dixie' Ready for Football JUNIOR U. K. IS HOST TO ; CLUBS Six Hundred Hoys and Girls Visit University; McVcy and Sampson Speak Hcforc Delegates OFFERED MANY PHIZES A Pretty Sponsor To Look Further CHICAGOPlucked from a cloud of figures at the American Statistical Association's meeting today was some interesting information as to the what's new among the stars. The center of the universe has been found. Astronomers have reached the conclusion that the nucleus of the earth's galaxy of stars, of which the sun is an infinitesimal mem-h- Is in the constellation saeittararius. Prof. Harlow Shapley of Harvard said. The earth is estimated to be about 47,000 light years distant from this center of the universe. The observations which lead to the discovery were obtained from astronomical study on Harvard photographic plates of several hundred stars. WAIT AND SEE V "I hear you are not going to marry Mr. Newcome after all. Why is that?" "Oh, father thinks- his position enough and mother good thinks he is too old for me. My aunts think he Is too to make a satisfactory husband, and my Uncle Jim says he has heard rumors about him. My cousins tell " me he Is a flirt, and I "Yes, and you what do you think about it all?" "Oh, I think I ought to wait until he asks me." London Tidbits. isn't Drum-Majo- r, I There Is No Use V After a recent appearance at the Kentucky State Fair at Louisville, Elmer O. Sulzer's crack University of Kentucky band is looking lor-wawith zeal to the opening of thn football season when the mcm- bcrs can parade before the plaud-lt- s of thousands who in the past ,havc acclaimed that the wearers of i the blue and white constitute the "best band south of the Mason and Dixon line." Under the direction of Mr. Sul-izand the leadership of Walter with that inHoeing as drum-majo- r, spiring little lady from the South-jwe- st adding a touch of piquant feminism, the band is practicing intricate formations for the com-'in- g season. Thprn will be several surorises in the way of formations this year, even to those who in the past have said that the band could not possibly be improved. Hearing this, Director Sulzer envisioned more worlds to conquer. Thp march of his ideas is a secret nnH will continue Just that until game time. All who are curious will have to wait until Gamage has a game, but this year's efforts promise to be something for which to abide in patience, cnnt.rarv to usual conditions at this time of the year, the band Is already in excellent practice, having done much marching at the state fair. Visitors at the fair saw several of the more simple parade formations and heard the thrilling music played by the boys. But all of that was, in a way, preparation for the opening of school. Football time is band boy time at the University and Mr. Sulzer urges all who want to be a band member to see him at once so that vacancies may be filled as quickly ns nossible. First come will be first served providing they are musicians of the caliber the director usually demands. Prior to their engagement at the fair, the band members crave a pro gram over radio station WHAS, of Louisville. Then they entered up on their daily programs at the f air grounds. About fifty men comprised the personnel of the band at the fair. They were as follows: of DuRand. Trombone Elden Louisville; Wilbur Wortman, Belle- Ohio; Beryl Boaraus, fontaine, Warsaw; Griffin Sublettr, Owens- boro; Edwards Templin, Lexing ton; W. F. Lucas, Louisville. Bass George Lee, Lexington; Elmer Williams. Lexington; Elmer Neu-ma- n, Louisville. Baritones Hugh Adcock, Hopkinsvllle; William HenAlto W. ry Young, Lexington. Frederick Greer, Paris; Scotts Davenport, Maysville; C. W. Bean, Lexington. Bass drum Charles M111I-ke- n, Lexington. Cymbals Ed. P. Snare drum Ben Davis, Berea. Stark, New York City; Ed. Green, Ashland. Piccolo and flute Wal- - 4 The ninth annual Junior Week was held at the University in June, with a registration of GOO boys nnd girls, 100 county nnd home agents,, nnd club lenders from 80 counties, j Miss Virginia Asbury, president of the Kentucky Association of Boys' Clubs, presided nt the nnd Girls' first convocation, and President Frank L. McVey delivered the welcoming address to the Juniors. The boys were assigned to classes Judging beef, hogs, sheep and dairy cattle, and the girls to classes studying music, health and hygiene, beauty culture, home making and dressmaking. County teams demonstrated the application of improved farm and home practices and prizes were awarded to the winning teams. Other prizes given were: a trip to Chicago to the boy or girl doing the best Judging of baked foods, and et al gcther some of the recent findings I dehydration, they part with certain of the many ways in Which slight absorbed constituents. electrical effects manifest them"One of the first of these to be selves in the body. freed is electricity; n change of cn-- 1 He holds that resistance to dis- ergy occurs, heat Instead of electriease Is the one vital factor in health, cal energy being liberated, thus exnnd that If the resistance Is high plaining why, when gain n footing In the body, enough, no kind of Infection can get started. the victim exhibits n rise in tern- -, pcraturc. This resistance, he says, depends on the state of the protein parti"The fight between the invnded cles. The proteins arc called the nnd the lnvndcr bolls down to being one for the retention of clec-- 1 life carriers of the body. They are complex substances, forming an Im- trlclty. If the parasites lose their electricity, their bodies break up portant part of body cells. "If nn Invader," says Dr. McDon-ng- h, and go into true solution as do the "'cither of a bacterial or a protein particles of the body when chemical nature, is able to subject the InVadcr gets the upper hand. the protein particles to a dehydra"Since the battle is of such a slm-- J tion, disease is caused the term in- pie nature, It becomes quite clenr fection being used when the invad-c- r that the sole aim of treatment is Is a When the I to restore to the body's protein parprotein particles are subjected to ticles, the electrons they have lost." another trip to the best Judging of canned foods; n trip to Chicago to the winner of the style show; $23 each to the boy nnd girl winning the health contest; Implements nnd tools were given to the tenms winning the terracing contest, The girls were housed In Patterson nnd Boyd hnlls nnd the boys nt the Men's dormitory; all visitors had their menls nt the University Commons. Features of the week were nn address by Gov. Flcm D. Sampson, an excursion by n special train io Frankfort, n visit by Miss Frances Reed, the outstanding club girl in the United States, nnd a model initiation given by the members of the Rush county club from Indiana. Electricity Is Held Cause of Disease Theory Given Medical Association Reveals Electrical Effects on the Body come ros h! A theory that there Is fundamentally only one disease, due to loss of electrical balance In the body, has been presented to the Interstate Post Graduate Medical Association of North America. The author Is Dr. J. E. R. Mc Donnell, surgeon of the London. Lock Hospitals. His Ideas bring to Why Corona is the CHAMPION PORTABLE START THE SCHOOL YEAR of the World' RIGHT-WIT- A GOOD SANITARY STYLISH HAIRCUT ter J. Williams, White Plains, THREE N. Bassoon Earl R. Michel, Buffalo, N. Y.; Robert Holt, Sturgls. Oboe Griff Morsch, Hinckley, 111.; John R. Vaughn, Mlddlesboro. Alto clarinet Raymond B. Roberts, Lexington. Bass clarinet Gayle Saxophone Hammon. Lexineton. Harold G. Ritter, Louisville; John F. Youne. Jr.. Paris: Hubert War ren, Hopkinsvllle; Emmett Moore, Ashland; Edgar Heathman, Nich- olasville. Barlow, of Edward Clarinet Georgetown; Foster D. Coleman, Plkeville; Julian T. Letter, Maysville: Wllev L. "Foreman. Lexing ton; G. G. Dlckerson, Lexington; Joe McGurk, Lexington; Richard Corne- tE. Lowery, Leitchfleld. Norman Hainsey, Lockport, N. Y.; Lexington: Ralph Ederar Batrshaw. R HarrHman. Louisville: William "Wolfe, NIcholasville; James Gates, Louisville; Robert B. Gode, Glasgow; Edwin A. Belle, Louisville; E. D. Adams, Patoke, Ind. Drum-MajWalter J. Hoeing, Louisville. Personnel officer Howard Poole. Greenvlle. Sponsor Leura Pettigrew, Hur ley, N. M. Elmer G. Sulzer, Director, Lex ington. BARBERS AT FIRST-CLAS- S Y. Bride: "There are a lot of miss-takeIn this cookery book." Husband: "Yes, rve tasted them." 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