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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 20, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO Society Cnltular Friday. Sept. 20 College Everybody Invited. ' Night. Alpha Gamma Epsllon Fraternity wishes to announce the pledging of the following men: Ralph Vannoy of Mndtsonvlllc. Burton Aldrlch of Denton, Earl Sergcncr of Harlan, William Luther of Harlan, Aubrey "Wells of Ashland, Joe Gattln of Ashland, Elwood Barber of Ashland, Ocorgc Farrls of Irvine, J. C. Thompson of Lexington. Stewart Barney of Lexington. W. T. Bond of Cancysville and James Buttcrmore of Harlan. PI Kappa Alpha Fraternity wishes to announce the pledging of the mpiv Nnrmnn Tate of Som erset, Albert Kopcnhocfcr of Som- crsc, David Tlbuais 01 somerset, John C. Bclotc of May field, Wayne Clark of Mayflcld, Julian Maddox of Mayfleld, Marlon Longmcycr of Frankfort, James jonnsion 01 James Shaw of Cartcrsvlllc, Ga., George Hawkins David Mulligan of Paducah, Richard Nclscr of Newport, Harry Walt of Burnslde, James McRoberts of East St. Louis, Illinois, John Ewlng, Jr., of Prospect, Harry Bush of Great Onxy Cave, William Core, Jr., of Nashville Tennessee, James Frankcl of Lexington. Frank Goggln of Danville, John Penn of Georgetown, Clyde Miller of Vine Grove and Clarence Yeagcr of Miacusooro, WWW niirmn Ainim Ensllon fraternity fraternity wishes to announce the pledging of the follwlng men; Malcolm Roysc of Winchester, William number or Henderson, jbck wnnn nf Pf.. Tlimnns. Charles Russell of Ashland. Jack Strothcr of Grayson, Horace Helm of Henderson, iiaroia Martin of Harlcn, Bcntly Sampson of Harlan, Charles Mason, of Lexington, James Lyno of Russcllvllle, Thomas Warren or Russcuvnc, sum-u- cl Parrent of Frankfort, and Rucl Laymorc of Ellzabethdown. Kappa Sigma wishes to announce the pledging of the following men: James Regan, Jean Hlnman, John Fryc, Leo Rosa, Michael Murphy, of Louisville; William Austin of Ashland; H. H. Morris of Carroll-toCharlton Wallace of Long Island, New York; Mclvln Moore of Evansvlllc, Ind.; Gllllsplc Harnell of Racine, Wisconsin; Robert Ship of Phlllpsburg, New Jersey; George Cess and James Salyers of Lexington. Plil Delta Thcta wishes to an- iiniinrf thn nlodclnc of the follow ing men: Jim Cromwell of Cynthl- ana, Ed McDowell or New Yorn City, Leo Brocckncr of Louisville, nillv Huhble of Carml. Illinois. Al bert Jones of Ashland, Jim Murray of Huntington, west Virginia, joe Ferguson or wayne, west Virginia, Sauferly Hughes of Lancaster, Jack Winfrey of Hopkinsville, Wlnfred Ardery of Paris and Robert Phillipl of Burnslde. St. Marie Millinery is glad to have you with us again. Hats from $6 to $25, in all head sizes. Opposite Kentucky Theater WEDDINGS wwwww ' BASSETT'S Welcome Students BOSTON I ANS Shoes for college men and any occasion for which you need snappy Priced mostly i ..... I I For Gdftgfe1 Girls j beautiful styles in O jj Priced . jj f $8.50-$12.5- 0 ' Brownflcld-Smlt- h . LOOKING OVER MAGAZINES S VVWiVWVWWVW.VVW By SCOTT KEVES Magazines In retrospect Forum, although continuing to print high class material, is paying the piper, paying the price for its hundred thousasnd circulation; and, In a lesser degree, so is the Golden Book. But I like the renovated North American Review a little better. Scrlbncrs Impresses me as being the high brow's Liberty; and Plain Talk gets the froth and foam of Harper's, though, prints solid stuff. And so do the old stand-Iby- s, the Nation nnd the New Re public. Even they splash nrouna quite a bit, and get taken In as, for Instance, the New Rcpubllc'ss recent article on Rudy aVllec. (By the way, what has become of him?) They shauld both dig in on this Shearer question, though, and because of recent occurrences, they should have something to say about these Southern textile mills. I wonder what their rmlnlnns nn 'Rrlfmd'S United StatCS of Europe plan will be; and I should like to compare it witn tne opinion of these the Army and Navy Journal, a good magazine, the Rotarian, and the official organ of the American Legion. A most significant and satisfying move is that of Century rather than pay the price of competition, If you please, the price of Simon and Schusterism, it has become a quarterly. This is most commendable, as was that magazine before it rfprlrfprf siinh a st,rn was necessarv. Here is something highly pleasing a magazine, wnicn nas receaea somewhat into the shadows to maintain a standard of being, rather than to emerge into the open with a system of appearance. Speaking of fiioso shadows; the Dial has been absorbed into them. And despite the Miss Diana Brownfleld, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Brownfleld, of Covington, and Leroy Smith, of Lexington, were married Wednesday, September 11, at the First Presbyterian church. Dr. H. H. Pltzer officiated. The bride was a Freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University last year and has many Mr. Smith friends in Lexington. Smith's orchestra furnished the was a Sophomore in the College of music for the occasion, and at inEngineering. termission delicious refreshments The couple will make their home were served. in Lexington. The chaperones were: Mrs. R. L. Dr. and Mrs. Slade, house-mothe- r, E. Cronley Elliott and Miss Marjorle FRATERNITY ROW McLaughlin. guests were Over seventy-fiv- e Mr. Gordon Bayless, of Miami, Fla., is visiting at the Sigma Alpha present. Epsllon house. A BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED Mr. Donald McWaln, of the Courier-Journal, is a visitor at the Delta ROOM: next to bath, furnace heat, private home, meals if desired. 211 Tau Delta house. Adv. Mr. Lawton Dalley, of Covington, Waller Ave., Ashland 6714-Louis McDonald and Maxwell Boales The sigma chapter of Alpha Sig of Miami, Fla., are visitors of the ma Phi wishes to announce the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Messrs. Charles Osten, of Ash- pledging of the following men, Her' land, and W. S. Morgan, of Eliza -- shell Cave, Mt. Vernon, 111.; William Ohio; bethtown, are visiting at the Phi Barton, Dayton, Donald Sigma Kappa house. Squires, Falrmount, W. Va.: Cecil Urbanick, Falrmount, W. Va.; Ed-- t win Tracy, Lexington; Joe SaunJ PERSONALS dwfi Lexington; Frank MarrpBowL enVtta Mr? George Hiffner has again in' the University of Kentucky ingjbn; George Stewart, Cynthiana; after spending last year in the Uni- anq Asa uooawin uazara. versity of Louisville. Mr. James Ewing, of Louisville, is a visitor at the Pi Kappa Alpha house this week. Visitors at the Delta Zeta house this week are Miss Alma Crowder of Beaver Dam, Ky., and Miss Dlckerson of Covington, Ky. First Lieutenant J. L. Keasler has returned to Lexington from Fort Benning, Georgia. Mr. Enoch Grehan, instructor in Journalism, has returned to Lexington from a year's stay in Pasadena, Calif. Miss Margaret McLaughlin, of the Journalism department, arrived in Lexington about the last of August after a summer in Paris, France. Mr. Blaine Schick, of the Romance language department, has returned from a trip abroad. Dean Paul P. Boyd and family spent the summer in Beulab, Mich. fact that it occasionally ran to the grotesque, its place remains unfilled, and we notice the want. For literary atmosphere, for an atmosphere that smacks of intelligence, of mustlncss, pondcrousness, and rationalistic I like the Londan Mercury. Also, for poetry, the magazine Poetry. But poetry is best taken in larger doses from the authors themselves from books. Magazine poetry of the present is Impotent and stondardlzcd. A couple or so of magazines remain. What shall wo say of the American Mercury? It has been so engrossed In making the drum go "Boom, boom, boom boom boom" that It has not made any change. And the Atlantic Monthly, from Olympus it looks down upon a life well spent, and refuses to participate in this hurry scurry. And this jjs. BASSETT & SONS jj 140 W. 'MAIN OUR NEW LOCATION on display, lain open for study, Uian In the University of Kentucky. Colleges arc supposedly institutions of rationalism, and so it is all the more Interesting to note in them the feeble efforts at rationalism, and what reception they get. This column is an experiment in developing some sort of rationalism in one who has been a victim of a delayed mental pubescence, and who has hopes of putting that rationalism Into action. iiiitiuiiiiiiiMiniiiiniiiinciiiiiiiiiimtiiMiiHMiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiiciniiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiititiiiiiiiit I AFTER THE SHOW J 1 Drive Out to 3 MRS. KIRBY'S "GOODIE SHOP" j For Your Drinks and Snntlwichcs A Nice Quiet Place to Lunch is well. Addenda I have not mentioned College MRS. Humor. Does it need mention? This publication, or this thing leave it Phone 2120 to Its fate of perusal by, or serving as the Bible for its large audience ITTiic3fiiiifiiiiiC3iiiiiiiiiiii ca f r j j E. High at S. Hanover ii ri JC3 f iii rc aif f in Tcsitt in if ca n j i ii Are made to your order; any filling you desire, prepared fresh in our own kitchen. You never get stale food, here. That is why so many students have become regular patrons of the Green Lantern for after all, it costs no more to buy the best. The Green Lantern Walton Near Main Curb Service - D B D D D Suits Suits Dry 2 or Cleaned, $1.00 3-Pie- ce Opens Under New Management New Dining Room Now Open WITH CLEAN SERVICE UP-TO-DA- Have Your Next Party at the WILDCAT LAIR Where ? You Find All the Gang Just Call Ashland 9191 and Our Delivery Service Will Take Care of You 7 jffi1 $Wm ii iTT Green Lantern Sandwiches Messrs. WILDCAT LAIR ic3 ill IT COSTS NO MORE TO BUY THE BEST Let Us Clean Your James Ewlng of Louisville and 'Richard Elliott of Nashville, "alumni of the University, entertained with informal jj Monday evening an the Green dance Lanat tern in honor of the actives and guests of the Pi Kappa Alpha g KIRBY'S "GOODIE SHOP" Students INFORMAL DANCE ! of college children. As for its editors, I hope that our governor will soon appoint them Kentucky Colonels, or Admirals, or at least make them honorary members of the text book commission. Rationalism vs. Rationalism in Action Rationalism is not as offensive a word as liberalism; hence the title. In that title there is the root of all "Births of Tragedy," whether tepecu-latior real. Nowhere is this more Call Ashland 210 Cropper's Laundry Incorporated 146 North Upper 46