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Best PAGE FOUR THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Individuality, but not for Individualism. "I'm convinced, that to let extraactivities take their curricular course unrecognized and undirected by the college Is unwise. Only as educators recognize the value of these activities and make them a definite part of the whole educawill there be a satistional set-u- p factory quality In these Interests. "Let me give you another quoThe thirteenth annual artist con- - will be as follows, tation from Melklejohn: 'A liberal 1. The Boston Women's cert scries which will be held In college In which the student activduring the coming season phony Orchestra (50 women) with ities arc simply reactions from under the supervision of Anna Ethel Lcglnska, conductor, soloist. studies, ways of escape from the Chandler Ooft, director of the Lex- -' Friday, November 7, 8:15 p, in. dreary grind such an institution 2. Alfredo San-MalSpanish vlo-t- o is not a college at all." lngton College of Music, will present L'exlngton lovers of music one of llnlst. Tuesday, December 3, 8:15 'the most brilliant arrays of artists ip, 3,m. Ignace Paderewski, Polish pi that has been brought to this city anlst Wednesday, January 8, 8:15 for many years. Miss Gou has succeeded In ar- p. m. 4. Harold Krcutzbcrg and Yvonne ranging this series so that patrons of the scries may have their choice Georgi, Ocrman dancers. Friday, of Ave, six, seven or eight concerts January 17, 815 p. m. 5. Frances Pcralto, dramatic prifor their scries as they desire. This plan will no doubt appeal to all, as ma donna of Metropolitan Opera' Company with Jessie Peters and many have a diversified taste. Monday, While the scries will be unusually Ralph Zlrklc, Professor of Political Science brilliant, Interest will be focused on January 27, 8:15 p. m. Sails From Canada on 6. Rafaelo Diaz, leading tenor, the return of the Incomparable Year's Tour His Metropolitan Opera Company, with Paderewski to this country. Monpresentation will mark the highlight Robert Perutz, Polish pianist. day, February 24, 8:15 p. m. GOES UNDER AUSPICES of the coming rrihslcal season. Shattuck, American pi7. OF RESEARCH COUNCIL It has been two seasons since the anist.Arthur Thursday, March C, 8:15 p. was In the United States, m. Maestro and four since he was In Lexington. Plans to Study in England, Sym8. Llebeslleder Quartette, He spent a large part of last year de Ensemble' (Maurice Asia; Returns to Univertouring Europe, giving many recit- phonic conductor). Thursday, ApPachk, sity Next Fall als for charity. The proceeds of his ril 17, 8:15 p. m. entire tour he turned over to MarIn the afternoon, Dr. Amry Vandenbosch, profesFoch's charities, and In grati- evening appearance preceding the shal of the Llebestude the French government be- lleder Quartette, a children's mati- sor of political science at the University, began a world's tour and a stowed upon him its highest award, nee will Sym- year's study under the auspices of feature the Grand Cross of the Legion of phony Orchestra the Little conducted by the Social Science Research CounHonor. He Is, by the way, one of socil of New York when he sailed the most decorated men in the Maurice de Pachk, with a violin from Quebec, Canada, for Chero-bourworld, holding medals and impor- loist who as yet has not been ' France. tant recognitions from practically every important European country His travels will take him down j as well as many honorary degrees i the picturesque Rhine, through from leading unlversitless in this foggy London, and Into the myste- country. rious East, where he will visit such Paderewski made his first visit to places as gay Bonbay and roman years the United States forty-eigtic Singapore. His studies will be ago. His actual debut as a pianist embodied in a treatise which he occurred In 1887 in Vienna. In 1890 will probably write after returning London hailed him as the great Student Expresses Individ to the University one year frbm pianist of the age and the following uality Through Activities: this fail. year he took America by storm. He While at the Hague and the Unl- Must Do Something Besides has returned here frequently since, of Leyden he will make a ! versitv Holdinir Seat Down with the exception of the period study Qf the Colonial Dutch during which he represented Poland average SEATTLE, Wash.-"- The as a statesman. While the rest of the series is ex- students wants to do something win iiiccL nui. v. vuiivuucu- pected to be unusually brilliant, the besldes the object that fills seat 7, fame and known artistry of PadeE: wthi COlle,gC cJ,aSV0m'UanWedan Law whlch p'revalls In rewski mark him as the leader of Z Colonial Empire. At press his Individuality," is the the Dutch will the entire array. examine the re- -i Geneva he Following are some comments by opinion of Herbert L. Seamons, ports of the investigation of co new general secretary of the Uni- lonial problems. At London Dr. Miss Goff concerning the series: "I consider the thirteenth annual versity Y of the University of Vandenbosch will study the meth-- 1 artist series the greatest that we Washington. ods of the British Colonial Schools "Practically all have ever presented. in teaching colonial administr"With Mr. Paderewski, the great activities have arisen to fill some ate nnri nmrwnmmt artist, statesman, patriot, probably need," he explains. "I can't agree shnrtlv nftpr Npw' Vpfir's riv ,m ionv the most beloved man in the world, with these people who sweepingly n- as the stellar attraction, the most condemn all activities. Objectlonal sellles for Bombay Indla. For flve featutes sometimes arise, it is true. or six months he w, travel in the famous woman's symphony st "The fraternity system for tra of the world, directed by the lnvestlgating and examining most spectacular as well as one of ample, has been scored by many the land labor and economic m but. for all its Ills it arose to meet cies governmental machinery, self-- a the best directors of the world, definite need for social fellow- - nvpPritT1pnt. el Leglnska, the famous pianist, who sar,itntn will also appear as soloist with her ship and It will probably continue defense poll and th Natlvist r--' orchestra, a quartette composed of until something better comes to movement for independence, four great artists accompanied by a nil the purpose. His traveis in the East wlll take 'Little Symphony Orchestra,' a pri"I heartily agree with Professor him through a great part of India, ma donna soprano, a leading tenor Melklejohn of the University of Ceylon, Sumatria, Java, Celebes Comof the Metropolitan Opera when he says, 'We edu- - lands and probably Bornea. From pany, another renowned American cators did notbring the students these he will journey to the pianist, two great violinists, one for the sake of 'activities, j lpplne islands, Japan and China, Spanish, one Polish, two lovely new but from our bringing them to- - j and from thence home, American artists in piano duos, and gether these activities followed." , Mrs. Vandenbosch, who has been with all can be had a dance recital "In the activities of the Y herei in Chicago this summer visitintr given by two of the world's greatest we have a place in student interest ner lamuy, will accompany Dr. dancers on their first American tour where the students are free to ex- Vandenbosch on his tour. after sensational European success- - plore where their best iudement es, the thirteenth annual artist ser- - dictates. Here is a good place for Blue: "Looks like a pretty old car les promises to be a record-breakthe students to learn how to- - col-i- n you've got there." every way." untarily carry on sustained coop- Black: "Yes: my dauehter's been ine personnel or the entire series eratlve work mere is a place ror driving It two weeks now." Thirteenth Annual Artist Concert Series to Bring Paderewski to Lexington Theater Guild Will Present Plays in 10 Cities vin 1929-193- 0 The Theater Guild Is expanding from Its original confines of New York City and the Guild will spon- sor subscription seasons in 10 cities next year, including the new members of Cincinnati, Washington, St. Louis and Detroit. The dramatic organization ran successful seasons in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Pitts burgh and Baltimore, as well as in "Wings Over Europe;" "Major BarNew York this year, the plays be- bara" and "Pygmalion," both by ing presented under the subscrip- George Bernard Shaw; and I tion basis. "Strange Interlude," which will be played by two companies the one The Theater Guild has stood for) already touring In the O'Neill belter drama and each season has drama and the one which Is still found Itself growing with larger playing In New York. audiences In attendance.. It was the mother of the little theater movement In America, School Gives The plays to be sent on tour In 1929-3- 0 will Include "Caprice," the comedy In which Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontannc arc curTARRYTOWN, N. Y. Mason rently engaged In New York and In Junior College and School for Girls which they will be seen on the road, has announced a now course In av Girls' Course In Aviation iation, Including ground aviation, a course for flying for a pilot's license and a commercial license course. The work will be under the direction of Professor Spaullng, director of the Curtlss Ground School, and will meet the requirements of the U. S. Department of Commerce. This Is not the first time that Mason College has launched a course In a field formerly regarded as one solely for men. Some years ago a course In Journalism, was instituted and the students at the college were allowed to work on assignments on the local newspaper, the Dally News. DR VANDENBOSCH IS ON CRUISE AROUND WORLD 44 So that's what you've been dbing!" CAMPUS LIFE IS PART OF COURSE SVrn'Hnn J v.nnhnh Vii STUDENTS ( WHETHER YOU WERE THE ICEMAN, A BOOK AGENT, A FULLER BRUSH SALESMAN, OR JUST "A MAN ABOUT TOWN," THE .TIME HAS COME TO ASSUME THE ROLL OF STUDENT ONCE MORE. WELCOME BACK WE HAVE A NEW STORE, ; FULL OF THE SEASON'S NEWEST CLOTHES RE4DY FOR ACTION Attention! DRILL SHOES Braeb an r Hart Scnaffner and Marx Fall Suits that Stand Hard Wear and Give Foot Comfort The Kind $3350 to $50 SHIRTS Soft Tan or Elk Uppers Sizes 6 to 12 For those who will be drilling this season we have unusual values in Munson Last Shoes. Full, round, soft box toes, double flexible sewed soles, Bellows tongue, plenty of room for toe freedom. Specially priced $2.99 and $3.99 "Every Pair Guaranteed." Now on Display in Our West Window HATS SHOES TIES SMART NEW UNDERWEAR West Main Street (Incorporated) HOSE. ' . Kaufman Clothing Co i iww vr u iv A J. iu U Lexington's Better Store NEW LOCATION LIMESTONE AT SHORT STREET THE DAN COHEN CO. 258 H Opposite Cheapside Park tefc 4