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24 > Image 24 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 20, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE EIGHT FIRE MENAC 1 Hi' Mpt Best Copy Available pfKSf THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ' : . H . Mntm nil it lllttjtt rl I TRANSY LIBRARY Off '! 'mi Mm ..riiilnc Oio fnnrtli .fehtfi'lan era groups ftfNt'jpa' penetrated thfimijjtf forest Wealth of Volumes, AncittU 01 -- ill'; I'cuinsum ui iueni, iwiys Pamphlets Ai Old Schor Have No Protect inn From Danger oTIHi bf nee!', what Is now &c prefclei HOOKS CENTURIES Ol.l ' part feia this lf JrwfcSrji Honduras of British tecnuttras.J Kentucky's priceless hcritnge TmsA colonists wftra' xpuewed by books the old Transylnvntn llbr ef people frcgitthBW cm- ry licrc Is housed In n Are trn pirojpsglon. rnc rca)rtWvinc known, gjajPpt"?311'" thnt nny day might be destroyed thus consuming the most vnlunbli trm'(ttlc to seek iWW'irmf nmld research collection of volumes and JthqjyTrtin forests tolnc 'north. ancient pamphlets In America, ac (ISomeWlme during the century an cording to Prof. Daniel C. Troxel croun of these lntrcnld of the College of the Bible, n mem- - pioneers settled on the edge of a bcr of the Transylvania Library savanna in the central part of the uommiucc. sttc 0f campcchc and founded a Tiic minding on Transylvania's ncw city. A great Acropolis was campus In which the rare old books built, measuring more than 500 feet arc kcpi lays no ciaim 10 Doing 0n a side. Upon its summit were fireproof; It is an architectural erected five Impressive temples of brick walls and rounding an immense sunken court, wooden floors, and the bookcases As the ancient Maya worshipped and shelves arc of wood, so dricdl the ends of time periods rather oy age as to oc eager uici to a con- - than their beginnings, sunset rath-sumiblaze. There arc no metal er than sunrise was of ceremonial shelves or cases in which to store importance; hence the principal the collection that is Transylvania's temple, rising from the cast side of proudest boast. the Acropolis, faces west. It is the dream of Transylvania's j This temple is composed of five library committee, some day to see receding stories, the topmost being the ancient collection housed In a the sanctuary. This sanctuary Is a modern fireproof building, on met- buildlnc with a al shelves that will guarantee the high wall on its roof. This wall, preservation of the books to the built purely for decorative purposes, coming generations of scholars, increases the height of the sanctu- and a few thousand dollars have nry another 15 feet. A broad stair- already been laid aside with this wny rises from the court level to aim in view. the terace ln front of the fifth Dates Back Centuries story. At least one of the steps Is The library contains thousands smiint.iiwrf with n hnnd f hlero- ui vuiiiiiica ui uisiury, rrcncn, re- glyphlcs. ligion, science, law and literature, Another Important temple, on dating backk through the centuries; the western side of a somewhat collected by succeeding generations smaller Acropolis, also facing west, of scholars and lovers of books has 1G carved monuments in front since the Infant days of this most of it, most of which have now fall-o- n ancient of western colleges. It Is Mnr Hn tno nvramirfs tpmnlpc u.u .iiecuu oi biuaems in researcn and acropolises end here. In the world, attracting ery direction for a half mile or thp i u t ,, , .learned men and women from ... witu liiiuie iijc luteal la liiicu ...tu leading universities or the united mounds of fallen masonry, crumb-State- s and Of Europe. mnln: nf fnrnw trmnrfpiir The books in Transylvania's old Etzna was, in short, an important Provincial center of the old Maya , tt V u uiwjm.uBu ici.euuy v,... , empire. It was a frontier city. uau many oi me volumes pnoto- Etzna was discovered or at least siniea lor its own imrary, ana last flrst brought to general notice by summer a student from the Univer- - Mri Nazario Quintana Bello, in- monu jiuy ui miiiuuisii, otuuaiiu, spent spector of archaeological two weeks doing research work ments of the department of arch aeology of the Mexican government , .... .. k, Bjuwrng nuiaij, tUU the state of Campeche. The from year to year. Ministers and for discovery was made jan. 13, 1927, scholars throughout the State fre-- at wnlch tlme it was called ..Tlx. quently will their private collec- -, after the nearest village of tions to Transylvania, and these!the ame name nlne miles to the are sifted; the most valuable vol-- 1 ,,...,. umes finding their way into the old Mr. Jose Reygadas Vertiz, direc library, which has served thouarchaeology, and Mrs. E. J. sands of doctors, lawyers, ministers tor of of the departmental staff, Palaclos fn0aollUrnnelteCentUry,and, Jn 'company with Mr. Frederico Mariscal, a leading Mexican arch- i ect. visited the city in March on ThJSt2 h,m535S ZtL of the Mexican government T an ordered the ruins cleared of the j enveloping forest growth. sheepskin, hand-sewethat cannot be duplicated anywhere; there are records of ancient court trials, !' including those of Captain Kidd Be and Anna Bolwln, countless volumes of French literature and philosophy, the result of the early BLACKSBURG , Va. A theory French influence on Kentucky that It is immoral to defy the law thought, and books of travel by of gravitation was reported by Vir early explorers who had wandered ginia Polytechnic Institute officials. into the land west of the Alleghen-ie- s as an obstacle in obtaining land for in the Eighteenth Century. the college airport here. A farmer The library was a thriving collec and Dunkard minister bv the name tion a century, ago when the col- - of Smith, it was said,-- refused to " lege, including the ry, burned lease his land if aeroplanes were to and. according to . 'records of land on it for this reason. Transylvania, many J the books I Sufficient land has been acquired were rescued from the flames by a however, and State engineers have Lexington man, whose son was giv- staked out the geld, the erection of en four years' free tuition at the fences, draining and other matters college in gratitude for his work. are expected to be completed by fall Transylvania's 9 library is not a The State will contribute $1,000 to denominational library, although, ward the field, the college paying through the accidents of history, the remainder. the institution now is controlled by the Disciples of Christ. Other deOTTO IS TROUBLED nominations have been la control during Transylvania's long history. Otto Combs is troubled by the The library, according to Pro- presence of a large pine tree in his fessor Troxel, is open to the use of yard at Red Bluff, Cal. The cones all Kentuckians and the students of the tree, which are unusually at the University of Kentucky, es- large, fall with astonishing force, pecially the graduate students, are enough to Injure the head of a perInvited to use the library at any son severely. Combs has on several time in their research work, be- occasions climbed the tree to pick cause, Professor Troxel said "The them, but the cones seem to be hid library once owned by the State, den by the foliage, and his return was turned over to Transylvania to the ground has invariably been for preservation that it might be the signal for one of the cones to used by the scholars of the state." . come crashing down. iij rtZSZlSSLMl i3 TILT,, 7' LEARBURY SAYS: "Reach for a Learburj They Satisfy" 1 ' 'Flying Immoral Next? 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