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19 > Image 19 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 20, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

py Available J THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE THREE ,4 "V, WELCOME U. OF K. STUDENTS The Largest Store in the South Specializing in Sport Wear, Riding Apparel, Military Equipment, Etc. English Dress Boots Sam Browne Belts Garrison Belts Sabre Chains Military Neckties Stock Ties Riding Breeches English Leggings j '. ; Boots Lace p Sheep Lined Coats Flannel Shirts Leather Coats Suece Jackets Corduroy Pants Sweaters Hi-To- Drill Shoes $3.95 and Up Special Prices to University Students 0? F Acid Proof Chemistry Aprons White Duck Overalls with Bib White Duck Coveralls Tennis Sweat Shoes Shirts Polo Shirts 98c 98c ?2.45 $1.75 98c . 98c Khaki Shirts 98c ; Raincoats I' r STUDENT SLICKERS LEATHERETTES COMPLETE LINES OF LADIES AND MISSES Complete Line MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHINGS UNDERWEAR TRENCH COATS AND COATS FOR THE ENTIRE HOSIERY FAMILY COR. MAIN AND MILL Riding Apparel SPORTS WEAR LEATHER COATS RAINCOATS SHEEP LINED COATS MEYERS BROS. Next to WOOLWORTH'S 5c and 10c Store ARMY GOODS HEADQUARTERS The Store of Dependable Merchandise at Popular Prices V