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The Kentucky Kernel, November 18, 1915

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA State University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, NOV. 18 1913, VOL. VIII. No. 10 STATE 7 PURDUE 0 -- BLUE AND WHITE NOTABLE WARRIORS VICTORY SEVEN BASKETBALL GAMES STATE FRESHMEN ACHIEVE OVER BOILERMAKER Western Conference Team Is Defeated By a Southern University For the First Time In History of the Sport. ARRANGED FOR SEASON "DOES PURDUE" Heralded as favorites against her matchless fighting spirit, but went the Wildcat football machine, the Boil- further and outplayed the visitors in ermakers of Purdue University, re- every department of the game.' A sumturned to their home in Lafayette, mary obtained from a chert of the Ind., early last Sunday morning a plays, published in a local paper resadder and a wiser team. The humili- veals such facts as these: ation of a defeat rankles in the "The Wildcats advanced the ball a hearts of the great Western Confer- total of 375 yards in 54 plays, or an, ence eleven, which this Saturday will average of 6.9 yards each play. Pur"face'tSe University of Indiana eleven due carried the ball 290 yards in 71 to decide the supremacy of that State. plays, an average of 4.08 per play. The large squad accompanied by Phy- This big excess in favor- - of the Blues sical Director Cutts.'said before the resulted from the failure of Purdue's game that they expected a hard game. forward pass game. Nine were incomplete, and the 5 that were interceptThey got it. ed by the Blue secondary defense were To Kinne, the agile end and substito tute quarter, fell the honor of scoring returned in each case for from ten forty-fiv- e yards netting heavy gains, the solitary touchdown. It was near and boosting the average. the beginning of the second quarter. "Not only did the Cats outrush the State had received the ball. Rodes Boilermakers, but they returned punts made 8 yards on the first play. and kicks farther. State brought the made the necessary two yards ball back 87 yards in 9 attempts, averfor a first down. "Grabby" was again 9.6 yards and Purdue returned given the ball and advanced it 8 yards. aging it 96 yards in 12 attempts, an averRodes took it on the next play, but 38-to- -0 Grab-feld- at this Juncture State was- - penalized yards for holding. Schrader then kicked to the famous Pultz, who returned the ball to his own line. Then it was that the Purdue backfleld evidently got "all balled up" on a misunderstood signal, and when Olmstead passed the coveted oval back no one was there to receive It, as all the backfleld men were charging into the line. As the ball rolled into an untenanted section of Stoll Field, Kinne ever on the alert, had it almost Immediately, and a few seconds later had firmly placed the ball between the goal posts, while three thousand throats were tearing themselves to pieces with wild yells. Schrader kicked an easy goal for the extra point and all scoring in game was ended. The remeilnder of the game, as had been the first quarter, was one breathless and beautiful exhibition of the great American college gome. State not only offset the 8 or 10 pouuds to the man asset which Purdue had, by 15 age of 8 yards. '.'State was thrown for losses totaling 7 yards in 5 plays, and Purdue was thrown for 12 yards in 3 plays. State was penalized a total of 85 yards and Purdue suffered only 5 marks for This boosts the Wildcat record of actual advances to a fat figure. "Purdue, however, made one more first down than did the Wildcats; the ccunt was 7 to 6 in this respect. The first downs by quarters were as follows: State: 0, 3, 2, 1 6; Purdue: 2, 1, 0. 4 7. The heavy offensive strength of the Boilermakers was shown in the last period when they took the pill 60 yards in 11 plays aided penalty inflicted on by a State. "Schrader, of State, punted 11 times for an average of 42 yards, and Pultz, of Purdue, punted 7 times for 45 yards." The big surprise of the day, to the student body and spectators as well as to the player hi question, himself, came shortly after the game had on Page 3) mis-play- s. five-yar- A glance at State's 1916 basketball schedule will convince University and Lexington lovers of the winter sport, that some rare treats are in' store for them this season. Seven games have already been scheduled as follows: January 14 Cincinnati at Cincinnati. February 1 Galjaudet College at -Lexington. February 5 University of Louisville at Louisville. 15 Centre February College at Danville. February 19 Cincinnati at Lexington. February 26 Louisville at Lexington. February 29 Centre College at Lexington. Of the other five games two will be played with Georgetown College, two with the University of Tennessee, and another probably with Vanderbllt, If Coach Tigert can induce them to stop off in Lexington on their way to or Virginia. from Charlottesville, If this can not be arranged, the date "ill be filled by the Nashville Ramblers, a strong amateur team of the Tennessee capital, who have within the past had very little trouble in defeating the Commodores every year. Alumni and the student bodies of the three Kentucky Institutions will welcome the resumption of athletic relations with Central and Georgetown after a lapse of several years. The outlook for a strong quintet this season is very bright, in spite of the fact that Captain Ralph Morgan, forward, "Squlrrely" Tuttle and Scott, guards, will be missing. The veterans left are Captain Karl Zerfoss, Schrader, Gumbert and Server. Derrel Hart, 'Varsity forward In 1911 and '12, will be out for a position again. Prominent among the second string men are Ireland, Sauer, Simpson, Peak and Swantz. "Doc" Rodes is ex pected to try for a position. From, his work at guard on the Lexington High (Continued on Page 6) TENNESSEE VOLS WILL GEORGETOWnCRUBS" Other Contracts Will Be Kittens Hang up Signed Within a Score With Little Few Weeks Difficulty PROSPECTS ARE GOOD WILDCATS' SCRAPPY FIGHT DOWN PUT 12-- 0 game. Georgetown plays Transylvania Friday for championship of the Kentucky association, and for this reason Coach Hinton used none of his best men. Although this year's Freshman team is not attracting the attention that e aggregation last year's did, because a full schedule was not arranged for them, they have display ed a superior line of football in the games that have been played, and several members of the team will be strong contenders for 'Varsity positions next year. The work of and Davidson featured in Tuesday's game. The Freshman lined up as follows: State Moore, left end; Hunn, left tackle; Van Deren, left guard; Clements, center; Helck, right guard; How ard, right tackle; Zerfoss, right end; Roark, quarter; Davidson, right half; Capt. Poindexter, fullback; Mcllvain, left half. point-a-minut- Poin-dext- MASONIC CLUB. Dr. Mackenzie will, on Thursday evening, November 18, address the Masonic Club of State University. GAME Defeat by Mississippi A. and M. With Good Men Out "HOME-COMING- State's Freshman team found little difficulty in downing the second team of Georgetown College at Georgetown Tuesday afternoon by a score of 38 to 0. The game was loosely played for the Kittens, and was a walk-ove- r in who outclassed their opponents training, weight and knowledge of the UPJJARD DAY " Coach Clevenger's team of Volunteers, down in Knoxville, Tennessee, is gradually returning to its derbilt game form and by Turkey day, those people and students down there will be thinking that they can beat the Blue and White team as they have done in the past two years. Tennessee held Mississippi A. xaA' score last Saturday, to a by comparison: is little worse which than the 12-- defeat given the Wildcats by thfcrteaxx back in October. Then, too, G. Vowell, one of their beet men, was out of this game and he will be ready for the Thanksgiving battle. On paper it doesn't seem that State has much on them, however, since the Purdue game the consensus of opinion around the campus is that Kentucky should win the game. Tennessee's team, like State's, is practically a new machine this year. Five of their best men, Kelley, captain last year, "Red" Rainey, Kerr, Lindsay and Carrol are missing from the ranks. team defeated State's Freshman theirs in handy fashion here last year, and since the personnel of the two new teams is not much changed, it seems reasonable to believe that we will repeat the dose. State's coaches, however, nor the team, are confident of winning the contest. The Blues were trained to the very minute for tW Purdue game. rest following This and a Uuree-4athe game, has put the most of thaw on the "stale" list Practice began in (Continued on Page 3) pre-Va- E 0 y WILDCAT SCHEDULE October 2 Butler College October 9 Earlham College October 16 Mississippi A. and M October 23 University of the South (Sewanee) October 30 University of Cincinnati November 6 University of Louisville 13 NOVEMBER PURDUE November 26 Tennessee (HOME-COMIN- DAY.) 33 to 0 54' to 13 0 to 12 7 to 7 27 to 6 15 to 0 7 ta 0 At Tatatoa