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Madeline McDowell Breckinridge Papers, 1867, 1888-1923., 1867

Part of Madeline McDowell Breckinridge Papers, 1867, 1888-1923.

kukm52m3Inventory of the papers of Madeline McDowell Breckinridge, 1867, 1888 - 1923Archives StaffSpecial CollectionsManuscriptsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=84&llib_id=13<ab_rank=3University of Kentucky Manuscript Archives1952Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGGuide to the Madeline McDowell Breckinridge Papers, 1867, 1888 - 1923Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsManuscriptsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=84&llib_id=13<ab_rank=3Processed by StaffDate Completed Original processing: 1952, Revised: 1997Encoded by Apex Data Services Copyright 1999 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved. Madeline McDowell Breckinridge Papers, 1867, 1888-1923.52M3Breckinridge, Madeline (McDowell), 1867-19236 boxesNone online. Must visit contributing institution.The materials are in English.University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections, Lexington, KY 40506-0039Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky.Collection is open for research.[Identification of item], Madeline McDowell Breckinridge Papers, 1867, 1888-1923, 52M3,Special Collections, University of Kentucky, LexingtonMadeline McDowell Breckinridge, a granddaughter of Henry Clay, was born at Woodlake, Franklin Co., Ky., May 20, 1872. In 1889, she attended Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Ct. and then studied, 1890-1894, at State College which became the University of Kentucky. On November 17, 1898, she married Desha Breckinridge, editor of the Lexington HERALD. Both Breckinridges were involved with the social and political issues of the day.Despite her illness of tuberculosis of the bone and in keeping with her heritage as a granddaughter of Henry Clay, Madeline McDowell Breckinridge made significant contributions to the causes which she initiated or supported. Mrs. Breckinridge served as president of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, 1912-1915 and again in 1919. She was second vice-president of the National Woman Suffrage Association, 1913-1914. In addition, she was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Fayette County Tuberculosis Fayette County Associated Charities, on the executive committee of the Lexington League and was vice-president of the Kentucky Child Labor Commission.The collection consists almost entirely of pamphlets, broadsides, leaflets and printed materials which reflect Mrs. Breckinridge's wide range of interest in social and political concerns. There are very few letters in the collection. The majority of the papers are devoted to women's suffrage issues. The materials are arranged by subject. When the collection was originally organized in 1952, there were 1003 items. When the papers were reorganized for better access and an inventory was created in 1997, the pieces were not counted.For additional information about Madeline McDowell Breckinridge, please see Preston Breckinridge's Madeline McDowell Breckenridge, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, c1921l; Dr. Melba Porter Hay's 1980 University of Kentucky dissertation, "Madeline McDowell Breckinridge: Kentucky Suffragist and Progressive Reformer" and Dr. James Klotter's The Breckinridges of Kentucky, 1760-1981, University Press of Kentucky, c1986.Container ListAnti-Suffrage - Civic Improvement11Anti-suffrage, 1915-1918; undated materials.12Birth control, 1916-1920; undated materials.13Charities, 1904-1914.14Child labor, 1896-1905.15Child labor, 1906-1909.16Child labor, 1910-1912.17Child labor, 1913-1919.18Child labor; undated materials.19Child labor correspondence and miscellaneous materials, 1906-1915.110Child labor newspaper clippings, 1906-1913; mostly undated.111Civic improvement, 1905-1921; undated materials.Community Service - Labor Laws and Working Conditions, 1901?-1914212Community service, 1919.212.5Education, 1904-1919; undated materials.213Foreign materials; mostly undated.214Home rule, Denver, 1903-1904. Correspondence and articles.215Home rule, Denver, 1903-1904. Newspaper clippings.216Housing, 1910-1920.217Insurance, 1913-1917; undated materials.218Kentucky, 1905-1920; undated materials.219Labor laws and working conditions, 1901?-1914. Includes report of the Cherry Mine disaster, November 13, 1909, Cherry, ILLabor Laws and Working Conditions, 1919-1920 - Tuberculosis, 1902-1907320Labor laws and working conditions, 1919-1920; undated materials.321Lincoln School (Lexington, Ky.), 1909-1913. Model school.322Miscellaneous materials, 1903-1919; undated materials.323Recreation, 1900-1919; undated materials.324Social work, 1911-1923; undated materials.325Southern problems, 1903-1916; undated material.326Temperance, ca1915.327Tuberculosis, 1902-1907.Tuberculosis, 1908 - Women's Suffrage, 1907-1909428Tuberculosis, 1908.429Tuberculosis, 1914-1920; undated materials.430Tuberculosis. Bulletins, 1918-1920.431Voting, 1909-1920.432Women. Miscellaneous materials, 1905-1919; undated materials.433Women's suffrage, 1867 (1888) - 1904.434Women's suffrage, 1905-1906.435Women's suffrage, 1907-1909.Women's Suffrage, 1910 - 1917536Women's suffrage, 1910.537Women's suffrage, 1911-1912.538Women's suffrage, 1913.539Women's suffrage. The Case for Woman Suffrage by Margaret Ladd Franklin, 1913.540Women's suffrage, 1914.541Women's suffrage, 1915.542Women's suffrage, 1916-1917. Includes "A Mother's Sphere" by M.M. Breckinridge.Women's Suffrage, 1918 - 1919 June - World War I643Women's suffrage, 1918 - 1919 June.644Women's suffrage, 1919 July - 1921 April.645Women's suffrage. Broadsides, leaflets and miscellaneous pieces, undated pieces, A-W.646Women's suffrage. Broadsides and leaflets. National American Woman Suffrage Association, undated pieces, B-W.647Women's suffrage. Broadsides and leaflets. Political equality; undated.648Women's suffrage. Kentucky-related materials, 1909-1917; undated materials.649Women's suffrage. Pamphlets, A-P; undated.650Women's suffrage. Pamphlets, S-W; undated.651Women's suffrage. Woman Suffrage Calendar, 1910.652World War I.Madeline McDowell Breckinridge Papers, 1867, 1888-1923.