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Best Copy Available 1 '4' THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SECTION 2 EIGHT PAGES UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY, SPORTS AND SOCIETY KENTUCKY SEPTEMBER 20, VOLUME XX LEXINGTON, DANFORTH SIZES UP WILDCATS Watch Clemson, Warning; Southern Sports Authority Thinks Team Is Improving 1929 NUMBER Gamage Talks On "Football Tactics" WATCH OUT, MR. CONFERENCE! Wildcat Mentor Stresses Fundamentals In Speech Over Radio Station WHAS Editor's Note The following article on the chances of the Kentucky Wildcats in the Southern Conference race this year appeared in The Lexington Herald Saturday, September 14: BY ED DANFORTH Constitution Sports Editor They were a day late in LEXINGTO, Ky., Sept. 13. starting scrimmage at the University of of Kentucky. Head Coach Harry Gamage met his class in gridiron dynamics for the first practice of the season Monday, but he did not order his squad to scrimmage until Tuesday afternoon. That sort of set a precedent at Stoll Field. The young coach, schooled in the iron precincts of Bob Zuppke's at Illinois, usually sends his candidates to bat the very first day. Railbirds here shook their heads sadly at the amazingly dilatory tactics of Coach Gamage this year. They sensed the'young man was softening a bit. So in spite of the fact that the Kentucky Wildcats reported a week later than the rest of the conference, they already are farther along than most of them. Already several of the varsity veterans are complaining that they need more opposition than the second team can offer. A k D Li.. 4 . The Blue Grass country is enjoy- - i ing this week a spell of real foot- - fore the Tech game. In fact, Dan trfc rather ball weather. Autumn came in a'McGugin attributed ragged DhVSlcal condition of his tnmith nhpnri nf fimp fnr n. nnn-nnl- l. They call it vest weather up here, team the day he played Tech to the meaning that that garment feels pulling and hauling and knocking pretty good in the morning and about they received at the hands late in the afternoon. The brief of the gigantic Kentucky line. Only cool spell put pepper into the two- - the lack of backfield strength kept workouts; oh, yes, Coach the Wildcats out of first division Harry works his lads mornings and last season; their one ball carrier afternoons, with blackboard drills was Will Ed Covington, the beanbetween times. He learned his foot- pole quarter, who had to do all the ball in a environment and work and therefore was capable of has brought the same atmosphere to being stopped. This time the Wildcats have anthis campus where not so long ago football was taken rather casually other mountainous forward wall what with hoss racing and fox hunt- and more backfield strength and ing and dove shooting to intrigue the more good reserves. Will Ed Covington, the beanpole quarterback, is community. still here and weaves around as of Improved Eleven Kentucky's football team this year yore. But he has helping a fine was rated in the early form sheets looking fullback, the elder Phipps lad as an improved eleven that should brother and a hard-drivibe placed in the first eight or ten named Carejj Spicer, a reformed of the conference list. Coach Gam- end, and ano'ther tall, snaky speed age thinks his team will be better marvel styled "Shipwreck" Kelly. than last year; and last year, mind All four of these boys can kick; you, Vanderbilt had a terrific time Covington and Spicer can pass. All (Continued on page 5) beating them in Nashville Just be &AWfiy&' COACH CSMAGS -- By Harry Gamage Ladies and Gentlemen of the radio audience: The subject of football technique was cast upon me and I would like to make some slight correction before getting under way. Instead of the word 'technique' I would like to substitute the word 'tactics.' I am sure that those who pay, in other words, spectators, or fans, are not Interested in the technical means of physical efforts such as fundamentals. By this, I mean the art of blocking, tackling, running, and all those things that make up the fundamental basis of modern cowhide warfare. It is always best to mention the essence of truth in this age because there was never a football constructed from pigskin, unless it was the one used by "Pop" Warner while coaching the Indians at Carlisle when they successfully pulled the side line shoe string play by disguising an Indian in a 'brown derby and a raincoat Just long enough to complete a successful forward pass for a touchdown. It must be said that anything might have been used in those days. In stead I shall dwell on tactical illu-- I slons such as ball carrying, generalship, strategy, deception, and other tactics centered around the actual ball itself. I shall also discuss a few rules of everyday occurrence as well as rule changes for the coming season of 1929. People are more in terested and eager for the thrills and high spots, principally those concerning the offensive team. Inasmuch as the subject of the quarterback will be discussed first, it is necessary for all of us to paint a mental picture of the field and upon this lay our plan of Campaign. In the distinction of goals remem ber the goal which wc protect is as our own. The half of the field next to this goal will be called our defensive territory. The other goal will, of course, be called our opponents' and the half of tho field nearest that goal will be our offensive territory. Thus we have the topography of the battle ground campaign our with offensive launched in the direction of our opponents' goal. Two other divisions which are subordinate in their condensity and lntcnsiveness must be mentioned before we proceed. The twenty yards of territory nearest our goal will be called the danger zone while the last twenty on the extreme far end of the field will be called the scoring zone. There are no international boundary lines between these various zones nor are there any definite rules in the rule book that govern the exact strategical moves of the quarterback. The responsi- -, bllity of the entire situation must, rest upon his shoulders. Activities in the various parts of the field are always determined by his team's position, wind direction and its velocity, rain and mud, score, down and yardage to go, time to play, etc. In the enumeration of several strategical rules he must absolutely know when to punt. Waiting one play too late to punt has lost more football games than any other singThis responsibility le maneuver. rests absolutely in the quarterback's is constantly ignored by hands and practically every other man on the team. 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